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Season 1


Bronk, harbouring suspicions of corruption within the police department, commits himself to an unauthorized narcotics investigation.
Guest Stars: Ivor Francis as Vern Eicher | George Brenlin as Captain Sullivan | Thom Christopher as Unknown | David Birney as Willie Harvey | Richard Narita as Cop | Joanna Moore as Shirley | Chelsea Brown (1) as Celeste
Director: Richard Donner

1 :01x01 - Open Contract

Bronk traces an underworld hit killer to his intended victim... and unknowingly leads the killer to his mark.
Guest Stars: Michael Parks as Coleman | Sheila Larken as Marni | Robert Yuro as Harrison | Ben Frank as Mitchell | Michael Delano as Listera | Christopher Morley (1) as Jackie LaCruce | Robbie Rist as Tommy | Sally Kirkland as Billie | Jack O'Leary as Larry Collins | John Sylvester-White as Frank | Peggy Rea as Mrs. Roy | Harvey Fisher as Unknown | Nick Pellegrino as Police Desk Sergeant
Director: Richard Donner

2 :01x02 - Wheel of Death

Quillery, a deranged motorcycle racer runs an illegal alien smuggling ring. Quillery and his gang slay a young attorney assistant when he begins to snoop their activities.
Guest Stars: William Smith (1) as Quillery | Bill McKinney as Hank | Andrew Masset as Eduardo Salgado | Stack Pierce as Unknown | Arch Johnson as Unknown | Jay Novello as Unknown | Roger Cruz as Antonio Alvarez | Sandra Dixon as Augustina | Paul Zayas as Captain Ortega
Director: Sutton Roley
Writer: Del Reisman

3 :01x03 - The Gauntlet

Bronk guards Kate Olson,a gangster's jilted girl friend, on a perilous drive to the state capital, where she has agreed to testify against his boyfriend, Ben Capote, a treacherous guy.
Guest Stars: Ann Wedgeworth as Kate Olson | David Sheiner as Ben Capote | Dick Butkus as Roman Manescu | Steve Sandor as Jay | Rayford Barnes as Briggs | George Ball as Dr. Melford | David Man as Harrelson | Nanci Kendall as Karen Balford
Director: John Peyser

4 :01x04 - Echo of Danger

A forger's murder leads back to a World War II romance and blackmail involving Enid, the wealthy mother of an ambitious candidate.
Guest Stars: Nancy Kelly as Enid | Robert F. Lyons as Alan | John Fink as Terry Howard | Curt Lowens as Manheim | Beth Howland as June Kramer | Milton Selzer as Jannos | Steve Mitchell (1) as Lieutenant Stacker | Gwen Stokes as Iris
Director: Reza Badiyi
Writer: Jack Turley

5 :01x05 - Terror

A teenage girl's recurring nightmares provide grounds for blackmail since Bronk suspects that the girl is a kidnap victim abducted 14 years before.
Guest Stars: Barbara Barrie as Lorna | John Crawford as Omar | John Colicos as Martin | Brooke Palance as The Girl | Peggy Rea as Mrs. Roy | Nancy Burnett as Matron | Simon Prescott as Pawnshop Operator
Director: John Peyser

6 :01x06 - The Fifth Victim

One case does not fit in a series of prostitute stranglings so Bronk must go on the trail of the killer who strangles prostitutes and his copycat.
Guest Stars: Pat Renella as Steig | John Calvin as Graski | Sally Kirkland as Billie | Sharyn Wynters as Julia | Mike Road as Tommy Nimbus | Jay Robinson as Hanson | Beverly Hope Atkinson as Merilee
Director: Russ Mayberry

7 :01x07 - Short Fuse

Margareth Lewis and her husband Nathan are in big trouble. The young woman suffers from kidney-infection and must undergo dialysis every week. Nathan Lewis has lost his position as an engineer, so financially the couple is in dire straits. For this reason, Nathan accepts the offer of an unknown man to carry a suitcase on the airplane from Mexico to Ocean City for which he will receive 25.000 dollars. Unbeknown to him the bag hides a bomb set to make the airliner explode in mid-air.
Guest Stars: Meg Foster as Margareth Lewis | Paul Mantee as Nathan Lewis | Dane Clark as Charles Bisantz | Greg Mullavy as Leo Mason | Carol Locatell as Laura Mason | Sylvia Walden as Unknown
Director: Corey Allen
Writer: Carey Wilber

8 :01x08 - Line of Fire

Three young lads assault a supermarket in Ocean city. As they escape with the loot, they run down a box boy. Shortly after, Bronk discovers the demolished escape-car on the junkyard of his friend Harry Mark. It turns out that the car belongs to police officer Frank Bossick; supposedly, it was stolen from his son Ron. Bronk and Bossick know and appreciate each other therefore it is bitter for Bronk when he confirms his suspicion that Ron Bossick was one of the perpetrators. It is even more terrible for the father of the young man, of course. With a deep pain, Frank asks the Lieutenant to take part in the search for his fugitive son. Bronk agrees without suspecting what kind of a situation they will face.
Guest Stars: Eugene Roche as Frank Bossick | David Hall (1) as Ron Bossick | Mark Hamill as Kevin Bossick | John Lisbon Wood as Al | Stanley Clements as Fletcher | Ann Weldon as Mrs. Smally | James Evans Nichols as Richy
Director: Don Weis
Writer: Burton Armus

