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Bullet in the Face: Meet Gunter Vogler

Mob killer Gunter Vogler is shot in the face during a robbery and left for dead. When he wakes up, he discovers that he's been given the face of a dead police detective that he killed, and that the police commissioner is offering him the chance to take the dead man's place as a cop in return for finding out who betrayed him.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x1
Airdate: Thursday August 16th, 2012

Director: Erik Canuel
Writer: Alan Spencer

Special Guest Stars
Eddie IzzardEddie Izzard
As Johann Tannhauser
Eric RobertsEric Roberts
As Racken

Guest Stars
Christopher HeyerdahlChristopher Heyerdahl
As Lustig Balder
Maya FuhrMaya Fuhr
As Table Dancer / Eve
Nick AlachlotisNick Alachlotis
As Racken's Henchman #1
Kevin RushtonKevin Rushton
As Racken's Henchman #2
Stéphane JulienStéphane Julien
As Racken's Henchman #3
Main Cast
Max WilliamsMax Williams
As Gunter Vogler
Neil NapierNeil Napier
As Karl Hagerman
Jessica SteenJessica Steen
As Eva Braden
Kate KeltonKate Kelton
As Martine Mahler


In Brüteville City, hitman Gunter Vogler is in bed with his girlfriend, Martine Mahler. He wakes up from a nightmare and tells Martine that she can’t remember the face of the person shooting her in his dream. She offers to relax him and afterward, she gets a call from Johann Tannhauser. Martine tells him to stop calling her and hangs up, and then tells Gunter that she’s pregnant even though she claimed she was taking precautions. He tells her that he won’t let her have it...

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ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Armando Bauman & Patrick DoyleDispatch 
The Bucky Burro BandHello Baby 
Richard WagnerDas Rheingold - Scene IV Bruder, Heiher 

Episode Quotes
Martine: Here. Let mama relax you.
Gunter: Stop calling yourself mama. I don’t want to be in bed with my mother.
Martine: Relax, baby.
Gunter: Quit calling me baby! I don’t want to be a baby in bed with my mother. I’m... adult in size.

Gunter: You cannot have this baby! Martine, if you have this baby, I will send it back in the womb!

Johann Tannhauser: Gunter, you are my rock star, you know this. You kill everything I ask you to kill. You even kill extra things, like—like dogs and cats along the way. People just crossing the road. You killed everyone on that boat, remember? You drowned them from the inside, it was beautiful. You killed that guy on his wedding with piano wire, while he was playing piano. I love you for this stuff.

Johann Tannhauser: Just kill her.
Gunter: Why not kill her yourself?
Johann Tannhauser: I don’t want to kill her. You kill her. You love killing things. You kill everything you see. You even tried to kill me once. You tried to kill yourself once. Come on, you crazy bastard, kill her, do it, you love it, wrap yourself in Jews and kill her. You’re acting like a snail on a wet Friday, what’s going on?
Gunter: Nothing, sir. You made me what I am today. Insane.
Johann Tannhauser: Yes, I did, didn’t I? Goodbye.

Gunter: I am Gunter Vogler, and you are about to be robbed by a master criminal. Sadly, you will not be able to tell your friends and family about it because I will be killing most of you today. It is just my nature.

Karl: I say we kill the bastard. Even the most vicious animal on the planet, a wolf, has more compassion than this monster.
Braden: The most vicious animal on the planet is not a wolf, Hagerman. It’s a hippopotamus. And Gunter Vogler is my secret weapon. I will finally bring Johann Tannhauser to justice.
Karl: It won’t work. It’s like trying to find a word that rhymes with “vinegar.”
Braden: “Miniature.”

Karl: You killed my partner.
Gunter: Ohhh.
Karl: And all my partners before him.
Gunter: Well, better get a new one. Or I might kill you just to keep my quota up.

Gunter: Whose face am I looking at?!?
Karl: The face of my partner, the man you murdered. My best friend. You don’t deserve to have his face. It makes me want to vomit a baked ham.

Gunter: He can’t! He cannot shoot his best friend. Unlike me, who shot all my friends, including one on his birthday. Go ahead, bullyman, shoot!

Gunter: What is that? A little yellow gun. What does it shoot, lemonade?
Braden: No. Electrical current.
Gunter: And... you’re going to shoot me with that?
Braden: Yes.
Gunter: Shit.

Braden: What do you recall about being shot in the face?
Gunter: That it sucked.

Gunter: I will not live my life with some other face I do not recognize. I am not Mickey Rourke.

Gunter: Why would that woman shoot me? We had dinner reservations later!

Braden: I’ve warned everyone that you’re not exactly your same old self.
Gunter: No.
Braden: Had a little bit of memory loss. And interestingly, now you speak with a German accent.
Gunter: Right. I can buy that. Wunderbar.

