Episode 6 - Recap

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Hurley is making Rob’s life hell, ironically painting him as the department incompetent. Rob delivers a baby via caesarean section but has to persuade the mother, Nicola Quinn, to agree to a hysterectomy. The baby is born with the likelihood of serious brain damage and Nicola blames Rob for taking away her chances of ever having another baby.

The hospital has to close beds and cancel operations. Whitman points out the fact that this is because they have blown the budget in trying to achieve the government targets on just one day – target day.

Whitman reiterates his refusal to let Consuela come on the St Lucia trip. She makes a formal complaint of sexual harassment against him.

Maria Orton has to birth her dead foetus but refuses to let Hurley perform the procedure. She is transferred to a psychiatric ward.

Maya’s hopes that Substance K would ‘cure’ Weazer are dashed: it doesn’t work and her ventilator is switched off.

Due to Consuela’s sexual harassment claim and the fact he has consistently annoyed the hospital's management, Whitman’s job is suddenly handed to Hurley. The most incompetent doctor is now Senior Consultant. Rob is called to help Hurley as he makes more mistakes during an emergency in A&E. A woman has been kicked in the stomach and set on fire by her boyfriend. She has lost her unborn baby. Rob comes very close to deliberately injecting her boyfriend with a poison. He has an epiphany and calls Strawberry’s relatives. He makes a full and unreserved apology to them – he realises he needs to be judged.