9 :01x09 - Bargain in Blood

Grebo, a pornographer accused of murder bargains with a bomber's identity. He insists it's a deal the police may not be able to refuse.
Guest Stars: John Larch as D.A. Richard Yerrow | Steven Keats as Jimmy Grebo | Barbara Rhoades as Luna | Marki Bey as Teri | Bobby Hall (1) as Sergeant Hockman | Jean Carson as Mrs. Carrol | William Lanteau as Skinner | Connie Strickland as Rita | Margo Ann Berdeshevsky as Gloria | Eddie Olmos as Chico
Director: John Peyser

10 :01x10 - The Pickoff

A bunch of terrorists set a hotel ablaze and hold a civic leader's son hostage. Unwilling to encourage these terrorist acts, the businessman and his kidnapped son refuse to cooperate with the abductors.
Guest Stars: Mark Stevens (1) as Arnold Cutler Sr | Sharon Farrell as Lynn Stockwood | Bonnie Franklin as Rita | Peter Hooten as Arnold Cutler Jr | Dick Davalos as Unknown | Cheryl A. Waters as Unknown | David Man as Harrelson | Michael Swan as Det. Sgt. Venneman
Director: Sutton Roley

11 :01x11 - Crackback

Phil Barrow, a man who claims to have killed Bronk's wife is fatally shot before revealing who hired him.
Guest Stars: Charles Macaulay as Canaby | Lezlie Dalton as Cara Landy | Kevin Hagen as Unknown | Ron Thompson as Unknown | Peter Brocco as Unknown | William Mims as Unknown
Director: John Peyser
Writer: Lou Morheim

12 :01x12 - Deception

Duke Adison, an influential businessman from Ocean city, is stabbed and found dead in the apartment of a prostitute, Hannah Powell. Mayor Santori, who was a friend of the victim, entrusts Detective Lieutenant Alex Bronkov with the investigation. His first suspicion is aimed at Hannah Powell, especially since her fingerprints lingered on the murder weapon. Yet she denies emphatically to have killed Adison. Later on the young police officer Ryck Borrison provides her with an alibi. As it turns out, he has not told the truth, so he is suspended from the service. Shortly after, he confess to Bronk why he lied for the sake of Hannah and why the prostitute cannot be the killer.
Guest Stars: Kim Hamilton as Hannah Powell | Alan Feinstein as Ryck Borrison | John Anderson as Colonel Hecker | Pernell Roberts as Richard Collicos | Virginia Gregg as Maxine | Michael Conrad as Captain Stu Nielson | Paul Sorenson as Brad Wylie | Harry Morgan as Coogan
Director: Corey Allen

13 :01x13 - Betrayal

During an explosion in Ocean city, the woman of a lawyer is killed and her small daughter results badly injured. Some clues indicate that Paul Tedesco, the youngest brother of the Mafia boss Victor Tedesco, had something to do with it. He is arrested, but is quickly released. Sergeant Webber grows so indignant over it that Bronk has to calm him down. Days later, Paul is found murdered and Webber becomes the main suspect.
Guest Stars: Susan Strasberg as Alma Tedesco | Jack Kruschen as Victor Tedesco | Eddie Fontaine as Paul Tedesco | David Hedison as Lyle Brewster | Austin Stoker as Eli Callender | Marc McClure as Paul Tedesco jr. | Peggy Walton-Walker as Sara Lancaster
Director: Paul Krasny

14 :01x14 - There's Gonna Be a War

Amid alarming tension and expanding outbursts of violence, Bronk must get to the bottom of things when two young black radicals are ambushed and killed.
Guest Stars: Stephen Elliott (1) as Captain Glazier | Mark Slade as David Melbourn | Victor Arnold as Mario | Sidney Clute as Unknown | Carl Weathers as Unknown | Robert F. Hoy as Unknown | Karen Philipp as Unknown
Director: Paul Krasny
Writer: Al Martinez

15 :01x15 - Next of Kin

Mark Lynn, a murderous Vietnam veteran bears a family grudge against Bronk for his dad's death.
Guest Stars: Denny Miller as Mark Lynn | Brenda Scott as Eva | Steve Mitchell (1) as Lieutenant | Mary Nancy Burnett as Policewoman
Director: Sutton Roley

