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An old flame of Bret's arrives in Sweetwater but she's on the run from two homicidal brothers whom she earlier swindled.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x8
Production Number: 167508
Airdate: Tuesday February 09th, 1982

Guest Stars
Dixie CarterDixie Carter
As Hallie McCullough
William SandersonWilliam Sanderson
As Kenneth Broomick
Geoffrey LewisGeoffrey Lewis
As Barney Broomick

Co-Guest Stars
Jack GarnerJack Garner
As Jack the Bartender
Luis DelgadoLuis Delgado
As Shifty Delgrado
Tommy Bush (1)Tommy Bush (1)
As Deputy Sturgess
Eldon QuickEldon Quick
As Desk Clerk
F. William ParkerF. William Parker
As Captain Rufus Pinkerton
David Bond (1)David Bond (1)
As Sloatman (Joe Sloatman)
Frank LoverdeFrank Loverde
As Waiter
Main Cast
James GarnerJames Garner
As Bret Maverick
Ed BruceEd Bruce
As Tom Guthrie
Richard Hamilton (1)Richard Hamilton (1)
As Cy Whittaker
David KnellDavid Knell
As Rodney Catlow
Darleen CarrDarleen Carr
As Mary Lou "M.L." Springer


Bret is busy preparing for the purchase of 30 cases of wine for the Red Ox. After giving instructions to Jack and Shifty on how to redesign the upstairs rooms to store the wine, he orders 3,000 fliers from Mary Lou and then heads for Tucson with Tom to negotiate the deal. On the way there, Bret and Tom pass the Broomick brothers, Barney and Kenneth. Barney warns his younger brother Kenneth not to shoot anyone this time and tells him that they’re doing the work of the Lord. He figures that Bret will lead them right to their target, a woman. ..

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Episode Quotes
Pappyism: If the Lord had more respect for money, he woulda given it to a better class of people.

Barney Broomick: We would've had her if you hadn't sneezed in the corridor of the Phoenix Hotel.
Kenneth Broomick: It was all them stupid flowers everywhere.
Barney Broomick: That was wallpaper.

Tom: "Don't worry about it, Tom." "Leave it to me, Tom." "I've already taken care of it, Tom." "Trust me, Tom!"
Bret: This is no time for that, Tom.

Bret: Hallie McCulloch! The dirty-rotten, thievin', no-good miserable, lowdown little butcher bird.
Tom: A friend a yours?
Bret: That she-weasel is no friend a mine. And don't you worry, Tom. We're gonna get our money back - with interest.
Tom: Oh, I know you will. Because if you don't, this old country boy's gonna pound you into a post hole. Trust me.

Hallie McCullough: You unspeakable roach! What the hell is all this?
Bret: This, Hallie? What "this"?
Hallie McCullough: Your really vicious, rotten, low-class behavior in the tea room and your really incredible crust! I have known some pretty stinking people in my life…
Bret: I thought you had.
Hallie McCullough: Let me tell you once more, Bret Maverick, I am a lady, damn it! And when I am having a quiet cup of tea with a gentleman friend and you come crashing in like a cow…
Bret: Hallie, you're about as much a lady as Big Nose Kate and you weren't having a saucer of tea, you were gonna use my money to set up a tired, old con could be seen through by a blind man's dog.

Hallie McCullough: Bret, honey…
Bret: Oh, yes, darlin'.
Hallie McCullough: What do you say, double or nothin'?
Bret: Sweetheart, you ain't got double.

Hallie McCullough: You look strange, Bret. Like you been eatin' well. Sleepin' good too.
Bret: Yeah, well, I've been spendin' a lotta my time these days just takin' it easy. I got a little ranch about 80 miles from here. I'm raisin' bulls now.
Hallie McCullough: Honey, you don't know bulls from meadow muffins. And if you're thinkin' 'bout gettin' rich off of 'em, forget it.
Bret: Rich isn't everything.
Hallie McCullough: It beats the hell out of whatever's in second place.
Bret: Well, as my old Pappy used to say, if the Lord had more respect for money, he would've given it to a better class of people."
Hallie McCullough: And my own mama use to say, "Money can't buy happiness, but it sure can rent it."

