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Bonkers: New Partners On The Block

Hollywood is terrorized by Fireball Frank, an explosives expert. Lucky discovers his hideout and apparently gets killed in an explosion. Bonkers teams up with Miranda to get the murderer.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x1
Airdate: Monday October 04th, 1993

Guest Stars
April WinchellApril Winchell
voiced Dyl Piquel
Brad GarrettBrad Garrett
voiced Fireball Frank
Frank WelkerFrank Welker
voiced Fall Apart Rabbit, Toots
Jeff BennettJeff Bennett
voiced Jitters
Nancy CartwrightNancy Cartwright
voiced Fawn Deer
Rodger BumpassRodger Bumpass
voiced Grumbles Grizzly, Agent Tolson
Sherry LynnSherry Lynn
voiced Marilyn Piquel
Episode Notes
Fall Apart: Going to Washington, eh? Suppose you could drop me off at Baltimore if it's not out of your way?
Lucky: Actually, it is out of my way.

Baltimore is only 50 miles away from Washington. If Fall Apart goes with Lucky, he will be ~2670 miles closer to his destination (see Google Maps).

Episode Quotes
Chief Kanifky: This is a briefing, so I'll be brief.

Chief Kanifky: This is Fireball Frank, an explosives expert with a short fuse. He's threatened to blow up our entire city, unless we pay him an even billion in unmarked bills. Now, after taxes, that could amount to- to thousands of dollars!

Chief Kanifky: Mr. Fireball says we must meet his demands within 48 hours, or two days, whichever comes first.

Bonkers: I know something that could help you break this case wide open! And you always say, a cop checks every lead.
Lucky: Well, you have a point. Not a good point though, so I will ignore it.
Bonkers: But this could make your career, Lucky. For once, your wife and daughter would be proud of you.
Lucky: I seriously doubt- What do you mean, "once"?!

Lucky: (to Bonkers) I can't take any more of this. I've spent most of my life getting injured, and/or being made a fool of, by you!
(Bonkers accidentally pricks him with a needle)
Aah! There you go again! Just keep a safe distance from me, please. Any place in this time zone is too close.

Lucky: (to Bonkers) As they say in cartoons - scram!

Bonkers: So, what are you doing?
Lucky: At the moment, I'm falling.

Lucky: Bonkers!
Bonkers: Have a problem?
Lucky: No thanks. I already have one. Didn't I tell you to go away?
Bonkers: Oh. Alright, boss.
Lucky: But not yet! Help me, and then go away!

Lucky: What are you doing here?
Bonkers: Sssh! Shopping. And you need a much better disguise. You've got you written all over you.
Lucky: Did you see that? You almost blew my cover. You made me lose my temper right in front of- Fireball Frank?!

Lucky: (on the track of Fireball Frank) It's finally here. My ticket to the top! The first moment of the first day of the rest of my life! This is gonna be a blast!
(The building explodes)

Bonkers: Lucky was the best! Lucky had it all! Lucky had everything. Except, of course, luck.

Fall Apart: My, my! Look at the cans! Say, I should save this scrap Aluminium for the war effort. Anything to help my Uncle Sam and Aunt Maine.

Fawn Deer: Fall Apart! When the recipe calls for a can of peppers, it doesn't mean a can of peppers!

Bonkers: (unscrambling the message on the cans) "To whom", "I", "being", "in"... Got it! "To whom it may concern: I'm being held prisoner in the-" In the what? Where's the last can?
Fall Apart: Here! "I'm being held prisoner in the- refrigerate after opening". That's horrible, those things are torturing the poor soul!

Bonkers: We have to find him. But without the can we can't, can we?

Miranda: Sir? Officer Piquel sent Bonkers a message.
Grating: You don't say? From the great beyond? Did a shoe talk to you?
Bonkers: Oh, don't be silly! It was this can!
Grating: OUT!

Miranda: For the last time! Do! You! Know! Where! The! Cans! Were!?
Fall Apart: If you hum a few bars.

Lucky: Wonderful job, Bonkers. You've followed police restraint procedures to a T. However, that is the wrong guy!
Bonkers: It is not.
Lucky: He's a federal agent.
Bonkers: He's a mad bomber, Lucky!
Lucky: No, he is my friend.
Bonkers: (to Miranda) Obviously, the stress caused him to identify with his abductor. It happens sometimes.

Chief Kanifky: (pricks his finger when pinning the badge on Bonkers) What happened to those snap-on badges I ordered?

Agent Tolson: While your tactics are somewhat unorthodox, you did save my life out there. How would you like to join the FBI?
Lucky: The F.B.- I always knew J. Edgar had his eye on me.
Agent Tolson: Mr. Hoover is no longer with us. We do not joke about Mr. Hoover.
Lucky: Oh! Oh, no, no, of course not, see, you- you misinterpreted me.
Agent Tolson: And we don't contradict our superiors.
Lucky: Oh, never. I mean, always. I mean, you smell great, really, wonderful cologne. Oh, look, dirt on your shoes, I'll just get that for ya.

Bonkers: I'm awfully glad you got your big break.
Lucky: Ah, we both knew a talent like mine wouldn't go unrecognized forever. Eleven years, yes... but not forever.

Bonkers: (to Lucky) I'll send you a Christmas card every day in the year.

Fall Apart: Going to Washington, eh? Suppose you could drop me off at Baltimore if it's not out of your way?
Lucky: Actually, it is out of my way.
Fall Apart: 'Kay... how about Guam?
Lucky: No.
Fall Apart: 'Kay. I'll just go to Washington. Always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower.

Miranda: Good luck, Lucky.
Lucky: Thanks, Miranda. But... heheh... I think you'll need the luck. (Casts a look at Bonkers)

Miranda: Look, Bonkers. I- I just want you to know I'm going to do my best to fill his shoes.
Bonkers: Aw, that's sweet. No offense, Miranda, but you just can't, see, 'cause Lucky had very large shoes.
Miranda: I understand.
Bonkers: No, no. I- I mean big. The man had huge feet. Those were custom made shoes he wore.
Miranda: I was, of course, only speaking figuratively.

Grating: Bobcat! I want you in my office three seconds ago!

This episode is supposed to explain the transition from "Piquel episodes" to "Miranda episodes". It shows how Miranda became Bonkers' partner, what happened to the Piquels and why Fall Apart and Toots do not appear in Season 2. However, the question of Bonkers' looks (shorter tail, smaller eyes etc) is left unanswered.

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