16 :01x16 - The Deadlier Sex

The debut of Sara Mitchell as the first woman into the regular service is owed to Detective Lieutenant Bronkov who knows the young police officer well and is fond of her. Notwithstanding on her first case Bronk must run to her defense when she is accused of brutality by a drugged girl.
Guest Stars: Julie Sommars as Sara Mitchel | Jaime Lyn Bauer as Eleanor Cooley | Eric Braeden as Dave Briscoe | Lonny Chapman as Captain Miller | John Dennis Johnston as Ferraro | Eugene Peterson as Dworski
Director: Alex March

17 :01x17 - Jackson Blue

When a young wife is killed in a car crash planned for her husband, the bereaved man vows revenge.
Guest Stars: David Huddleston as McTell | Alan Vint as Jackson Blue | Jack O'Leary as Collins | Lee Paul as Roger | Stack Pierce as Unknown | Scott Arthur Allen as Unknown
Director: Sutton Roley
Writer: Michael Mann

18 :01x18 - Long Time Dying

Kitty, a deranged young woman murders a city prosecutor, leaving an odd message. Bronk learns that she's the sister of a convict killed in a prison riot and now she plans to murder the three men who sent him up the river.
Guest Stars: Brit Lind as Kitty | Lloyd Bochner as Dr. Spear | Nancy Kovack as Mrs. Marsh | John Howard (2) as Judge Sheehan | Robin Clarke (1) as Ed Harding | Ken Lynch as Roberts
Director: Reza Badiyi
Writer: Alan Godfrey

19 :01x19 - Target: Unknown

Scorpio, a gambling tycoon contrives the assassination of Minister Abriega, a Caribbean politician.
Guest Stars: Fernando Lamas as Abriega | Richard Lynch (1) as Scorpio | Walter Brooke as Turman | Melendy Britt as Beth | Laurence Haddon as Unknown | Wright King as Unknown
Director: Sutton Roley

20 :01x20 - Jailbreak

Bronk becomes one of a group of hostages taken during a violent gaolbreak attempt by prisoners with nothing to lose.
Guest Stars: Bradford Dillman as Luke Talbot | Gene Dynarski as Baldy | K.T. Stevens as Unknown | Anne Randall as Mandy Dole | Dick O'Neill as Conally | Sondra Currie as Rose | Dick DeCoit as Baby | Stan Haze as Unknown | Cliff Carnell as Lombardi | Beverly Powers as Jo | Cody Palance as George Compton
Director: Allen Baron
Writer: Carey Wilber

21 :01x21 - Vengeance

Patrick O'Flannagan, a New York detective seeks Mavros, an escaped mercenary terrorist.
Guest Stars: Ramon Bieri as Patrick O'Flanagan | George Loros as Mavros | Albert Henderson as Inspector Burke | Dudley Knight as Unknown | Douglas Henderson as Unknown | Denny Robertson as Unknown
Director: Sutton Roley
Writer: Burton Armus

22 :01x22 - The Ordeal

Detective Lieutenant Alex Bronkov gets embroiled into a bloody confrontation with a gang of diamond smugglers that has come from Mexico into the USA, and Bronk ends up injured . Mayor Santori insists that Bronk go on a vacation along with him for a few days.
Guest Stars: Don Gordon as Colonel Ybarra | Louise Sorel as Irene | Mike Mazurki as Simms | Pepe Serna as Gabriel | Carl Miranda as Raoul
Director: Ric Rondell

23 :01x23 - Death with Honor

Bronk unravels the death of a veteran cop who was killed in a shoot-out.

Bronk's investigation of a veteran policeman's death in a robbery shoot-out turns up enough discrepancies to make the hero's death look like a virtual suicide. Allen Baron directed from the script by Michael Mann, based on a story by Dan Ullman.
A hero's commendation hangs in the balance when Bronk discovers the startling fact that the seasoned patrolman not only disconnected his own radio on the way to the shoot-out, but dismissed his partner and missed his killer with two wild shots from his own gun.
Guest Stars: Morgan Paull as Lacy | Vic Tayback as Lasko | Bert Freed as Trent |
Co-Guest Stars: Fred Villani as Carbonnay | Eloise Hardt as Jennifer | Jon Cedar as Bayliss | Jay Rasumny as Plant | Maidie Norman as Stella | Terri Lynn Wood as Brenda | Michael Swan as Det. Sgt. Venneman | Jack Kutcher as Zant
Director: Allen Baron
Story: Daniel B. Ullman | Teleplay: Michael Mann

24 :01x24 - The Vigilante

Bronk and Frank Carey, a private investigator, pursue an assassin who does away with criminals freed via legal loopholes.
Guest Stars: Cameron Mitchell (1) as Mankowski | Vic Morrow as Frank Carey | Tiffany Bolling as Veronica | Jon Cypher as Lundeen | Carole Cook as Beatrice | Norman Alden as Velig | Eric Server as Unknown | Meg Wyllie as Unknown | Frederic Downs as Unknown | James McKenna (1) as Unknown
Director: Sutton Roley
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 21, 1975
Ended: July 18, 1976
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