Episode 3 - Recap

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Hurley and Rob are at loggerheads. Hurley ignores Rob and is rude to him.

A patient, Louise Weazer, has post operative bleeding. Dr Maya Dutta fails to mark on Weazer’s notes that she is allergic to penicillin and when given the drug, the patient has an anaphylactic reaction and ends up in a coma. It falls to Rob to ‘buff the notes’ and to explain these events to Shelley, Weazer’s daughter. With his affair with Donna on the rocks, due to her guilty feelings about her husband, he finds himself attracted to Shelley instead.

Sophie Haddon is admitted to the labour ward. Polly Grey recommends she goes ahead with a vaginal delivery but Sophie refuses and demands a Caesarean. Polly tries to resist but when threatened with litigation, agrees. Sophie is later diagnosed with a series of complications due to the unnecessary surgery and is forced to stay in hospital for weeks.

Just as Rob and Hurley are building bridges, Rob is confronted by a drunk Mark in A&E. This leads to Rob trying to persuade Hurley to admit his mistakes in Karen’s treatment. Hurley goes to management and Rob is forced to attend a hearing. However, rather than discussing Karen’s case as he expects, he is suspended for the mistakes made in Mrs Strawberry’s treatment. It looks like his career is over.