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Season 2

20 :02x01 - The Truths and Other Lies

Kip decides to lay all his cards on the table, and tell Sonny about his secret double identity. Little does he know that his action will cause an international incident.
Guest Stars: Barry Diamond as Albon Degas | Robert Lesser as Byron Fitzsimmons
Director: Joel Zwick
Writer: Lenny Ripps

21 :02x02 - There's No Business ...

Henry decides to buy an agency of their own, unaware that the company is heavily in debt.
Guest Stars: John C. Becher as Uncle Mort | Joe Regalbuto as Victor
Director: Joel Zwick

22 :02x03 - The Reunion

Kip and Henry attend their High School reunion, where Henry decides to make amends to a deaf girl he was to bring to the prom, and Kip uses Sonny to flaunt in front of his former classmates.
Guest Stars: Nat Bernstein as Steve | Jeff Harlan as Jackie | Nanci Kendall as Sheila | Dana Kimmell as Susan | Robin Klein as Christine | Derek Thompson (2) as Rodney
Director: Joel Zwick

23 :02x04 - One For You, One For Me

Henry buys a video recorder for the new agency in hopes of making their own ads, unaware that the recorder had been stolen.
Guest Stars: Joseph Taggert as Policeman | Warren Munson as Desk Sergeant | Carlos Cervantes as Jay | Ernie Hudson as Rochelle
Director: Joel Zwick

24 :02x05 - Road to Monte Carlo

After nearly adverting serious injuries from an elevator accident, Kip and Henry take their $5000 accident settlement to live out their greatest adventures while they still can.
Guest Stars: Joe Mantegna as The Sheik | Shane McCamey as Croupier | Roger Til as Maurice | Arnold Turner as Doug | Claude Woolman as Croupier #2
Director: Joel Zwick

25 :02x06 - WaterBalloonGate

Kip is scared of the repercussions they may endure after pelting former president Richard Nixon's car with a water balloon, and believes it's time he and Kip to grow up.
Guest Stars: Charles Aidman as Fred | Murphy Dunne as Del | Peggy Webber as Dr. Fritzly
Director: Joel Zwick

26 :02x07 - All You Need is Love

Henry signs on with a computer dating service and finds his perfect woman, while Kip believes it's time he lures Sonny into his bed.
Guest Stars: Stepfanie Kramer as Jennifer | Rita Wilson as Cindy | John O'Leary as The Reverend | Susan Elliot as Girl #2 | Roxanne St. Claire as Girl #1 | James Saito as The Man | Devera Marcus as Violet
Director: Joel Zwick
Writer: Terry Hart

27 :02x08 - Other Than That, She's a Wonderful Person

Tension around the agency runs wild when Henry begins dating the interior designer which Ruth has hired...and nobody else can stand.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Holmes as Dana
Director: Joel Zwick
Writer: Stu Silver

28 :02x09 - The Slightly Illustrated Man

Kip and Amy want to prove they are committed to their lovers by getting a tattoo, which Kip needed after being caught by Sonny kissing another woman.
Guest Stars: J.J. Barry as Tattoo Artist | Chester Grimes as Biker | Sunny Johnson as Debbie | Stephen Shortridge as Tim | Rick J. Tomaro as Bartender
Director: Joel Zwick

29 :02x10 - Two Percent Solution

Amy realizes how much power she has in 60 Second Street, when Ruth quits her job at the old agency to come and work for Kip and Henry.
Guest Stars: Frank Campanella as Mr. Metzger | Chris Marlowe (1) as Sven | Lew Palter as Mario
Director: Joel Zwick

30 :02x11 - Cablevision

Kip and Henry take on the chore of creating a TV show for a local cable station.
Guest Stars: Penny Marshall as Herself
Director: Joel Zwick

31 :02x12 - The Grandfather

Kip and Henry become friendly with a gangster after they help save the life of a mobster's granddaughter.
Guest Stars: Rori King as Erica | David Landsberg as Mr. Astor | George Murdock as Elliot Pardo | Steve Diamond as Ned
Director: Joel Zwick

32 :02x13 - Kip Off the Old Block

Kip's parents come to New York and are entertained by Uncle Rudy...while they entertain the notion of getting a divorce.
Guest Stars: K Callan as Mrs. Wilson | Angelina Estrada as Leilani | James Gallery as Uncle Rudy | Jerry Hardin as Mr. Wilson
Director: Joel Zwick
Writer: Lenny Ripps

33 :02x14 - Hildy's Dirt Nap

A lovestruck immigrant has his eyes on Hildy, causing Henry to give her a fake death. Meanwhile, Isabelle is searching to find a new agent.
Guest Stars: Kenneth Tigar as Spinkus | Vanna Salviati as The Aunt | Wil Albert as Mr. Saul
Director: Joel Zwick

34 :02x15 - The Way Kip and Henry Were

In hopes of cheering up Isabelle, Henry tells the story their college days and of how he met Kip and wound up working for Ruth.
Guest Stars: Alexa Hamilton as Carla
Director: Joel Zwick

35 :02x16 - Who's On Thirst?

Kip and Henry head to a secluded cabin, unaware that there will be no food or water there. Meanwhile, Ruth accidentally releases a tiger onto the streets of New York City.
Guest Stars: Raleigh Bond as Eddie | Tim Culbertson as Police Officer
Director: Joel Zwick
Writer: Terry Hart

36 :02x17 - Not With My Sister, You Pig

Kip asks Henry to take out his sister for the evening. But when he comes home after being out all night, a fight ensues which causes them both to be roommates in the hospital.
Guest Stars: Wendy Goldman as Vickie Wilson
Director: Joel Zwick
Writer: Lenny Ripps

37 :02x18 - Not the Last Picture Show

Having decided they can't stand the latest trend in music, the pair sit in the park and imagine what they will both be like when they are old men.
Director: Joel Zwick
Writer: Lenny Ripps

38 :02x19 - Call Me Irresponsible

While Kip is away on a vacation, Henry goes to a swap meet and buys a VCR, which winds him up in jail.
Director: Joel Zwick
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: November 27, 1980
Ended: August 05, 1982
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