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Season 2

50 :02x01 - Lost in Time

Buzz Lightyear gets knocked out, and Zurg decides to use this to his advantage and he gets Buzz to think that he is 1, 000 years into the future. Buzz, however, believes this ruse and he begins getting questioned by kids about Star Command, since Star Command has been disbanded. Buzz begins to tell the kids stories about Star Command and even begins to share secrets about Star Command to them. Little did Buzz know that the kids where really hornets that where sent by Zurg to learn the information. Now, Zurg begins to attack Star Command, using Buzz’s secrets and now it is up to Team Lightyear to save the day.
Guest Stars: Patrick Warburton as Animatronic Buzz | Rob Paulsen as Host | Corey Burton as Treevo | Nicole Sullivan as Little Girl, Kid | Billy West as voice
Director: Steve Loter

51 :02x02 - Rookie of the Year

Star Command hosts their yearly "Rookie of the Year" event with Mira, Booster, and XR all up for the title. Meanwhile Zurg begins to attack the Lumini Summit, keeping Buzz busy while the three other members of Team Lightyear must guard the LCM's.
Guest Stars: Corey Burton as Brent Starkisser | Clyde Kusatsu as Ranger #1 | Paul Rugg as Ed | Frank Welker as Grub(s)
Director: Victor Cook (1)

52 :02x03 - Wirewolf (1)

One of the members of Star Command is infected with a Wirewolf curse/disease and he needs rescuing by none other than Team Lightyear. Can our heroes save this colleague from a fate worse then death?
Guest Stars: Craig Ferguson as NOS-4-A2
Director: Steve Loter

53 :02x04 - Rescue Mission

Star Command receives a distress call, about an alien race's queen being in danger. However, not just the queen is in danger, but the entire race. The race is being brought down by a plague of some sort.
Guest Stars: Kerri Kenney as Sally, Queen | Paul Rugg as Cosmo, Health Inspector | Tino Insana as Professor Samsa
Director: Don MacKinnon

54 :02x05 - Star Smasher

The LGMs’ develop a trash compactor that ends up getting stolen by Zurg. Zurg then uses it to do his evil biddings, like for instance he uses it to compress Capitol Planet’s sun. Can Buzz Lightyear’s team stop Zurg’s evil plans and get the trash compactor away from him?
Director: Steve Loter

55 :02x06 - Enemy Without a Face

Team Lightyear must deal with these Leach-like beings who can take over people’s bodies.
Guest Stars: Rob Paulsen as Krnozian | Tress MacNeille as Beletor
Director: Victor Cook (1)

56 :02x07 - Good Ol' Buzz

The (distant) future Buzz Lightyear goes back to the current Buzz Lightyear's time to stop Mira from being killed in the near future. The only problem is that the future Buzz Lightyear has all-timers, and can't remember exactly when, where, or how Mira is going to be killed, as well as who or what killed her. Will he remember in time?
Guest Stars: Craig Ferguson as NOS-4-A2 | Robin Simpson as Ty Parsec | Brad Garrett as Torque | Frank Welker as Maw, Little Maw, Radio Voice, Tangean Terrorists | David Warner as Lord Angstrum | Patrick Warburton as Old Buzz
Director: Steve Loter

57 :02x08 - Return to Karn

Mira serves as the body guard for the President and one of the President's representatives to a conference. Zurg attacks them, and Mira and the others find themselves on a planet being followed by Zurg. Mira deduces that if they use the radio, Zurg will find them so Mira, the President and Smoltz must find a way to survive and be rescued without attracting the attention of Zurg.
Guest Stars: Frank Welker as ...almost ALL of the Karnian beasties... | Roz Ryan as The President | Linda Hamilton as Dr. Furbanna | Wallace Langham as Smoltz
Director: Victor Cook (1)

58 :02x09 - Speed Trap

Team Lightyear is forced to handle Traffic Duty when there is a diplomatic faux pas with the Porcelon Ambassadorial Delegates.
Guest Stars: Tress MacNeille as Calm Female Voice | Maurice LaMarche as Ambassador | Dan Castellaneta as Resort Manager, Alien, Captain Alien | Wallace Langham as Care-Bots | Jennifer York as Traffic Reporter

59 :02x10 - Holiday Time

After Zurg steals a very high-tech device from Santa Claus, Christmas seems to be ruined. Now, Buzz and the gang must get into the Christmas sprite and help Santa deliver the presents to the children all around the world.
Guest Stars: Earl Boen as Nick | Shaun Fleming as Boy

60 :02x11 - Opposites Attract

Gravitina is up to no good, so Commander Nebula decides to send Buzz's team to go get her into custody. However, Gravitina's plans involve asking Buzz out. She does, but Buzz refuses causing her to make his head grow to a big size. Now, Buzz has left Star Command and has his mind set on getting back into Star Command by taking down Gravitina and getting his head reduced to its’ normal size.
Guest Stars: Kevin Michael Richardson as Alien Guy | Kerri Kenney as Gravitina | Norm Crosby as Mr. Hayman
Director: Don MacKinnon
Writer: Mark Palmer

61 :02x12 - Ancient Evil

Team Lightyear is in a battle with a space mummy.
Guest Stars: Diedrich Bader as Natron
Director: Steve Loter

62 :02x13 - 42

Starship 42 begins to act up; So Buzz has it turned off. XR is unhappy with this, as he has fallen in love with the machine, so he decides to re-activate it only to run away with it. Now, the team must set out in a starship 5.5 and find their friend and their means of transportation.
Guest Stars: Joy Behar as 42 | Tress MacNeille as Brun, Sig, Hilda | Rob Paulsen as Autopilot AP-06, Guard
Director: Don MacKinnon
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 02, 2000
Ended: January 13, 2001
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