Show FAQ
What are those 5-minute-long cartoons (Ski Patrol, Sheerluck Bonkers etc.)?
These are the first cartoons featuring Bonkers, created long before the main series. They are simply slapstick comedies; the scene is set in a universe with no humans, and Bonkers has nothing to do with the police.
"Petal to the Metal" was first shown on August 7 1992 together with the movie 3 Ninjas.
11 more cartoons ("Spatula Party", "Sheerluck Bonkers", "Bonkers in Space", "Draining Cats and Dogs", "Get Me to the Church on Time", "Ski Patrol", "Get Me a Pizza", "Dogzapoppin’", "Trailmix Bonkers", "Quest for Firewood", "Gobble Gobble Bonkers") were part of the Raw Toonage show and are usually referred to as He's Bonkers.

When the Bonkers series was produced, the short cartoons were included in the series. According to the show's logic, Bonkers D. Bobcat (the main character of Bonkers) used to star in He's Bonkers before he left the toon studio and became a cop.

Thus, these short cartoons are some sort of "show-within-a-show".
Why does Bonkers look so different in different seasons?
When Larry Latham's He's Bonkers project turned out successful and Duane Capizzi and Bob Hathcock started working on Bonkers, they retained the appearance of the main character (see Character Guide). However, their series (known as "Miranda episodes" after Bonkers' partner Miranda Wright) did not succeed, probably because of either bad animation or scripts.
The new crew, headed by Robert Taylor, introduced major alterations. They redesigned the main character (see Character Guide), changed the environment to more "toonish", added new characters and even gave Bonkers a new partner, Lucky Piquel (hence the unofficial title "Piquel episodes").
Briefly speaking, "Miranda episodes" and "Piquel episodes" are two independent series, produced by different crews.
Which season is better?
Tastes differ. Some fans like the toonish humor of "Piquel episodes", others prefer series with Miranda. However, Taylor's version is officially considered the main version: all three video games are based on seasons 1 and 3; the video cassettes contain only "Piquel episodes"; collectable pins, porcelain figures and other merchandise portray Bonkers the way he looked in this part of the series.
Aren't there supposed to be 65 episodes? I see only 64.
The double-length pilot "Going Bonkers" is listed as one episode, though technically it consists of two standard 22 minute long parts. Even the VHS release has the movie split into two episodes, entitled "Going Bonkers" and "Gone Bonkers". So there are 65 episodes indeed.
Why does Bonkers look different in different episodes even within one season?
The episodes were created at different animation studios, and each studio has its own style. For instance, the works of Walt Disney Television Animation (Australia) can be distinguished by patches of light in the characters' eyes, while Walt Disney Animation (Japan) and most other studios draw solid black pupils. In the episodes by Sunwoo Animation Bonkers has flat inexpressive eyes, Kennedy Cartoons often depict him deformed (too large head, too long nose or too big mouth).