Faith, Hope and Clarity (1) - Recap

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Brother Samuel Workman greets Reverend Everest Sinclair of the Clarity Movement as he arrives to see the site they have chosen for their city of Clarity. The land has been foreclosed, but Samuel explains that the people of nearby Sweetwater aren’t happy. Sinclair insists that nothing can stand in the way of their progress. As he examines the land, Cy draws a bead on Sinclair. Bret rides up and tells his foreman that shooting Sinclair won’t solve anything. Cy blames himself for how everyone came to him for advice and he advised them to mortgage their property to the bank. However, he agrees not to shoot Sinclair. As they ride into town, Bret advises Cy to try and run a con on Sinclair, and the foreman reluctantly agrees to help.

Bret goes to see Mary Lou at the newspaper office, and finds her dealing with her drunken mother. She’s done the research on Sinclair, who plans to build his Utopia and use the Sweetwater land for his site.

Sinclair and Workman come to see Elijah, who is holding their funds in his back. He wonders why they immediately demanded payment and foreclosed when he sold them the mortgages, knowing the townspeople couldn’t pay. Sinclair enthusiastically explains that they plan to build the city of Clarity on the land and admits that some people may have to suffer. Elijah warns the two men that some of the landowners are very determined and that there may be trouble. Sinclair suggests that the former landowners to embrace Clarity.

Bret goes over the clippings with Mary Lou and Rodney and comes up with a plan. He says that they’ll need the Red Ox to run the sting and goes to see Tom while they send some telegrams. Bret meets Tom and they go into the saloon, and Jack blurts out that Whitney Delaware II is Tom’s new partner. Tom explains that he needs the man, William Delaworth II, to pay off his debts. He warns Bret not to do anything to mess up his deal and Bret decides not to tell him about his plan.

At the church, Philo wakes up when a beam of light shines on his face. He appears to hear a voice and asks it to repeat itself.

The next morning, Cy and Bret bring in some supplies for the sting. Philo comes over and explains to Bret that he’s heard the voice. When Bret dismisses his claim as another scam, Philo says that he forgives him.

Bret and Cy start unloading their supplies into two rented saloon rooms and make plans to remodel. Jack is reluctant to bring up all the supplies from downstairs, and Bret tells him to bring it up a bit at a time. Tom comes in and demands an explanation, and Bret explains that he’s going to get the townspeople’s land back. As Delaworth arrives by stage, Mary Lou arrives with telegrams for Bret. As she turns them over, she thanks a grumpy Tom for his help.

As Sinclair and Samuel go over their plans, Sinclair is surprised to learn that Samuel made plans with local suppliers. The leader orders Samuel to acknowledge he was wrong for overstepping his authority, and when he does Sinclair declares that they’re free of his error forever.

Jack brings in supplies while one of the customers offers to help. Meanwhile, Bret discovers that Fingers Wachefsky is confirmed, but none of the others that Bret contacted can make it. When Cy has second thoughts, Bret explains that he has a burn-and-bucket scam planned. He needs Mary Lou to step in, and she arranges an interview with Sinclair. Sinclair is eager to tell her everything about his plans as she takes photographs.

Rodney meets with Bret and says that he’s been working on the card tricks that Bret taught him. Bret tries to come up with a name and notices a sign for Klondike, and figures they can declare his new gambling establishment “The Klondike Room.” He then tells Rodney that he has Fingers Wachefsky coming in and doesn’t need a dealer. As Rodney takes the sign to Jack, Philo approaches and offers to provide him with divine guidance. Rodney quickly refuses and leaves.

Bret meets with Kate Hanrahan, the local madame. He offers her 25% of the take in return for her help, but Kate is reluctant. Bret finally charms her into helping, and explains that they need a blue blood aristocrat to antagonize Sinclair, and a roper. They turn to Jasmine, one of Kate’s girls.

Later, Jasmine goes to see Sinclair and explains that Kate bought her and kept her prisoner until she escaped. She appeals to Sinclair to join Clarity, but Sinclair says that it’s not open to just everyone. Jasmine asks him to let her stay for just awhile and Sinclair reluctantly agrees. He leads her into his office and explains that he doesn’t want to attract riffraff. Jasmine flirts with him and asks what she can do for Sinclair.

Cy continues remodeling the saloon rooms, while Jack waxes nostalgic about the time he had his first prostitute in one of the rooms. Meanwhile, Philo approaches Tom and offers to guide him out of the darkness, but Tom isn’t interested.

