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Cradle to Grave - Recap

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As Tannhauser continues to monitor Racken's attacks on his holdings, Martine warns him that her baby is on the way. He's more obsessed with his downfall and she walks off, and Tannhauser calls Racken to provoke him. Once he hangs up, Racken tells his men to kill Tannhauser.

At the station, Karl wants help from Gunter, who insists that when he was a hitman he brought balance to the city. He tells Braden that it's too late to save the city from Racken and Tannhauser. A cop finds a bomb by the coffee machine and Gunter tells the commissioner that someone on the bomb squad planted it. Karl insists that they evacuate but Gunter tries to defuse the bomb. He doesn't have any luck and finally throws it out the window just in time... killing all the police officers who fled outside. Gunter finds the whole thing amusing and dances with Braden.

Tannhauser is playing the piano when Martine comes in and announces that she has to go to the hospital. The crime lord tells her that all of his guards have run away and there's no one to escort her there, but that she is safe in his secret hideout. Martine asks for a cab but Tannhauser tells her that she'll have the baby there. When she tries to leave anyway, Tannhauser grabs her and manages to handcuff her to the door. He knows that the baby is Gunter's and tells Martine that he'll kill her once she has the baby and he'll adopt it. Martine draws a gun on her but he's ready for her. However, she has a backup gun and shoots Tannhauser dead. Martine then shoots the handcuffs off and leaves.

At the station, Gunter demands that Braden give him his face back because the city is doomed. She reminds him of their deal: he needs to give her Tannhauser. Gunter doesn't trust her but Braden gives him his word. He goes back to his apartment and insists that he is still Gunter inside. However, if he flees then he won't have Martine. Gunter calls her and hears her phone ring in the bedroom. She shoots at him and he proves who he is by reminding her of the crimes they've committed. Martine realizes that he's Gunter and he explains that after she shot him in the face, the police gave him a new face. She explains that she shot Gunter to keep her baby safe and figures that by pitting the three men in her life against each other, the last one standing will protect her. When Gunter asks why she isn't with Racken, Martine tells him that she needed to know who he really was. He demands to know where Tannhauser is and Martine tells him that the crime lord is dead. She assures Gunter that the baby is his and that Tannhauser is dead.

Tannhauser removes the bulletproof vest that protected him.

Martine wants to go to the hospital so Racken can provide her with security. Gunter reminds her that he's a cop and that he can give her protection once he knows where Tannhauser can be found. She refuses to give him the address until she's safe, and Gunter goes to get Karl.

Tannhauser calls his inside man on the bomb squad and tells him to blow up every hospital in the city. When he asks why, Tannhauser tells him it's what Herod would have done.

Gunter returns with Karl but Martine has left a note saying that she chose Racken. Karl draws a gun on Gunter and admits that he's collecting the reward from Tannhauser to provide for his family. Gunter says that he's proud of him and dares him to shoot and take his revenge. When Karl tries to shoot himself, Gunter grabs the gun and thrusts it into his mouth, and Karl yanks it out and fires it into the ceiling. Martine calls from the hospital and says that she's gone with Racken, disguised as Lily. Another hospital blows up and Gunter realizes that Tannhauser is trying to kill Martine. She gives her cell phone to Racken's bodyguard and he hangs up. However, Gunter heard an announcement in the background and confirms which hospital it came from.

Karl and Gunter go to the hospital and the nurse explains that thirteen bodyguards have cordoned off the entire floor for Martine. Gunter has Karl stay there and stop the bomb squad while he rescues Martine. Karl tells Gunter that he hopes he gets his face back, offering his hand, and Gunter gives him the finger.

At the station, Braden checks her watch and waits.

Karl goes to the men's room and the bomb squad arrives. Tannhauser's man goes to the basement with his men.

Gunter shoots his way to Martine's room and takes out her bodyguard. He demands to know where Tannhauser's hideout is and she explains that she's been giving him clues. Gunter calls Braden and tells her where Tannhauser can be found.

The bomb squad officers run out of the hospital and Karl just misses them.

The agoraphobic Tannhauser braces himself and then leaves his hideout at the city cemetery. Braden and an officer arrive and they charge in.

Gunter tells Martine that once Braden has Tannhauser, she'll call and tell him where his face is. Martine warns that Racken is on his way but Gunter is unimpressed.

The nurse comments mentions to Karl that the bomb squad went to the basement and he runs downstairs.

Braden and her man enter Tannhauser's apartment and find a snow globe with a statue of Eva inside of it. Tannhauser has left a video recording explaining that he left a bomb for them and start counting down. They run out just as the bomb explodes.

Martine tells Gunter that she needs to be alone with Racken and the birth will be her only chance. Gunter tells Martine that he loves her, much to her surprise, and starts to kiss her. However, Racken's helicopter arrives

Karl searches the basement and finds the storage chamber where Gunter's face is stored.

Rachen and his men burst in and find Gunter waiting for them. The crime lord tells his men not to shoot for fear of hitting Martine. Gunter tells Racken that one of them is the father of the child and is betting on himself. When Racken wonders what he's talking about, Martine removes her Lily wig and Gunter says he can't live without her.

Karl tries to open the refrigerator holding Gunter's face without success and finds the bomb nearby... with 48 seconds left. The detective breaks into tears.

Martine starts to have labor pains... and then rips off the prosthetic pregnancy stomach, revealing a submachine gun. She kills Racken's bodyguards as he hides behind them, and Gunter congratulates her on playing everyone for fools.

Karl throws the switch on the bomb and crosses himself.

Martine aims at Gunter and says that she's the only queen left. She prepares to fire... and there's an explosion.