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Call of the Wildman

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 30/Oct/2011 The Turtles of Alcatraz Pond
2 1x02 06/Nov/2011 Dirty Jobs
3 1x03 06/Nov/2011 Groundhog Day
4 1x04 13/Nov/2011 Possum Poltergeist
5 1x05 20/Nov/2011 Fort Rattlesnake
6 1x06 20/Nov/2011 Turtle Boot Camp
7 1x07 27/Nov/2011 Trapped Underground
8 1x08 04/Dec/2011 The Snake Pit
9 1x09 11/Dec/2011 Nightmare at Poachers Pond
10 1x10 18/Dec/2011 The Bayou Beast
11 1x11 25/Dec/2011 Danger in the Distillery
12 1x12 25/Dec/2011 Dilapidated Death Trap

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
13 2x01 03/Jun/2012 Miner Threat
14 2x02 03/Jun/2012 Killer at Shaker Village
15 2x03 10/Jun/2012 Santa Claws
16 2x04 10/Jun/2012 Beehive Massacre
17 2x05 17/Jun/2012 Speedway Demons
18 2x06 24/Jun/2012 Hell Hog
19 2x07 01/Jul/2012 French Quarter Coyote
20 2x08 08/Jul/2012 Baby Mama Drama
21 2x09 15/Jul/2012 Jaws of Hell
22 2x10 22/Jul/2012 Trailer Park Stink Bomb
23 2x11 29/Jul/2012 Night of the Digging Dead
24 2x12 05/Aug/2012 Sawmill Slasher
25 2x13 19/Aug/2012 Tee'd Off Turtles
26 2x14 26/Aug/2012 Pig Wallow Predator
27 2x15 03/Sep/2012 Killer in the Cavern
28 2x16 03/Sep/2012 Fairground Fiasco

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
29 3x01 02/Jun/2013 Mama Llama Drama
30 3x02 02/Jun/2013 All Skunked Up
31 3x03 09/Jun/2013 Hook, Line and Snapper
32 3x04 09/Jun/2013 Cat Killer
33 3x05 16/Jun/2013 Deer Destruction
34 3x06 23/Jun/2013 Freddy Critter's Revenge
35 3x07 30/Jun/2013 12 Angry Pigeons
36 3x08 07/Jul/2013 Savage Stowaways
37 3x09 14/Jul/2013 Major League Menace
38 3x10 21/Jul/2013 Lured Into Danger
39 3x11 28/Jul/2013 Best Little Boar House in Texas
40 3x12 04/Aug/2013 Bat Hair Day
41 3x13 11/Aug/2013 Wild Receiver
42 3x14 18/Aug/2013 Ernie le’Pew
43 3x15 25/Aug/2013 Lone Stars and Stripes
44 3x16 02/Sep/2013 Viva Live Action!
45 3x17 08/Sep/2013 River Monster Mystery
46 3x18 15/Sep/2013 The Bull and the Beautiful
47 3x19 22/Sep/2013 Fur for the Course
48 3x20 29/Sep/2013 Don't Leave It to Beaver
49 3x21 06/Oct/2013 Get Otter My Pond
50 3x22 13/Oct/2013 Apocalypse Meow
51 3x23 20/Oct/2013 Mudzilla Attacks
52 3x24 27/Oct/2013 Halloween Spooktacular
53 3x25 03/Nov/2013 Smokey and the Bandit
54 3x26 17/Nov/2013 Unarmed and Dangerous
55 3x27 24/Nov/2013 The Crittersburg Address
56 3x28 01/Dec/2013 Snake Town Shakedown
57 3x29 08/Dec/2013 Chaos in Critter Cavern
58 3x30 12/Dec/2013 Turtleman Takes Manhattan
59 3x31 15/Dec/2013 Swine Dining

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
60 4x01 08/Jun/2014 Phantom Menace
61 4x02 15/Jun/2014 Snap 'n' Splash
62 4x03 22/Jun/2014 Bear Necessities
63 4x04 29/Jun/2014 Headless Horror
64 4x05 06/Jul/2014 Kneel Before Sod
65 4x06 13/Jul/2014 Troll in the Coal
66 4x07 20/Jul/2014 Ghost Town Gold Rush
67 4x08 10/Aug/2014 Fang Nabbit!
68 4x09 17/Aug/2014 Tough Cookies
69 4x10 24/Aug/2014 Trail Blazers
70 4x11 07/Sep/2014 Ticked Off
71 4x12 14/Sep/2014 Call in the Cavalry