Barney Broomick: You shouldn't a done that ticket seller in Tucson that a way.
Kenneth Broomick: He told us he bought a ticket to Sweetwater, didn't he? And that ain't nothin' compared to what I'm gonna do to her.
Barney Broomick: Money before vengeance, Kenneth. Money before vengeance. Numbers 32, verse… ah, forget the verse.
Kenneth Broomick: If she's still hidin' behind that Maverick, well, just don't expect no mercy from me.
Barney Broomick: Yeah, I know, I know. Mercy is not what you do best.

Hallie McCullough: You really takin' me out to your ranch?
Bret: You bet. It's the only way I'm gonna get rid a you once and for all.
Hallie McCullough: I fail to see how the one accomplishes the other.
Bret: Oh, well, you haven't met Cy Whittaker yet. You want to be Mrs. Bret Maverick? Shssh, you won't last a day.

Bret: Now, what are you doin' here?
Hallie McCullough: Well, to be quite honest about it…
Bret: Oh, McCulloch, you've never been honest with me.
Hallie McCullough: And I've always felt terrible about it later. That's really why I came. I couldn't get over how nice you were in Tucson. Stingy, yes, but sweet. I kept askin' myself, "Why can't I be nice?"
Bret: I give up. why?

Hallie McCullough: All that stuff you were talkin' about in Tucson, about slowing down, and rocking chairs on the front porch... Well, I guess it just got to me, Bret. And you made Sweetwater sound like such a dear little town.
Bret: And it is a dear little town, but it's my dear little town. I saw it first. Nice try, Hallie, but no cigar.
Hallie McCullough: Bret... please?
Bret: Turn the water off, Hallie. Your tears haven't bothered me since Atlanta.

Hallie McCullough: How's this, Cy?
Cy: Well, you about got the hang of it, Halle.
Bret: Cy, Hallie… wonderful.
Cy: (cooking) Don't forget to dig out the eyes.
Bret: That's what she does best!
Cy: Oh, stop your grousin'.
Hallie McCullough: That's what he does best.

Hallie McCullough: It was life or death, and you know I'd never do it again, Bret… never, ever.
Bret: It must take a lot of practice not to choke on a statement like that.

Cy: I gave her a horse.
Bret: You what?
Cy: Well, it's the least I could do. Said she had to get to Phoenix in her hurry. Said her mother was dying.
Bret: Her mother does that from time to time.

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerMeta Rosenberg
Supervising ProducerGordon Dawson
ProducerGeoffrey Fischer  |  Chas Floyd Johnson
Associate ProducerMark Horowitz
EditorPaul H. Dixon  |  Clay Bartels
CastingDodie McLean
Unit Production ManagerSam C. Freedle
First Assistant DirectorDavid L. Beanes
Second Assistant DirectorDon Wilkerson
MusicMurray MacLeod  |  J.A.C. Redford
Music EditorJay Alfred Smith
HairstylistCharlotte Harvey
Make-upCharlene Roberson
Set DecoratorRobert L. Zilliox
Property MasterWilliam Fannon
Director of PhotographyAndrew Jackson (2)
Art DirectorScott T. Ritenour
Sound MixerCharlie King (3)
Special EffectsLarry L. Fuentes
Costume SupervisorLe Dawson
Main Title ThemeEd Bruce  |  Patsy Bruce  |  Glenn Ray
Main Title GraphicsRon Grover
Executive Story ConsultantLee David Zlotoff
Sound Effects EditorJoe Von Stroheim
Assistant To The StarMaryann Rea
Main Title Theme Performed ByEd Bruce
Developed ByGordon Dawson
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