Call to Glory

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 13/Aug/1984 Pilot (1)
02 01x02 13/Aug/1984 Pilot (2)
03 01x03 20/Aug/1984 The Move
04 01x04 27/Aug/1984 Blackbird
05 01x05 03/Sep/1984 A Nation Divided
06 01x06 17/Sep/1984 Paper Tiger
07 01x07 24/Sep/1984 Go / No Go
08 01x08 01/Oct/1984 Call It Courage
09 01x09 08/Oct/1984 A Wind from the East
10 01x10 22/Oct/1984 A Moment in the Sun
11 01x11 29/Oct/1984 Cover Story
13 01x13 19/Nov/1984 The Wake
14 01x14 26/Nov/1984 Medals All of Brass
15 01x15 03/Dec/1984 A Wind of Change
17 01x17 15/Jan/1985 Moonchild
20 01x20 12/Feb/1985 Just in Time
21 01x21 30/Jun/1985 The JFK Years (1)