Meet Gunter Vogler - Recap

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In Brüteville City, hitman Gunter Vogler is in bed with his girlfriend, Martine Mahler. He wakes up from a nightmare and tells Martine that she can’t remember the face of the person shooting her in his dream. She offers to relax him and afterward, she gets a call from Johann Tannhauser. Martine tells him to stop calling her and hangs up, and then tells Gunter that she’s pregnant even though she claimed she was taking precautions. He tells her that he won’t let her have it.

As Gunter and Martine hit the streets, the radio announces that there seems to be a truce between the city’s two major gang lords, Racken and Tannhauser. They arrive later and Tannhauser lieutenant, Lustig Balder, complains that they’re late. As Martine takes another call from Tannhauser, Lustig tells Gunter that they’re going after a jewelry store that pays protection money to Racken. Tannhauser has Martine put Gunter on the line and tells him to kill Martine during the robbery. When Gunter asks why, Tannhauser says that she’s been unfaithful. Gunter hesitates and then assures Tannhauser that he’ll do it.

Gunter and the gang go into the store and tell the owner that he’s being robbed. However, the owner blocks Gunter’s strike and the hitman realizes that he’s Mossad. More retired Mossad agents charge in and the gang returns fire. Everyone else in Tannhauser’s gang goes down but Martine and Gunter return fire together . As the police arrive, Lustig drives off in the getaway car and Gunter and Martine open fire on the officers as they enter the store, killing them. Gunter remembers what Tannhauser said about killing Martine. A police detective comes in, gun drawn, and Gunter shoots him dead. As the detective goes down, he fires

Three Months Later

Gunter is in bed, his face heavily bandaged. Police commissioner Eva Braden and officer Karl Hagerman arrive and Karl wants to kill Gunter immediately. Braden explains that Gunter is her secret weapon to bring Tannhauser to justice. Gunter wakes up and discovers that he’s handcuffed to the bed. Braden explains that a team of surgeons saved his life but his face was destroyed by gunfire. The surgeons gave him a full facial transplant. Karl reminds Gunter that the hitman killed his partner and all of his previous partners.

Gunter taunts Karl, who goes for his gun, but Braden explains that Gunter will be killed unless he agrees to work for the police. They remove his bandages and show Gunter his new face: the face of Karl’s partner and best friend. Gunter goes berserk and rips himself free, and dares Karl to shoot a man with his best friend’s face. Karl can’t and breaks into tears, but Braden hits Gunter with a taser. As he goes down, he hits a tray and sends a hypodermic flying into Karl’s face. As Braden walks away, Karl carefully pulls it out.

Later, Braden comes to see Gunter, who is locked up in an interrogation room. As Karl watches through a one-way mirror, Gunter admits that the last thing he remembers is shooting the detective first. Braden plays back security footage showing that Martine was the one who shot Gunter in the face. He thinks that it’s a fake but Braden says that she’s giving him law enforcement resources so he can confirm it and get revenge on the people who betrayed him. Gunter immediately agrees to work for her.

Later, Braden introduces Gunter to the squad and explains that he survived the bullet wound. She has warned the other officers that he’s suffered memory loss and picked up a German accent. Gunter asks for a gun and Karl has no choice but to give him his partner’s old gun. As Gunter waves it around and laughs, and Karl cries, Braden tells everyone that he’ll take a little longer to get reacclimated.

Later, Gunter takes Karl gt to the Kingdom of Sex strip bar. Karl prays and wonders why they’re there, and Gunter points out that Lustig is there and he was the getaway driver. Since Tannhauser’s location is a secret, Gunter figures that Lustig knows where he is. Gunter goes into the dressing room and orders the strippers out, and then pins his badge to Lustig’s face. Lustig recognizes Gunter’s voice and Gunter explains that he is Gunter Vogler.

A stripper entertains Karl, who breaks into tears.

Gunter claims that he can possess people now that he’s dead and demands to know where he can find Tannhauser. Lustig suggests that he possess Tannhauser and find out, and Gunter pistol-whips him.

Karl shows the stripper pictures of his wife and children, one who is a girl her age. She asks if Karl would like her to get his daughter a job there and Karl cries some more.

Lustig explains that Martine had to shoot Gunter to save her life, and that the child she’s carrying is Tannhauser’s. Gunter doesn’t believe it and insists that the baby is his.

Martine enters the club and casually shoots a man.

Lustig tells Gunter that he has information about the war that is coming and explains that Tannhauser has a man on the inside of Racken’s organization. Before he can say more, Martine comes in and shoots Lustig dead. She then shoots Gunter in the head.

When Gunter wakes up later, he finds himself back in the hospital. Braden explains that the bullet just grazed him and that Karl took a leave of absence after he was traumatized by the strip club trip. She suggests that he seek redemption and that the face he now bears belongs to the man that she loved. The commissioner admits that he never consummated the relationship and she couldn’t figure out why. Braden kisses Gunter and then kisses him again, and he admits that the man inside of him is responding to her. She uncuffs him and they kiss again, but Gunter grabs her gun. Once he strips, cuffs, and gags Braden, he tells Braden that he realized that Martine is his soulmate and assures the commissioner that she’ll never see his face again.

Gunter calls Martine on her cell phone and tells him that he’s back from the dead. She is at Tannhauser’s apartment and doesn’t believe it, and Tannhauser grabs the phone and demands to know who is calling. Gunter hangs up and Martine claims that it was her mother. Tannhauser slaps her and admits that he doesn’t like his mother, and they struggle, breaking his leprechaun snow globe.

At the docks, Racken is working when Gunter comes to see him, noting a photo of Racken and his wife on the wall. Gunter tells him that he can ID the turncoat in his organization in return for a price. Racken doesn’t believe it but Gunter says that the traitor is there right now. Before he can reveal it, Racken gets an emergency call. Gunfire breaks out on the other end and then the line goes dead. He explains that his drug smuggling operation was just raided and that nobody knows where it was except his trusted lieutenant.

Racken draws a gun on Gunter and demands answers, asking which of his men is the traitor. When one man’s eyes start twitching, he explains that he just had eye surgery and he needs drops. Racken admits that he’s always been loyal and then shoots him dead. When Gunter says that it wasn’t him, Racken shoots everyone else dead and then tells his secretary to send in a new team to take Gunter out and kill him.

The three henchmen take Gunter to the river and order him on his knees. Gunter kneels but Karl steps out of the woods and shoots them dead. He explains that he has to protect Gunter as long as he’s wearing his partner’s face. Gunter doesn’t want to live a dead man’s life, but Karl says that now that Tannhauser has hijacked Racken’s drugs, it will be all-out war and they need Gunter. Gunter laughs and says he prefers it that way and walks away.

Racken is at his office when the secretary announces his wife is there. Martine comes in, wearing a wig, and tells Racken that they have a healthy baby on the way.