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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Crime and Commitment (1)

In this series opener, mob lawyer Nicholas Cain runs afoul of Mob boss George Vincent who orders a hit on the attorney.
Guest Stars: Martin Gabel as George Vincent | Carol Eve Rossen as Stella Caulfield | Phillip Pine as Phil Krajac | John Beradino as Al Krajac | Gavin MacLeod as Harry Deiner | Gloria Talbott as Bobbie | Bruce Dern as Larry Krajac | Ted de Corsia as Chris Narleski | Philip Ober as Herman Hausner | Bern Hoffman as Lester Cook | Robert Karnes as John Hurlie | Lou Krugman as Mike Kuttler | Judson Pratt as Leonard Meade | Catherine McLeod as Grace
Director: Boris Sagal
Story: David Karp | Teleplay: Paul Monash, David Karp

2 :01x02 - Crime and Commitment (2)

After his fiancee is killed by a Mob assassination attempt meant for him, attorney Nicholas Cain decides to work with the government to bring down top mobster George Vincent.
Guest Stars: Martin Gabel as George Vincent | Phillip Pine as Phil Krajac | Gloria Talbott as Bobbie | Gavin MacLeod as Harry Deiner | Philip Ober as Herman Hausner | Ted de Corsia as Chris Narleski | Bern Hoffman as Lester Cook | Henry Beckman as Sgt. Kaline | Judson Pratt as Leonard Meade | Robert Karnes as John Herlie | Catherine McLeod as Grace | Lou Krugman as Mike Kuttler | Joseph Ruskin as Hirsch | Barry Russo as Hood | Noah Keen as Sidney Shallet | K.L. Smith as Krajac's Hood
Director: Boris Sagal
Story: David Karp | Teleplay: Paul Monash, David Karp

3 :01x03 - Blue Water, White Beach

To cover up an accident at his distillery, bootlegger Ed Hoagley has the victim made to look like the victim of a hit-and-run accident. The ruse works until Cain arrives on the scene and identifies the victim as one of Hoagley's men.
Guest Stars: Patricia Medina as Jenny Stapleton | Carl Benton Reid as John Stapleton | Lawrence Dobkin as Dale Statesman | Ed Begley as Ed Hoagley | Jan Merlin as Weaver | Bernard Kates as Shepple | Robert Carricart as Bruno Keller | Kevin Hagen as Charlie Chinn | John Bryant as Ronnie | Jack Reitzen as Clarey Valdosta | Richard LePore as Albert Chase | Tom Begley as John Walker | Jeff Goodman as Receptionist
Director: John Peyser

4 :01x04 - Markdown on a Man

Cain's next target: Lennie Bircher who controls the produce district of a large city.
Guest Stars: John McGiver as Lennie Bircher | Michael Constantine as Herbert Styron | Phyllis Love as Cele Orlatti | Eduardo Ciannelli as Vincent Orlatti | Ivan Dixon as Willie Williams | George Mitchell as Dave Michaels | Harold Gould as Bookkeeper | Adrienne Marden as Miss Gregory | Noam Pitlik as Edwards
Writer: Eliot Asinof

5 :01x05 - Degrees of Guilt

Cain hopes that a drug-addicted prostitute can help him bring down mobster Frank Andreotis.
Guest Stars: David Brian as Frank Andreotis | Janet Lake as Donna Andreotis | Eve McVeagh as Bunny | Patricia Crest as Lorraine
Director: Irvin Kershner
Writer: Paul Monash

6 :01x06 - King of the Mountain

Cain arrives in a small but wide open county in the Southwest to bring down Herman Coombs, the man who runs the show. But it's going to be easier said than done because Coombs has the town's police force in his hip pocket.
Guest Stars: Edward Andrews as Herman Coombs | Robert Duvall as Tom Nugent | Barbara Baxley as Clara Coombs | Milton Selzer as Lou Metzger | John Cliff as Sgt. Burdick | Jan Shepard as Karen | Joby Baker as Larry Delby | Paul Birch as Sheriff Phil Rainey
Director: Sydney Pollack

7 :01x07 - The Penitent

Narcotics kingpin Louis Strode appears to have gotten out of the business after the drug overdose of his son but Cain has his doubts and searches for evidence with which to get Strode indicted.
Guest Stars: Herschel Bernardi as Lou Strode | Mercedes Shirley as Katherine Strode | Will Kuluva as Benny Barber | Philip Abbott as Lt. Cahurn | Leo Penn as Larry Kramin | Philip Bourneuf as Gil Axley | Paul Lambert as Al Costain | Joe Turkel as Pusher in NIghtclub | Dabbs Greer as Willie Beal | Donna Douglas as Prostitute in Nightclub | Ted Knight as Agent Bone | Al Ruscio as Mobster | Stuart Nisbet as guest star | John Damler as guest star
Director: Buzz Kulik

