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The Case Of The Stuck-Up Blimp - Recap

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Big Boss wants to rob a party onboard Empire City’s blimp. He sends in sends Berserko and Turbo Tu-Tone to steal tuxedo suits. The plan goes awry when the two are spotted by Hardtop. Hardtop gives chase but when the duo climbs across rooftops, Hardtop can’t catch them because he’s afraid of heights.

At C.O.P.S headquarters the gang prepares for a fundraiser. Hardtop is questioned by Agent Hess aka Bulletproof about what happened. Hardtop tells Bulletproof how he froze when he chased Tu-Tone and Berserko but that it won’t happen again..

At the fundraiser, Reporter Whitney Morgan talks to Bulletproof. Hess turns her attention to Hardtop who secretly is attracted to her. Big Boss’s goons are at the fundraiser dressed as waiters. Berserko is spotted by Hardtop and Bulletproof who give chase.

They fight in the kitchen. Rock Crusher comes in to save Berserko and locks Bulletproof and Hardtop in a meat freezer. Bulletproof calls in for backup and the rest of the C.O.P.S team come to help.

Crusher tries to cut the zeppelin’s anchor free so the blimp will be easy prey for an escape after their robbery. Bulletproof confronts Crusher but Bulletproof goes flying over the ledge.

Crusher continues to cut the cables free so Hardtop tries to connect the Zeppelin back to Empire City by reconnecting the anchor. Bulletproof climbs up the Zeppelin and sees Whitney held hostage by Berserko but is too weak to do anything. The rest of the C.O.P.S team arrives and help Hardtop put the blimp back in place. The C.O.P.S team disrupt the
robbery so Berserko tries to escape with the loot. Whitney falls of the blimp but Hardtop facing his fear of heights rescues her. Berserko and Tu-Bone end up escaping with what they think is the loot but it ends up being nothing but sandwiches. Whitney thanks Hardtop for what he did and says she now has a story to write.