Kiss Me Thrice - Recap

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As the city's temperature rises, Gunter is at his apartment making sausages. Two of Racken's men come in with guns. After a brief fight, they finally subdue Gunter and take him away. They take him to Racken, who tells Gunter that he was lying about the traitor in his organization. He's sure that his men would never fink and has them demonstrate their obedience. After Racken shoots the one who won't humiliate himself, he tells Gunter that Tannhauser has more cops on his payroll so he wants to pay Gunter to find Tannhauser, who is agoraphobic and never leaves his hideout. However, first he wants to be sure that Gunter is loyal to him.

At his apartment, Tannhauser admires his snow globe collection when Martine comes in. He points out that Gunter and Martine were close and asks if she misses him. Tannhauser knows that Martine has been dialing Gunter's number recently and doesn't believe her claim that she hit speed-dial by mistake. When Martine tries to leave, the mobster locks the doors. He grabs her by the throat until she says that she has to go see her obstetrician. Tannhauser lets her go but tells Martine that from now on, she'll be accompanied everywhere by Miss Leibwächter, who will report back to him.

Karl and Braden take Gunter back to the physician for examination and he warns that facial transplants are susceptible to injury. Braden notices the bruises from Gunter's recent fight and he says that he got them in a juice bar fight. She knows that Gunter met with Racken because she's had Karl following him. Gunter takes out his gun and shoots Karl in the shoulder, and Braden warns Gunter that he can't play both sides.

Martine goes to a cheap motel room and says that she has other appointments, and that Miss Leibwächter will stay there and wait for her. Martine's phone rings and Miss Leibwächter wonders why she isn't' answering it.

As Gunter gets no answer, Karl comes in and congratulates him on his marksmanship, pointing out he only grazed his shoulder. Racken calls Gunter and says he has a chore to test his loyalty. Gunter asks about a detective named Viratacus and tells Karl that he has to prove his loyalty. The hitman then sits down with Viratacus, who asks about his memory problems. Gunter confirms that he has one of Racken's bookkeepers in custody and Viratacus explains that the informant is in custody at a secret safehouse with a bland unoriginal name. Even the men guarding him don't know who he is. As Karl and Braden secretly watch, Viratacus writes down something on a piece of paper and gives it to Gunter.

Miss Leibwächter refuses to leave Martine unattended and Martine's phone rings again. It's Racken, who knows her as his wife Lily and asks why she's late. Martine tells him that she'll be there soon and hangs up, and Miss Leibwächter threatens to use redial if Martine won't tell her who it was. When the escort won't relent, Martine lures her in by faking cramps and then attacks her. Using her pregnant stomach as a shield, Martine knocks out Miss Leibwächter, ties her up, and puts on her Lily wig.

Racken takes Martine to supper and has Gunter meet them. Gunter recognizes the disguised Martine while she stares in shock at the man she thought she killed. They have supper and drinks and Racken talks about how he met Martine, an actress, while he was attending a musical. Gunter agrees that Martine is quite an actress and admits that he broke up with the last woman he was close with after she gave him a parting shot. As they finish eating, Braden and Karl come in and congratulate Racken on murdering a witness in protective custody. They also pulled Viratacus' body out of a lake. Racken isn't impressed and threatens to kill Braden, who warns Gunter that he's chosen the wrong side.

Martine returns to the hotel and discovers that Miss Leibwächter is gone.

Braden calls Gunter into her office and he explains that Viratacus was on Tannhauser's payroll. The hitman told Viratacus that Racken would pay double for the information and the crooked cop took the offer. Tannhauser had Viratacus killed. Braden orders Karl out and then tells him that Gunter's old face is preserved in a refrigerator. He draws a gun on her and demands to know where it is, but she warns him that she's the only one who knows where it is. Karl comes back with a package containing a dead fish—a threat from Racken—and Karl warns that she'll need round-the-clock security. She isn't impressed... just as her car explodes in the parking lot.

As they practice yoga together, Miss Leibwächter tells Tannhauser about Martine's secret life. He's not surprised but wants to learn what lengths she'll go to protect it.

Karl comes to see Braden and offers her a ride. She agrees until she discovers he's talking about his bicycle and decides to rent a car instead.

Martine goes to see Gunter and demands to know if he is Gunter Vogler. When he says he is and he isn't, Martine draws a gun on him. Racken calls to say that he's going to kill Braden and had hoped Gunter would be in on it. He hangs up before Gunter can respond and Gunter doesn't have Racken's number. Ignoring Martine, Gunter calls Karl and says that he needs Braden's number to save her life. Karl figures that he's up to no good and refuses, and Gunter brushes past Martine and leaves.

As Braden gets in her rental car, Gunter arrives and tells her not to start the engine. She does anyway and nothing happens. Braden gets out and tells him that she checks her car daily. However, a sniper wounds her in the shoulder and Gunter gets her to cover and then opens fire. Karl rides up on his bicycle and opens fire, but the sniper knocks him off his bike. There are more shots and the sniper collapses dead. Gunter admits that he saved Braden only so he could get his face back. When Karl congratulates him on the lucky shooting, Gunter says that it wasn't his gun. Martine steps out briefly and then leaves.

Later, Martine returns to Tannhauser's apartment and asks what Miss Leibwächter said about her trip. The mobster says that Miss Leibwächter confirmed that Martine gave her the slip, just as he knew she would. Tannhauser tells Martine that Miss Leibwächter had his usual yoga session with him and is cooling off, and asks Martine to get him a drink. When she goes to the refrigerator, she finds Miss Leibwächter's corpse inside. Disgusted, Martine walks away and Tannhauser continues eating.