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Bonkers: Going Bonkers

Going Bonkers: Popular toon actor Bonkers D. Bobcat gets fired when his show is cancelled. By accident he saves Donald Duck from a mugger, produces an impression on the Chief of Police and gets enrolled in the newly formed Toon Division of the Hollywood Police Department. Bonkers teams up with Lucky Piquel, a morose grumpy human who dislikes toons and is not at all happy to have Bonkers as a partner. Their first case deals with the missing toon actor Bubba Bear.

Gone Bonkers: The Bubba Bear case is still open. What is more, Fall Apart Rabbit and other Wackytoons actors have disappeared, too. Lucky doesn't want to listen to Bonkers' hypothesis that seems absurd, but when Bonkers falls into the same trap as the other toons, Piquel realizes that his partner was right. Now it's up to Lucky to rescue Bonkers and his friends from the clutches of The Collector, a lunatic who kidnaps toons for his private collection.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x0
Airdate: Saturday September 04th, 1993
Special Runtime: 55 Minutes

Guest Stars
Charlie AdlerCharlie Adler
voiced Police Light, Bubba Bear
Corey BurtonCorey Burton
voiced Mad Hatter, Mr. Doodles
Frank WelkerFrank Welker
voiced Fall Apart Rabbit, Toots
Jeff BennettJeff Bennett
voiced Jitters
Jesse CortiJesse Corti
voiced (unknown)
Michael Bell (1)Michael Bell (1)
voiced The Collector
Nancy CartwrightNancy Cartwright
voiced Fawn Deer
Rodger BumpassRodger Bumpass
voiced Grumbles Grizzly
David DoyleDavid Doyle
voiced W. W. Wacky
Tony AnselmoTony Anselmo
voiced Donald Duck
Episode Notes
"Going Bonkers" is the pilot episode. Originally it lasted nearly 55 minutes. When aired on TV, the episode was split into two parts; the second part was entitled "Gone Bonkers".

"Going Bonkers" and "Gone Bonkers" premiered in 1993 on September 4th and September 5th, respectively.

This two-parter is available on home video.

Episode Quotes
W. W. Wacky: Folks, there comes a time when the cheese gets hard and the cherry falls off the sundae. Your contracts are cancelled.

Bonkers: WW, how can you do this?!
W. W. Wacky: Easy - it's my studio.
Bonkers: But fans love my stuff!
W. W. Wacky: No, no, no, they love "smash him and bash him".
Bonkers: So I'll join the Marines. I'll eat hand grenade for breakfast. I'll do anything you want!
W. W. Wacky: I want you not to scuff the red carpet on your way out. Bye-bye.

Bonkers: Washed up like yesterday's laundry. Not even a clothes line to call my own.

Chief Kanifky: Now for your first case. I don't mind telling you it's a tough job.
Lucky: You want us to put the Number One Most Wanted Crook in jail?
Chief Kanifky: Tougher.
Bonkers: All ten Most Wanted Crooks in a phone booth?
Chief Kanifky: Oh, tougher than that. Bubba Bear is missing.

(Bonkers introduces his toon office supplies to Lucky)
Bonkers: How do you like them?
Lucky: I like them on your side of the office.
Bonkers: Sure, partner. Which side is that?
Lucky: The side that's farthest from my side!

Lucky: What are you doing?
Bonkers: Sneaking out to the scene of the crime like Sherlock Holmes. You see, when I was in "Scotland Yard 511", I would always use this particular technique.
Lucky: Oh, man.
Bonkers: You... don't do it that way here?
Lucky: Even Sherlock Holmes wouldn't do it that way here.
Bonkers: Ah! I should have known, silly me! This is Hollywood. Sherlock Holmes would charge in like Dick Tracy!

Bonkers: (to Lucky) Don't think of me as a partner. Think of me as an orange, fuzzy son!

Marilyn: Ah, Bonkers D. Bobcat!
Bonkers: In the fur.

(Bonkers appears in Lucky's bedroom at 2 AM)
Lucky: YOU!
Dyl: (yawns) Who is it, dear?
Lucky: Nothing. Just an orange bobcat with a bullhorn.
Dyl: (yawns) Oh, that's nice.