Gunter: Why are you praying, Hagerman?
Karl: Why? I’m sitting next to the man who killed my partner, and he’s got his face. I feel like God is punishing me.
Gunter: Uhh, Satan is just showing you a great time.

(at a strip club)
Karl: What am I supposed to do?
Gunter: Enjoy yourself. Your penis has other uses besides urination and embarrassment.

Lustig Balder: If I tell you that, he’ll kill me.
Gunter: If you don’t, I will kill you.
Lustig Balder: These are not good choices.
Gunter: Umm.

Gunter: Martine shot me in the face. Why?
Lustig Balder: Tannhauser told her to. She saved her life by shooting you. Also, her unborn child. The baby is Tannhauser's.
Gunter: Lies! The baby is mine! We even discussed naming it "Mine"!

Braden: Your soul is poison, Mr. Vogler. Why not seek redemption?
Gunter: Because I’m not a coupon.

Braden: The man that you murdered, I was in love with. The man whose face you now bear, hurt me very deeply.
Gunter: Why? Did he not use lubricant?

(after kissing Gunter)
Braden: How was that?
Gunter: Mediocre. Where did you learn to kiss, a slaughterhouse?

Racken: Boy oh boy. You got a lot of balls coming here.
Gunter: These are my testicles, no? My prostate is greatly enlarged.
Racken: A sense of humor. So what can I do for you besides take your life?

Karl: But as long as you wear my partner’s face, my conscience demands I protect you.
Gunter: I will not live my life in this shell. I am not some frickin’ lobster.
Karl: The shell you inhabit was not for a crustacean. It belonged to a good and decent man. A man I loved more than a brother. This city could use a good bad man right now.

Other Episode Crew

DeveloperAlan Spencer
Executive ProducerGilbert Rozon  |  Alan Spencer  |  Bruce Hills  |  Michael Prupas  |  Dan Pasternack  |  Debbie DeMontreux
Co-Executive ProducerErik Canuel
ProducerEvi Regev  |  Jesse Prupas
Co-ProducerSandrine Gros D'Aillon
Associate ProducerEvan Tussman
Production DesignerDanielle Labrie
EditorMax Chalifoux
CastingAndrea Kenyon  |  Randi Wells  |  Larissa Mair  |  Ivy Isenberg
Line ProducerMichael Solomon (1)
First Assistant DirectorNormand Labelle
Second Assistant DirectorNatalie Plante
MusicJames Gelfand
Music SupervisorHolly Fagan
Costume DesignerSharon Scott
Key GripPaul Duchesne
Location ManagerRoman Martyn
Production Sound MixerDimitri Medard
Script SupervisorPauline Beraud
Production CoordinatorColleen Hanafin
Assistant EditorGabriel Joseph
Supervising Sound EditorSteve Gurman
Re-Recording MixerRoger Guerin
GafferRene Guillard
On-Line EditorSerge Verreault
Director of PhotographyPierre Gill
Stunt CoordinatorMarc-Andre Boulanger
Production SecretaryJane Lu
Art DirectorElise Deblois
Post Production CoordinatorMichelle Caron
Key Makeup ArtistChristiane Fattori
Art Department CoordinatorAnnette Belanger
Visual Effects SupervisorMario Rachiele
Production AccountantGuy Aumond
Extras CastingCarole Dionne
Casting AssistantShari Libman  |  Sheena Clowater
"A" Camera OperatorGeoffrey St-Hillaire
AssistantRena Hundert  |  Samuel Morin  |  Adora Law
Key HairstylistManon Joly
Unit PublicistBetty Palik
Unit ManagerDaniel ( Dan B. ) Boudreau
ColoristEtienne Patry
Additional MusicLouise Tremblay
Foley ArtistFrancois Maurice
Best Boy GripTommy Bellefeuille
Dialogue EditorPaul Hubert
"B" Camera OperatorBoris Roy
Special Effects Make-upErik Gosselin  |  Edwina Voda
"A" Camera First AssistantEric Godbout
Props BuyerMarc C. De Lery
"B" Camera First AssistantIsabelle Cole
Assistant Unit ManagerAlain Caporicci
Key Set Production AssistantGabrielle Cantin
1st Assistant AccountantCharlene Hodge
Best Boy ElectricJulien Brisbois
ConstructionLouis Fortin
Head PainterChristian Corvelleo
Sound DesignerDavid Gertsman
Data WranglerVincent Gouin
ArmorerAndrew Campbell (1)
DecoratorChristophe Lavigne  |  Genevieve Burt
Unit Publicity ManagerAnisha Rangi
Mechanical EffectsSimon Martineau  |  Michel Gagnon  |  Sebastien Roussel  |  Guillaume Murray
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