S01 - #122/May/2012The "Beast" of Special7
S02 - #203/Jun/2012More Live Action!: Groundhog DayN/A
S02 - #303/Jun/2012More Live Action!: Trapped UndergroundN/A
S02 - #403/Jun/2012More Live Action!: Fort RattlesnakeN/A
S02 - #503/Jun/2012More Live Action!: Nightmare at Poachers PondN/A
S02 - #603/Jun/2012More Live Action!: The Bayou BeastN/A
S02 - #703/Jun/2012More Live Action!: Danger in the DistilleryN/A
S02 - #803/Jun/2012More Live Action!: The Turtles of Alcatraz PondN/A
S02 - #903/Jun/2012More Live Action!: The Snake PitN/A
S02 - #1003/Jun/2012More Live Action!: Possum PoltergeistN/A
S02 - #1103/Jun/2012More Live Action!: Dirty JobsN/A
S02 - #1203/Jun/2012More Live Action!: Turtle Boot CampN/A
S02 - #1303/Jun/2012More Live Action!: Dilapidated Death TrapN/A
S02 - #1421/Oct/2012More Live Action!: Miner ThreatN/A
S02 - #1521/Oct/2012More Live Action!: Killer at Shaker VillageN/A
S02 - #1628/Oct/2012More Live Action!: Santa ClawsN/A
S02 - #1728/Oct/2012More Live Action!: Beehive MassacreN/A
S02 - #1804/Nov/2012More Live Action!: Speedway DemonsN/A
S02 - #1904/Nov/2012More Live Action!: Hell HogN/A
S02 - #2016/Dec/2012More Live Action!: French Quarter CoyoteN/A
S02 - #2116/Dec/2012Holler Day Cheer8
S03 - #2201/Jan/2013More Live Action!: Miner ThreatN/A
S03 - #2322/Apr/2013More Live Action!: Jaws of HellN/A
S03 - #2422/Apr/2013More Live Action!: Baby Mama DramaN/A
S03 - #2529/Apr/2013More Live Action!: Trailer Park Stink BombN/A
S03 - #2629/Apr/2013More Live Action!: Night of the Digging DeadN/A
S03 - #2706/May/2013More Live Action!: Sawmill SlasherN/A
S03 - #2806/May/2013More Live Action!: Tee'd Off TurtlesN/A
S03 - #2913/May/2013More Live Action!: Pig Wallow PredatorN/A
S03 - #3002/Jun/2013More Live Action!: Killer in the CavernN/A
S03 - #3102/Jun/2013More Live Action!: Fairground FiascoN/A
S03 - #3209/Jun/2013More Live Action!: All Skunked UpN/A
S03 - #3309/Jun/2013More Live Action!: Mama Llama DramaN/A
S03 - #3416/Jun/2013More Live Action!: Hook, Line and SnapperN/A
S03 - #3523/Jun/2013More Live Action!: Deer DestructionN/A
S03 - #3607/Jul/2013More Live Action!: Cat KillerN/A
S03 - #3714/Jul/2013More Live Action!: Freddy Critter's RevengeN/A
S03 - #3821/Jul/2013More Live Action!: 12 Angry PigeonsN/A
S03 - #3928/Jul/2013More Live Action!: Savage StowawaysN/A
S03 - #4004/Aug/2013More Live Action!: Lured Into DangerN/A
S03 - #4111/Aug/2013More Live Action!: Best Little Boar House in TexasN/A
S03 - #4218/Aug/2013More Live Action!: Bat Hair DayN/A
S03 - #4325/Aug/2013More Live Action!: Wild ReceiverN/A
S03 - #4408/Sep/2013More Live Action!: Ernie le'PewN/A
S03 - #4515/Sep/2013More Live Action!: Lone Stars and StripesN/A
S03 - #4622/Sep/2013Turtleman Live8
S03 - #4729/Sep/2013More Live Action!: Major League MenaceN/A
S03 - #4806/Oct/2013More Live Action!: The Bull and the BeautifulN/A
S03 - #4913/Oct/2013More Live Action!: Fur for the CourseN/A
S03 - #5020/Oct/2013More Live Action!: Don't Leave It to BeaverN/A
S03 - #5127/Oct/2013More Live Action!: Apocalypse MeowN/A
S03 - #5227/Oct/2013More Live Action!: Get Otter My PondN/A
S03 - #5317/Nov/2013More Live Action!: Mudzilla AttacksN/A
S03 - #5424/Nov/2013More Live Action!: River Monster MysteryN/A
S03 - #5524/Nov/2013More Live Action!: Halloween SpooktacularN/A
S03 - #5601/Dec/2013More Live Action!: Smokey and the BanditN/A
S03 - #5708/Dec/2013More Live Action!: Unarmed & DangerousN/A
S03 - #5815/Dec/2013More Live Action!: Snake Town ShakedownN/A
S03 - #5922/Dec/2013More Live Action!: Holler Day CheerN/A
S04 - #6015/Jun/2014More Live Action!: Phantom MenaceN/A
S04 - #6122/Jun/2014More Live Action!: Snap 'n' SplashN/A
S04 - #6229/Jun/2014More Live Action!: Bear NecessitiesN/A
S04 - #6306/Jul/2014More Live Action!: Headless HorrorN/A
S04 - #6408/Jul/2014Turtleman's KentuckyN/A
S04 - #6513/Jul/2014More Live Action!: Kneel Before SodN/A
S04 - #6627/Jul/2014More Live Action!: Troll in the CoalN/A
S04 - #6710/Aug/2014More Live Action!: Ghost Town Gold RushN/A
S04 - #6817/Aug/2014More Live Action!: Fang Nabbit!N/A
S04 - #6924/Aug/2014More Live Action!: Tough CookiesN/A
S04 - #7025/Dec/2014Movie Night Turtleman & NealN/A

    Season 4 »
Classification: Reality
Genre: Action | Adventure | Family | How To/Do It Yourself | Animals/Pets | Talent | Outdoors/Wildlife
Status: Returning Series
Network: Animal Planet ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 30, 2011
Episode Order: 12
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