Series 3

24 :03x01 - Twelve Bar Blues

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Guest Stars: Jan Ravens as Sal | Tony Selby as Jethro Blackstock | Graham Weston as Marek | Freddie Earlle as Landlord | Linzi Drew as Stripper | Billy Hartman as Cpl. Armitage | Michael Carter as C.O. | Sion Tudor Owen as Jones | John Bowe as Sgt. Terry Smith
Director: Gerry Mill

25 :03x02 - Carrier Pigeon

The female investigators snoop into the activities of an espionage network set in London.
Guest Stars: Don McKillop as Chief Inspector | David Gooderson as Evans | Leon Eagles as Rawlings | Geoffrey Bateman as Scott | Richenda Carey as Mrs. Granger
Director: J.B. Wood

26 :03x03 - Country Weekend

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Guest Stars: Geoffrey Hinsliff as Charlie | Shaun Gascoine as Jim Temple | Richard Bebb as Col. Hackforth-Grey | Michael Attwell as Jack Lee
Director: Raymond Menmuir

27 :03x04 - The Big Burn

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Guest Stars: Rachel Davies as Gloria McCrewer | Ian Collier as Dr. Charteris | Peter Dennis as Hathcott | David Ashford as Dr. Alston | Marina Sirtis as Moll 3
Director: Alan Bell

28 :03x05 - A Naval Affair

The lady detectives embark on an investigation of a mysterious naval architect.The divorced naval architect moves into Maggie's house, but Fred and Tessa are both concerned as he seems to be particularly accident prone.
Guest Stars: John Challis as Stark | John Fortune as Alan Moss | Timothy Carlton as Hutchins
Director: Claude Whatham

29 :03x06 - Family Tradition

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Guest Stars: Shirley Dixon as Eileen | Michael Elwyn as Howard Jordan | Brigitte Kahn (1) as Ilyana Samparov
Director: Raymond Menmuir

30 :03x07 - Backlash

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Guest Stars: Stephen Greif as Jack Brand | Isla Blair as Penny Osmond | Peter Birrel as Jim Lennon | Jonathan Kydd as Chas Grogan | Ivor Roberts as Joe
Director: Francis Megahy