Angel of Death - Recap

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At a church, a priest prays and then shoots himself as the housekeeper, Mrs. Delmuth, looks on in horror.

At the hospital the next day, a physician checks on Gunter's face transplant and tells Braden and Karl that a few adjustments will be necessary. Karl refuses, complaining that it's all Braden's fault. She reminds him that she recruited Gunter to use him to fight evil with evil. Karl then takes Gunter to the home of the man he killed, explaining that he had impeccable taste. Gunter is disgusted and notices that all of the photos are of Karl and his partner and there are no women. The hitman smashes up the apartment and Karl grabs him... just as someone fires a shot through the window.

The two men hit the ground and the landlady comes in to complain. Karl tells her that Racken has put a price on his head and she demands her back rent. Gunter flirts with her briefly and they get a call to the church. Gunter admits that it's the first crime scene that he has been to that he wasn't responsible for. Karl figures that the case is open and shut, but Gunter finds a Bible open to Isaiah 3:11 and marked on the day he died. It reads, "Whoa unto the wicked."

A policewoman brings in Mrs. Delmuth and explains that she's a deaf-mute. Karl expresses his condolences and tries to question her, but neither man knows sign language. Gunter steps in and plays Charades without success, and Karl reminds him that he needs to be a good cop to do his job and get back at the ones who killed him. The hitman asks Mrs. Delmuth to show them what she saw and she opens the Bible to a page showing the Angel of Death.

Back at the station, Braden tells them to continue investigating the priest's suicide. Karl doesn't see the point while Gunter gets a call from Martine. She insists that he can't be alive, pointing out that she killed him. Tannhauser yells for her and Martine quickly hangs up. The mobster comes in and says that he's been giving the choice of names for their child a great deal of thought. Martine assures him that the child has been receiving great pre-natal care. Tannhauser says that he called her pediatrician and the man has never heard of her, and Martine is offended that he's checking up on her. He chokes her until Martine pulls free and insists that she's been loyal to him. Tannhauser isn't so sure.

As Gunter adjusts his jaw and looks at a photo of himself and Martine, Braden suggests he get his jaw fixed. She assures him that he doesn't look like a freak to her. Gunter has discovered that there's no background information on the dead priest.

That night, another priest prays for forgiveness. Someone places a gun in his mouth and shoots him, and then places the gun in his hand.

Gunter wakes up from a nightmare and his new landlady is in bed next to him. She tries to reassure him but he isn't interested. Karl calls and tells him about the new suicide. They meet at the church and Karl wonders what the connection is. Gunter is unimpressed, figuring that he'll seek atonement just before he dies and go to Heaven. Karl finds another passage from the Bible on the priest's cellphone, Isaiah 3:30. However, there is no corresponding quote. While Karl checks, Gunter notices a tattoo of a stripper on the priest's right forearm.

Back at the station, Gunter tells Braden and Karl that Tannhauser's former getaway driver, Baskin, had the same tattoo as the priest and disappeared after robbing an ice cream parlor. However, Baskin had a different face than the priest. Braden explains that several of Tannhauser's men turned informant and they placed them in witness protection as priests after giving them plastic surgery. They chose a different surgeon each time and each surgeon didn't know who he was working on. Only Braden knew the identities of each informant. When Gunter figures that Braden is substituting power for sex, she draws a gun on him but Gunter persists, saying that her time is running out. Gunter finishes by putting her gun in her barrel and daring her to shoot. When she doesn't, Gunter complains about his jaw again but says that he's found a dentist to look at it and leaves.

At the dentist, Gunter admits that he's had reconstructive surgery. The dentist is called away and his lab tech says that the name Gunter gave doesn't show up in the dental database. Her boss says that he'll do what he has to so he can make a positive ID. He then goes back and asks Gunter how he heard of him. Gunter says that he heard of him when his name was mistaken for Bible passages: He realized that the supposed Bible passages were actually appointments with Dr. Isaiah. Gunter draws his gun and the oral surgeon explains that he offers free medical care to priests. He noticed that the new priests he was treating had irregularities with their reconstructive surgery and used sodium pentathol to get them to tell him who they really were. Tannhauser paid Isaiah and relocated him to a new building. Tannhauser had his personal "Angel of Death" Martine killed the priests and made it look like suicide.

Gunter tells Isaiah to summon Martine, but the oral surgeon attacks him and the lab technician runs in. She manages to gas Gunter until he throws her off and impales her with an x-ray projector. He then grabs a drill and advances on Isaiah as the patients outside wonder what's going on. A few seconds later, a bleeding Isaiah staggers out and collapses, and the patients run out. A heavily drugged Gunter staggers out and goes home.

When Gunter wakes up later, he imagines Martine sitting at the foot of his bed. He draws his gun and says that he doesn't want her to see him like this. Martine wonders what happened to them and Gunter says that there's no way to know how any of it will end. He imagines her leaning forward and kissing her and then passes out.