8 :01x08 - Comeback

Cain's newest target is corrupt boxing czar Tom Larch but he has a hard time finding witnesses willing to testify against the man.
Guest Stars: Clifton James as Tom Larch | Paul Carr as Eddie Novack | Arch Johnson as Al Heldon | Bernie Hamilton as Willie Carter | Caren Lenay as Amy Novack | J. Pat O'Malley as Joe Stuhler | Norman Alden as Fred Jackson | Carmen Phillips as Brunette | Jeannie Carson as Blonde

9 :01x09 - Dead Load

Dock workers Wilt Farrell and Hank Conrad are lifelong friends but they move in different directions when Cain begins an investigation of waterfront corruption.
Guest Stars: Charles Bronson as Hank Conrad | Jack Lord (1) as Wilt Farrell | Harold Stone as Dave Braddock | Jacqueline Scott as Helen Conrad | Mary Munday as Irma Farrell | Robert J. Stevenson as Tommy Jackson | Allen Jaffe as Eddie | Howard Caine as Tony Arnelo | Nesdon Booth as Marty | Alan Dexter as Agent Williams | Bart Burns as Larry | Jack Perkins as Bill | Jimmy Casino (1) as Ernie
Director: Tom Gries

10 :01x10 - In the Balance

An examination of mobster Frank Neehan's records turns up the name Phillip Hallson--a federal judge to whom Neehan's case is suddenly transferred.
Guest Stars: Alexander Scourby as Phillip Hallson | Ray Walston as Manny Sterns | Myron McCormick as Cy Faring | Telly Savalas as Frank Neehan | Jack Kruschen as Ziegler | Mary Sinclair as Mrs. Hallson | Leonard Bell as Medalie | James Flavin as Arnie Kellwin | Anne Seymour as Viola Ashlow | Carole Eastman as Ann Rugoff | Amy Fields as Miss Serrano | David Lewis (3) as Martin Allard
Director: John Peyser

11 :01x11 - Five for One

Karl Biggers goes to a crime syndicate with an idea of concealing gold in jewelry and smuggling it across the border into Mexico. The syndicate likes his idea and cuts Biggers into the operation--but they kill his partner.
Guest Stars: Jim Backus as Karl Biggers | Joanna Barnes as Carol Tredman | Robert Ellenstein as James Condon/Ed Brady | Dee J. Thompson as Maggie Thompson | Jerry Paris as Harry White | Ludwig Donath as Saltzman | Robert Osterloh as Captain Frank Leslie | Ian Wolfe as Pop Parkson | Maura McGiveney as Secretary | Ron Soble as Charlie | Joe Dominguez as Paco |
Uncredited: Robert Bice as Border Patrol Agent
Director: Charles Haas

12 :01x12 - The Fixer

Cain tries to prevent a crooked sheriff from turning his entire county over to a crime syndicate to use as their base of operations.
Guest Stars: Pat Hingle as Sheriff Sam Cortner | Cloris Leachman as Kate Cortner | Henry Silva as Ray Riley | DeForest Kelley as Deputy Bob Tully | Roger Mobley as Cord Cortner | Don Hanmer as George Dedmon | Arthur Hanson as Al Prentiss | Berkeley Harris as Deputy John Lincoln
Director: Sydney Pollack

13 :01x13 - Cain's Final Judgement

Cain moves to expose a trucking czar who's in league with the Mob but once again discovers that potential witnesses are unwilling to talk.
Guest Stars: Sam Jaffe as Louis Specter | Paul Stewart (1) as Alexander Marish | Evans Evans as Lynne Roberts | Michael Dante as Danny Specter | Frank Maxwell as Walter Trenson | Herbert Rudley as Howard Arneg | Herman Rudin as Charlie Larson | Norman Fell as Frank Driscoll | John Alvin as Norman Reno | Alex Gerry as Oscar Perrin
Director: John Peyser
Writer: Mel Goldberg

