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Burst Angel: Tower of Tears

Cornering the giant beast that ended the night's entertainment at the Ōsaka Tiger Dome, Jo is stopped from killing it by Takane Katsu of the Hanshin Police Hawk Unit. Takane brings Jo in for questioning, but doesn't have much luck with the stoic Angel.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x12

Guest Stars
Brice ArmstrongBrice Armstrong
voiced Chief Katsu
Caitlin GlassCaitlin Glass
voiced Takane Katsu
Chris SabatChris Sabat
voiced Tōgo Iriki
Kent WilliamsKent Williams
voiced Governor Ishihara
Kyle HebertKyle Hebert
voiced Masayan
Mike McFarlandMike McFarland
voiced Leo Nino
Phil ParsonsPhil Parsons
voiced Tetsuzō
Episode Notes
Japanese Title: 「通天閣は涙に濡れれて」 - 「Tsūtenkaku wa Namida ni Nurerete」 - 「Tsūtentaku is Drenched in Tears」
Tsūtenkaku is a 103 metre radio/television tower in Ōsaka. The kanji that make up the name do not traditionally connect so the word literally translates into English as Path Heaven Tower. Pictures of the tower can be found here and here.

Japanese on Wall in Interrogation Room: ご飯はもりもり食べましょう (Gohan wa morimori Tabemashou) - Try eating our spicy meals.

Takane is wearing a long coat with the kanji 西 on it. It means Nishi or West, but it can also mean Sai. Together with the kanji , it forms the word Kansai, which is the name of the biker gang that she led. Kansai is the region where Ōsaka is and the word means "Gateway to the West".

Outside the Chief Inspector's office is the kanji 強襲課・虎斑・鷹斑・鮫斑 or Kyōshū-ka/Torafu, Takafu, Samefu. FUNimation translates it as Assault Section/Tiger, Hawk, Shark Units. However, (Fu or Buchi) actually means stripes. Torafu, Takafu, and Samefu actually mean Tiger's Stripes, Hawk Stripes, and Shark Stripes respectively.

Kanji outside Leo's Workshop: 立入禁止 (Tachi'iri Kinshi) - Keep Out.

Kanji on ŌSAKA SHISEKI Street Sign: 通天閣本通 (Tsūtenkaku Hondōri) - Tsūtenkaku Main Street.

Episode Goofs
Japanese Word Mispronounced:
Monical Rial, the English voice artist for Jo, mispronounces the word udon as she is walking with Sei. She pronounces the 'o' short instead of long, which is how the stand alone Japanese 'o' is always pronounced.

Japanese Word Mispronounced:
The reporter at the National Diet mispronounces the word Diet, which is the government legislative body in Japan. While the word is not Japanese, the word for the Diet in Japan is Kokkai (国会), Diet is a Latin word, shortened from diaeta meaning "meeting each day", and is pronounced Dee-eht.

Cultural References
Mini-Bat: Hanshin Tigers
At the Hanshin Police Building, as the officers watch the news conference from the National Diet, Masayan is shown holding a yellow and black mini-bat with a picture of a tiger on it, which is the symbol of the Hanshin Tigers of Japan Baseball's Central League.

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