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Bret Maverick: The Yellow Rose

Bret unwittingly wins a Chinese girl in a poker game and can't seem to find a way to get rid of her. Meanwhile, the suffrage movement comes to Sweetwater and Kate and Mary Lou team up to take on Elijah and win the vote... despite the fact that only men can participate in the referendum.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x4
Production Number: 167504
Airdate: Tuesday December 22nd, 1981

Special Guest Stars
Stuart MargolinStuart Margolin
As Philo Sandeen

Guest Stars
Marj DusayMarj Dusay
As Kate Hanrahan
Priscilla MorrillPriscilla Morrill
As Mrs. Springer (Estelle Springer)
Keye LukeKeye Luke
As Lu Sung
Lydia LeiLydia Lei
As Kwai Bo Yung
Marcia RoddMarcia Rodd
As Captain Estelle Saulter
Anthony EisleyAnthony Eisley
As Alfred Baniger

Co-Guest Stars
Jack GarnerJack Garner
As Jack the Bartender
Luis DelgadoLuis Delgado
As Shifty Delgrado
Tommy Bush (1)Tommy Bush (1)
As Deputy Sturgess
Tom RosquiTom Rosqui
As Philadelphia Hunter #2 (Will)
Gary PagettGary Pagett
As Farmer
Danny KwanDanny Kwan
As Chinese Card Player
Peter KwongPeter Kwong
As Chinese Friend
Robert CleavesRobert Cleaves
As Crazy Preacher
Gilles MillinaireGilles Millinaire
As Frenchman
Ion TeodorescuIon Teodorescu
As Lithuanian

Blake DelgadoBlake Delgado
As Bar Boy
Main Cast
James GarnerJames Garner
As Bret Maverick
Ed BruceEd Bruce
As Tom Guthrie
Ramon BieriRamon Bieri
As Elijah Crow
Richard Hamilton (1)Richard Hamilton (1)
As Cy Whittaker
John ShearinJohn Shearin
As Sheriff Mitchel Dowd
David KnellDavid Knell
As Rodney Catlow
Darleen CarrDarleen Carr
As Mary Lou "M.L." Springer


Bret is playing poker at the Red Ox and his Chinese opponent is the only other player in. He offers a ring to cover his bet but Bret refuses. The player then offers a piece of paper with Chinese writing on it. The player’s friend assures Bret that it’s a paper granting “breeding stock” and is worth much more than the $100 to cover the pot. Bret accepts it and wins the hand. As he calls it quits for the day, Tom reminds him that he owes $100 for the mortgage payment to Elijah. Bret quickly slips away, assuring his partner that he’ll pay it later when Tom has the books ready. ..

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Episode Quotes
Jack the Bartender: Hey, Tom. Deke tells me that over the Cock's Crow & The Long Branch they got a real live monkey that plays drum for the folks. What do you think about that?
Tom: Jack, if you want to play the drum, I don't suppose it'd bother me any.

Alfred Baniger: Do you know where I can find this Sandeen?
Philo Sandeen: Where you look, he'll be.

Deputy Sturgess: That dispatch say why this militia is coming to town, Mitch?
Dowd: You know, Sturge, sometimes it pays a body not to be asking questions all the time.
Deputy Sturgess: That mean you don't know either.

Kate Hanrahan: You're not long on manners, are you, Springer?
Mary Lou: Not when I'm after something.
Kate Hanrahan: Well, if you're looking for a job, I'm not interviewing today. Or haven't you decided to give up on being a man yet?

Elijah: Never in my life have I ever heard such caterwaulin'. And that Kate Hanrahan, the worst caterwauler of the whole bunch.
Dowd: I'm worried about this referendum, Elijah.
Elijah: "Give us the vote! Give us the vote!" The way those women whined and shook, you'd think that suffrage was some sorta disease.

Mary Lou: My mother didn't raise any fools.
Mrs. Springer: That's what I pray for most nights.

Philo Sandeen: Now, do you wanna get rid of little yelping shadow, or don't you?
Bret: Just what'd you have in mind, Chief?
Philo Sandeen: She looks strong enough to warm my bedroll. I haven't gotten close enough to look at her teeth yet. I'll give you $20 for her.
Bret: $20?
Philo Sandeen: Okay, I'll give you twenty-five, that's as high as I go.
Bret: Sandeen, I wouldn't sell you a hot frog for $25, much less her.

Jack the Bartender: Well, most people think that'd be a disgrace - buyin' your own woman of sin.
Shifty Delgrado: I wish I could afford one.

Bret: Do you have any idea what's goin' on over there?
Kate Hanrahan: A party, I believe, and, uh, in your honor.
Bret: Mine?
Kate Hanrahan: Well, yours and your little girlfriend's here. (scoffs) You take a mean picture, you do.
Bret: Oh, they didn't… I'm gettin' just a little sick of other people minding my business for me.

Mary Lou: Oh, Maverick, you're all …
Bret: What with you stickin' that exploding cigar box in my face every time I turn around, half the town just itchin' ta--ta peel the bark off a my carcass…
Mary Lou: Yeah, well, I can understand your being a little put out.
Bret: Put out? Put out don't even breathe the same air that I'm feelin', lady.

Tom: What about Mary Lou then? Can you live with her deal?
Bret: No, but I've managed to live with everything else in this town I don't like. And believe me, the list grows by the hour.

Bret: Well, don't you want to be free to come and go in this world as you please?
Kwai Bo Yung: At night, Maverick, one dreams of many things--sisters, parents, freedom. But always the sun soon returns - and the dreams must leave.

Captain Estelle Saulter: Started fightin' Indians when I was 12--lost my family in a raid. Had no place to go after that, so cut my hair short and joined the Union army. Even fought with General Grant, before he fell into politics. I imagine if I hadn't been wounded, they'd might a never found out, I'd be a full Colonel by now. You shoulda seen the look on that Army doctor's face!

Elijah: Oh, sure, we won, but … everything's slipping away from me just the same. This town had its first honest election. Now, people could come to expect that. Hum, 57 votes …
Kate Hanrahan: Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later, Elijah. Everything changes - except you and me, of course, and our … perfect understanding.
Elijah: Every man needs a place to go, Kate.

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerMeta Rosenberg
Supervising ProducerGordon Dawson
ProducerGeoffrey Fischer  |  Chas Floyd Johnson
Associate ProducerMark Horowitz
EditorPaul H. Dixon  |  George R. Rohrs
Unit Production ManagerSam C. Freedle
First Assistant DirectorDavid L. Beanes
Second Assistant DirectorDon Wilkerson
MusicMurray MacLeod  |  J.A.C. Redford
Music EditorJay Alfred Smith
HairstylistCharlotte Harvey
Make-upCharlene Roberson
Set DecoratorRobert L. Zilliox
Property MasterWilliam Fannon
Director of PhotographyAndrew Jackson (2)
Art DirectorScott T. Ritenour
Sound MixerCharlie King (3)
Costume SupervisorLe Dawson
Main Title ThemeEd Bruce  |  Patsy Bruce  |  Glenn Ray
Main Title GraphicsRon Grover
Executive Story ConsultantLee David Zlotoff
Sound Effects EditorAllen Potter
Assistant To The StarMaryann Rea
Main Title Theme Performed ByEd Bruce
Developed ByGordon Dawson
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