14 :01x14 - The Plush Jungle

Racketeers plot to takeover a transportation firm and use it for their smuggling operations.
Guest Stars: John Larch as Ben Riker | Larry Gates as Zales Yoder | Vaughn Taylor as Harry Marstow | Ed Prentiss as Herbert Naywood | Kathryn Givney as Mrs. Yoder | Sheila Bromley as Helen Marstow | Robert Culp as Kurt Yoder | Harry Dean Stanton as Hood #1 | Dan Seymour as Milano | Gene Roth as Mobster | Richard Karlan as Wellman | Raymond Greenleaf as Ferguson | Laurence Haddon as Hood #2 | Tyler McVey as Eaton | Byron Morrow as Meyer
Director: Alvin Ganzer

15 :01x15 - Take a Number

Cain tries to persuade a bookkeeper to provide evidence against a numbers boss.
Guest Stars: Frank McHugh as Wilbur Morton | Martin Balsam as Jack Garsell | Alex Cord as Larry Rome | Ross Elliott as Lt. Spencer | Shirley Ballard as Jenny | Sandy Kenyon as Waldo | Harlan Warde as Jerome Van | Henry Wills as Henny | Troy Melton as Zack

16 :01x16 - The Debasers

Public relations man Phillip Collerane sets out to smear Cain because the attorney got his biggest client, pornographer Milt Bonner, indicted.
Guest Stars: Robert Vaughn as Phillip Collerane | Neville Brand as Milt Bonner | Marsha Hunt as Gloria Bonner | Marion Ross as Laura Harding | Fred Beir as George Harding | Bartlett Robinson as Foster Fallon | John Marley as Marcus | Ann Carroll (1) as Jean Gilbert | Susan Hart as Mrs. Collerane
Director: John Peyser

17 :01x17 - The Schemer

While visiting an old chum who's now district attorney of a rural county, Cain gets roped into defending a mobster on an assault charge. But it turns out that things were not quite as they seem on the night of the assault.
Guest Stars: Richard Kiley as Doug Crawford | Paul Richards as Bill Norman | Bert Freed as Dave Reed | Carolyn Kearney as Ann Burgess | Ford Rainey as Captain Amherst | Jack Hogan as Grand | Don Beddoe as Burgess | Jean Taylor as Nancy
Director: Robert Gist

18 :01x18 - The Manipulator

Cain suspects there's a link between a crime syndicate and a neo-Nazi hatemonger.
Guest Stars: Fritz Weaver as Martin Weir | George Voskovec as Willy Brauer | Sidney Blackmer as Joseph Callan | Jacques Aubuchon as Raymond Cruz | Arlene Martel as Anna Vargaray | Karl Held as David Brauer | Charles Aidman as Mike Ballantine | H.M. Wynant as Joe Anneau |
Uncredited: John Davis Chandler as Weir's Hood | Gene Coogan as Hot Dog Vendor
Director: John Peyser

19 :01x19 - Marked by Proxy

The man Cain believes is responsible for a murder has an ironclad alibi--he was locked up in jail.
Guest Stars: Oliver McGowan as Preston Luther | Gerald Hiken as Vic Fell | David McMahon (1) as Court Clerk | Pamela Duncan as Frances | Juanita Moore as Beatrice George | Leonard Nimoy as Ralph Tomek | Lee Farr as Harvey Dakes | Noah Keen as John Bernard | Regis Toomey as Judge Otto | Fay Spain as Enid Lazzo | Charles McGraw as Earl Clegg

20 :01x20 - Blood Money

Cain smells something rotten when he discovers that a big-time gambling boss is backing a reform candidate in an election for district attorney.
Guest Stars: Kathie Browne as Connie Agnew | Milton Selzer as George Forbes | Jean Allison as Eve Forbes | Don Rickles as Dave Malloy | Larry Blyden as Jay Adams | Everett Sloane as Sam Palmer | Ed Begley as Tully Johnson

21 :01x21 - Blues for a Junkman

Singer Norma Sherman is released from prison after serving a two year term for narcotics possession. She tries to stay clean but soon reverts to her old habits.
Special Guest Stars: Dorothy Dandridge as Norma Sherman |
Guest Stars: James Coburn as Arthur Troy | Joe Mantell as Maury Troy | Edward Asner as Dave Keller | Thomas Nello as Eddie | Larry Breitman as Steve Jethro | Sam Gilman as Lt. Gilman | Mittie Lawrence as Ann Beckett | Ivan Dixon as Joe Sherman | Edith Leslie as Matron | Corinne Cole as Maureen
Director: Robert Gist
Writer: Mel Goldberg

