Season 6

31 :06x01 - Deadly Habit

The 1989 murder of Floridian Renee Baker is examined. Baker was attacked by Scott Erskine after her car broke down on a road in Palm Beach County.

32 :06x02 - Blood Lust

A bizarre case involving a hitchhiker.

33 :06x03 - Murdering Hearts

The 2000 strangulation murder of Florida resident Isabelle Pedroza is recalled. The victim's daughter, Linda, confessed to her role after her boyfriend, Antoine L. Wright, agreed to testify against her. The pair killed Pedroza because she disapproved of the couple's relationship.

34 :06x04 - A Trip into the Dark

The deaths of three women who were found strangled are investigated.

35 :06x05 - A Walk in the Woods

The murder of a man whose body was found in a wooded area is investigated.

36 :06x06 - Season 6, Episode 6

The case of Georgia resident David Nemeth, who was shot to death in 1999. Michael Graham confessed to killing Nemeth during an argument over Jayna James McDonald, who was later convicted of concealing the victim's death.

37 :06x07 - The Waitress

The investigation into the killing of a 30-year old waitress from Clovis, N.M. is recounted.

38 :06x08 - One of Their Own

The death of a woman who worked at a police-department supply store is investigated.

39 :06x09 - Episode 9

A report on Doug Norwood, an Arkansas law student who survived multiple murder attempts, including a home invasion and a car bomb.

40 :06x10 - Deadly Dream

The 1985 murder of West Palm Beach resident Anita Spearman, who was bludgeoned in her home. The victim's husband, Robert, was convicted of hiring a hit man to kill her.

41 :06x11 - Friends Forever

The investigation involving a missing girl hits a dead end until a computer is searched.

42 :06x12 - Intimidation

The murder of Yemassee, S.C., resident James Dillard, who was shot to death in a wooded area in 2000. Ajanae Roach testified against Shameen Coker, his codefendant in the case, claiming that Coker shot the victim. Roach was convicted of voluntary manslaughter, and Coker was found guilty of murder.

43 :06x13 - Bolden

A suspected serial rapist is sought after two women of similar age and appearance are attacked in the same week.

44 :06x14 - Letters From the Grave

A woman vanishes while driving across a rural stretch of a Wyoming highway. Weeks after her disappearance, the woman's body is found along the banks of a secluded river. With no leads or prime suspects, Dayle Hinman, a criminal profiler, joins the hunt for the killer.

45 :06x15 - Hiding in Plain Sight

On the surface, the crime seemed like a robbery gone wrong. But when Dayle Hinman, a criminal profiler joins the case, she begins to see that there is more to Joseph Foley's murder than meets the eye.

46 :06x16 - Episode 16

An investigation of a woman found dead in her home after having been sexually assaulted.

47 :06x17 - Episode 17

An abandoned car leads to an investigation for a woman who was abducted and then murdered.

48 :06x18 - Mystery In Florida

The investigation of the murder of a Florida retiree.

49 :06x19 - Death Comes Knocking

The case of Kacy Ray, a schoolteacher who was left on the side of a road stabbed and beaten, with no motive for the investigators to work with. She may have been a victim of a random crime, and their only witness may be the victim's dog.

50 :06x20 - Small Town Terror

An elderly woman and her mattress are found hundreds of miles away in a remote field. Strange evidence and no witnesses to the brutal crime, leaves the investigators baffled on who could have viciously killed such a sweet woman.

51 :06x21 - Cowards Come Calling

A business man's shady dealings may have led to his body being found inside his truck.

52 :06x22 - To Trap a Killer

A recollection of the 1995 murder of Charles Godley, a South Carolina resident who was bludgeoned to death inside his home during a robbery. A homeless man, Richard Simmons, Jr. confessed to the crime and was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

53 :06x23 - The Coin Shop Killer

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54 :06x24 - Deadly Knowledge

Police fear that a serial predator may be on the loose when series of similar assaults in the area occur. Dayle Hinman help police with clues when a woman is found murdered in her bathtub.

55 :06x25 - Home Deadly Home

Re-examination of a crime scene leads to a shocking discovery after the investigators first search turned up a dead end, when a husband and wife are shot by an intruder in which the man dies and his wife survives.

56 :06x26 - The Phantom

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