Lucky: What are you doing here?
Bonkers: Fall Apart Rabbit is missing!!!
Lucky: Shhh! Fallap- what- what did you say?
Bonkers: Fall Apart Rabbit.
Lucky: You got me up at two in the morning to tell me somebody fell apart on a rab- You don't need me, you need a doctor!

Bonkers: Gee... At least somebody wants me. Too bad he's a demented evil laughing toon collector with pencils for fingers who wants to preserve me under plastic forever.

Lucky: Chief Kanifky! I've solved the case of the missing toons!
Chief Kanifky: Missing toons? Oh, oh dear! We should start an immediate investigation!

Lucky: What's going on? Where's Bonkers?
Toots: Awooga! Me-me-me-me-meep!
Lucky: He's been toon-napped?
Toots: Me-meep uh-huh.
Lucky: I can't believe I'm talking to a horn. What's worse, I can't believe I understand what he's saying.

(The Collector is about to laminate Bonkers)
The Collector: Now remember, this is art. So do try to smile.

Bonkers: There's no way out! I'm doomed! My fate is about to be sealed!
(The Laminator goes off)
Bonkers: Then again, maybe not.

Bonkers: Lucky! Boy, am I glad to see you! Say, what took you so long?
Lucky: I had to walk your dog.

Bonkers: You know Lucky, this is the start of a beautiful partnership.
Lucky: What have I gotten myself into?

Episode Goofs
Revealing mistake: For the most part of the episode, Mr. Doodles has five fingers. He is shown four-fingered only during the last scene in the sewers. However, since Mr. Doodles is a toon, he should have been drawn with four fingers during the whole episode.

Continuity goof: When Bonkers arrives at Wackytoon Studios, our attention is drawn to the giant sign with his face. When Bonkers is kicked out of the studio, the signboard looks different.

Continuity goof: When Bonkers first meets Dyl and Marilyn, the picture on the wall behind his armchair changes between shots.

When Lucky gives the police manual to Bonkers, the spots on Bonkers' cheeks disappear for a second.

Plot hole: March Hare and Mad Hatter are shown captured by Mr. Doodles together with the other toons but they never appear again in this episode.

Cultural References
Lucky: Chief! You're looking at a twelve year veteran. A guy who watches Columbo reruns in his sleep. Memorized the Dick Tracy movie backwards, trailed more crooks than any other cop. So I tell you what, you give me a trench coat and a promotion, and I'll be your next Sherlock Holmes.

Bonkers: This is Hollywood. Sherlock Holmes would charge in like Dick Tracy!

Columbo is a popular detective series; Dick Tracy is a 1990 detective movie based on the comic strips of the same name.

The two make-up artists at Wackytoon Studios are Mad Hatter and March Hare from Disney's 1951 cartoon Alice in Wonderland.

Mr. Doodles: A toon black hole. Gets them every time.

The phrase marked in italic was uttered by Eddie Valiant from Who Framed Roger Rabbit and also referred to a toon gag.

Bonkers: (about his poster) There it is, Toots. The face that launched a thousand cartoons.

"The face that launched a thousand ships" is an adage originating from Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus. It refers to Helen of Troy, whose beauty, according to the legend, caused the Trojan War (and thus, launched ships into battle).

Episode References
The scene at Wackytoon Studios explains the transition from He's Bonkers (see Raw Toonage) to the Bonkers universe. Bonkers D. Bobcat, Fawn Deer, Jitters A. Dog and Grumbles Grizzly are shown as actors playing themselves in short cartoons. The cartoon they are shooting when W. W. Wacky enters the stage is "Petal to the Metal".

Bonkers: Hey, that's the set from "Trailmix Bonkers"! And that's from "Bonkers in Space". And I used these [rollerblades] in "Rollering Bonkers".

There's no such cartoon as "Rollering Bonkers", but "Trailmix Bonkers" and "Bonkers in Space" are real episodes of the He's Bonkers mini-series which was part of Raw Toonage.

It's interesting to note how the creators of the show tried to explain the changes in Bonkers' appearance. According to the plot, blue eyes, brown spots, short tail and tufted ears are Bonkers' make-up for his role of the zany bobcat in He's Bonkers, while in normal life he has black eyes, no tufts, black spots and a long striped tail.

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