22 :01x22 - The New Order

Released from prison after a ten year stint, former loan shark Walter Hayes expects the syndicate to give him back his former territory. He finds out that things have changed. There's a new breed of mobsters who are running things and they have no place for him.
Guest Stars: Simon Oakland as Walter Hayes | Chris Robinson (1) as Jack Hayes | Anne Helm as Rita Vulner | Lin McCarthy as Peter Long | Jack Ging as Steve Strohm | Jesse White as Rudy | Harry Swoger as Vulner | Norman Grabowski as Milt Grey | Johnny Deerfield as Ziggy Marks | Gene Benton as Chris | Dodie Drake as Secretary
Director: Tom Gries

23 :01x23 - The Cost of Living

Cain's newest target is crooked bail bondsman Arnie Groat who set a man up to be murdered for syndicate bigwig Howard Judlow.
Guest Stars: Ed Nelson as Pete Stull | John Anderson as Ken Drake | Walter Slezak as Arnie Groat | David White (1) as Howard Judlow | Susan Oliver (1) as Kitty | Ned Glass as guest star | Penny Santon as Rose Groat
Director: John Peyser

24 :01x24 - Savage in Darkness

Mob boss Harry Remick plots revenge on the trucking firm owner who years before injured his optic nerve and stole his galpal. The injury is slowly causing Remick to go blind.
Guest Stars: Harold Stone as Marty Emson | Telly Savalas as Harry Remick | Barbara Eden as Terri Emson | Terry Becker as Julius Lenke | Denver Pyle as Captain Amos Trask | Gene Coogan as Jack | Eugene Iglesias as Pete Garcia
Director: John Peyser

25 :01x25 - The Swinger

Hank Shannon, a nightclub entertainer with Mob connections, is an old pal of Cain. He agrees to provide Cain with information about a Mob conference being held at the Las Vegas home of burned out mobster Marcus Jackson but Shannon might need Jackson's help to emerge with his hide in one piece.
Guest Stars: Robert Culp as Hank Shannon | Bruce Gordon (1) as Marcus Jackson | Zina Bethune as Lucinda Jackson | George Macready as James Harrison | Sammy Davis, Jr. as Himself | Jersey Joe Walcott as Big Joe
Director: Tom Gries
Writer: Robert Culp

26 :01x26 - Inside Track

A lobbyist in league with a mobster tries to prevent a bill to build a private horse racing track from passing the State Legislature.
Guest Stars: David Janssen as Dan Mullin | Bethel Leslie as Frances Olney | Lloyd Bochner as William Hillier | Kent Smith as Charles Dennis | Robert F. Simon as Leonard Yates | Bernard Fein as Ben Kilrea | Toni Gerry as Cora | Dick Whittinghill as John Telford | George Kane as George Crawford
Director: John Peyser

27 :01x27 - A Creature Lurks in Ambush

A son rejects the dying wish of his gambling czar father but his uncle won't let things go and gets him involved in a scheme to fix a basketball game.
Guest Stars: Ricardo Montalban as Vincent Pavanne | Keir Dullea as Alec Benson | Robert Blake as Rick Carter | Ted de Corsia as Big Ed Pavanne | Fredd Wayne as Marty | Stanley Clements as Bellboy | James Gavin as Coach | Leo Needham as Ritter
Director: Tom Gries

28 :01x28 - Woman of Silure

From his home of exile in Corsica, deported mobster Mike Colonni makes an attempt to re-enter the country.
Guest Stars: Madlyn Rhue as Margarita Safe | Jack Klugman as Mike Colonni | Perry Lopez as Nico Berengeri | Gavin MacLeod as Jean Douvain | Penny Santon as Madame Berengeri | Raoul De Leon as Fante | Zolya Talma as Madame Debruille | Carl Milletaire as Police Chief Mondial | Michael Enserro as Mouche | Jacquelyn Ravell as Nina
Director: John Peyser

29 :01x29 - The Left Side of Canada

Police suspect a businessman of involvement in several murders.
Guest Stars: Harry Guardino as John Maychin | Beverly Garland as Jeanette | Philip Abbott as Howard Douglas | Geraldine Brooks as Joanne Douglas | Doug Lambert as Johnny Douglas | Bruce Dern as Eddie Light | Ted Knight as Detective
Director: Robert Altman

30 :01x30 - The Quick Brown Fox

Ace crime reporter Pete Fleming, burdened by heavy gambling debts, sells out to the Mob.
Guest Stars: Alex Nicol as Pete Fleming | Pat Crowley as Holly Baker | Edward Binns as Captain Lemoyne | Anthony Caruso as Falco | Hugh Sanders as Roger Hove | Majel Barrett as Grace Newberg
Director: John Peyser
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 19, 1961
Ended: September 11, 1962
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