As Cy continues his work, Estelle comes in with her hangover. The foreman apologizes to her for encouraging her and the others to mortgage their land, but Estelle says that everyone understands and that they want to help with the con. They’re interrupted when Kate’s girls arrive to set up.

As Sinclair and Samuel come to Sweetwater to hand out flyers for their organization, Kate and her “bodyguard,” Arthur, confront them. Kate demands Jasmine back, but Sinclair tells her that he’s not impressed. Kate advises him to think again and leaves. As the two men leave, Philo picks up one of their fliers.

Bret goes over the plan with his team and informs them that the idea is to get Sinclair to grab up everything they want, when they want him to. Mary Lou assures Bret that Sinclair will be at the paper in 20 minutes, and knows that he’s transferring $20,000 to the local bank. Kate reveals that Sinclair will be transferring another $40,000 and admits she has her own sources. She’s happy to learn that Fingers Wachefsky is their dealer, and figures that it will give them a chance. Bret tells them that Sinclair will be there the next night and then asks Cy for the seed money. Cy reluctantly admits that he hasn’t found the nerve to ask the townspeople for the money, and worries that Bret’s plan won’t go the way he claims.

Tom complains to Jack and discovers that Delaworth is already there, on behalf of his father. The owner is less than thrilled to hear that he’s been waiting for three days for him to arrive.

In his cellar, Philo speaks to God and asks for Him to put in a good work. When he gets no response, he goes back to reading the Clarity flier.

Sinclair arrives at the newspaper and Bret slips into character, saying that he wanted Mary Lou to help him get revenge on Kate. Once he leaves, Sinclair asks about Bret. Mary Lou explains that Bret and Kate used to be partners in the Klondike Room, a private gambling club in the Red Ox. Kate swindled him out of his share and took his ranch. Sinclair asks why Bret doesn’t fight back, and Mary Lou says that Bret has a system that could break the bank if he had the money.

Kate assigns roles to the townspeople and helps Cy weed out the ones who aren’t suitable. Fingers arrives, but reveals that both of his arms are broken.

The next day, Sinclair comes to his office and finds Philo going over his scale model city. Philo explains that he’s there as a fellow seeker of the light.

As the Clarity cultists, including Jasmine, hand out fliers in the street, Tom and Delaworth walk down the street and discuss business. When Tom spots Bret, he quickly gets Delaworth away. Bret comes out and send a signal to Arthur and another man. They grab Jasmine and punch Samuel, release the girl, and then Arthur and Bret run to the saloon’s back room. They find Tom and Delaworth there, and Tom introduces Bret to their new partner.

Philo tells a confused Sinclair that he wants to help him with the land. Samuel, Jasmine, and the others return, and Jasmine warns that there’s nothing they can do against Kate and her man Arthur. Sinclair says that Providence has provided a way.

Bret tells Fingers that he had a lot riding on him, and Fingers wonders if his friend wants to call off the scam. Mary Lou and Cy arrive and Cy says that all of the townspeople are out there seeking reassurances. Bret goes out and tells everyone that things are fine, and they agree to give him their money. Once they leave, Kate asks what he has planned since Fingers broke his hands. Bret reluctantly turns to Rodney for help.

Later, Mary Lou arranges a meeting between Bret and Sinclair. Bret insists that things that have to be played just right, but she accuses him of cowardice. Sinclair asks about Bret’s system, and Bret explains that Kate has made a lot of investments recently and is spread thin. If she loses big at the Klondike Room, she’s finished. Kate won’t let Bret bet, so he needs someone with enough money to be convincing and enough muscle to make Kate payoff. They tell Sinclair that access to the Klondike Room is by access only, and he offers to get into the Klondike Room at 9 that night in return for Bret’s system.

That night, Bret puts everyone into place while Fingers shows Rodney what he knows. Bret realizes that he’s forgotten his sign and sends Virgil to get it.

Samuel turns over $15,000 to Sinclair and worries that things could be dangerous. His leader says that as long as they accept the West for what it is, they don’t need to fear it.

Bret has everyone prepare for a rehearsal with him as the mark. Meanwhile, Virgil puts up the sign just as Sinclair and Mary Lou arrive. He mentions Philo, making Mary Lou very nervous.

Upstairs, Brett enters the room and they begin the rehearsal. When Virgil signals that Sinclair is coming up, everyone panics. Kate asks Bret for suggestions, and he admits he could use a few as well.