Series 4

32 :04x01 - That'll Be the Day

While on assignment in East Germany Callan is captured and sent to Russia by the KGB where he is ruthlessly interrogated.

In the meantime, the Department have put it around that Callan has died and they stage a funeral and arrange a burial with a coffin and a real body in it. The only people who know that Callan is still alive are Bishop and Hunter.

Lonely refuses to believe that Callan has died and starts making a nuisance of himself, but this is soon handled by the ruthless agent Cross. Cross and Stafford are told by Bishop to go and collect the KGB agent Richmond. It is Bishop who really values Callan and arranges for an exchange between Richmond and Callan. Hunter tells Callan that he did not want to lose Richmond, in effect telling Callan that he considers him expendible.

(Pictured at right is Russell Hunter as Lonely).
Guest Stars: Queenie Watts as Lonely's Auntie Ivy
Director: Mike Vardy

33 :04x02 - Call Me Sir!

Hunter No. Four is leaving the Department, and he and Bishop decide that Callan would be a good replacement. Very much against his will, Callan takes up his position as the new Hunter only to find that a red file exists with Lonely's name on it. There is also a hit out on Callan himself.

Callan hasn't seen Lonely since his time as a prisoner of the KGB. He tracks Lonely down and tries to arrange for him to leave the country with false papers, but the plan goes wrong. Fairly soon it becomes apparent that whoever is trying to kill Callan is using Lonely as bait.

(Pictured at right is Edward Woodward as David Callan).
Director: Mike Vardy

34 :04x03 - First Refusal

Callan, as the new Hunter, tells Bishop that he wants a Mobile Communications Facility, which is his way of describing Lonely behind the wheel of a taxi cab in communication with Headquarters. By this means Callan also manages to put Lonely onto the payroll of the Department.

A man called Kitzlinger contacts Bishop and Callan and tells them that he wants one hundred thousand pounds in return for a list of all the SIS Agents working behind the iron curtain. Callan agrees, as one of the agents' names has been released already, and this man, Bristac, was shot and wounded as he left East Germany.

Toby Meres is back from Washington. He poses as a KGB agent offering a similar amount to Kitzlinger on behalf of the Russians to establish whether Kitzlinger is genuine or not. In the end he and Callan discover that a woman named Myra Kessler is behind the whole scheme, but things are a bit more complicated than this.

(Pictured at right are Edward Woodward as Callan and Anthony Valentine as Meres)
Guest Stars: Martin Wyldeck as Kitzlinger | Coral Atkins as Myra Kessler | Christopher Owen as Bristac | Carl Bohun as Vopo Officer

35 :04x04 - Rules of the Game

Bishop tells Callan that a British official working in Moscow has been expelled as a spy, despite the fact that he isn't one. In return, Bishop says that they must expell a Russian embassy employee and they must harass one of them until he wants to go back.

The job of harassment is handed to Cross. The man is named Medov and he is the cultural attachee to Moscow with a wife and young daughter. In the end Medov cracks under the strain, and approaches Cross asking for asylum. He says that once you start being harassed you become suspect. While all this is happening, Medov's young daughter attacks Cross who accidentally strikes her over the head with his gun butt.

The girl ends up in a critical condition in hospital with brain damage.

(Pictured at right is Patrick Mower as Cross).
Guest Stars: Geoffrey Chater as Bishop | Virginia Stride as Alevtina | Mike Pratt as Medov | James Cossins as Neville Dennis | Verna Harvey as Danera | Philip Brack (1) as Vasyayev | Timothy Carlton as Kane | Shelagh Wilcocks as Matron | Joan Ogden as Hard Faced Woman
Director: Voytek
Writer: Ray Jenkins

36 :04x05 - If He Can, So Could I

SIS Agent Cross injures a fourteen year old Russian girl by accidentally hitting her on the head. She has sustained brain damage and lies paralysed in hospital.

Dr. Snell is certain that Cross is cracking up, and feels that Cross shouldn't go on any more jobs for the present. Callan, who controls the section, disagrees and sends Cross on a mission to guard a Soviet poet while Meres is employed following the Russian KGB assassin Borov. During the mission Borov attempts to kill the poet, and Cross is shot and killed.

When he hears that Cross has been killed, Callan breaks all the rules by going out on the job himself. He locates Borov and shoots him. Borov's last words are: 'He let me kill him'.

Callan is suspended from the job of Hunter by Bishop, and Dr. Snell tells him that Cross was really seeking a way out, and had committed suicide.

(Pictured at right is Edward Woodward as Callan with Russell Hunter as Lonely).
Guest Stars: Geoffrey Chater as Bishop | Peter Blythe as Trofimchuk | Andrew Burt as Foster | John Abineri as Cuthbertson | Clifford Rose as Dr. Snell | Morris Perry as Vadim/Burov
Director: Peter Duguid
Writer: Ray Jenkins

37 :04x06 - None of Your Business

After the Cross affair, Callan finds himself persona non grata around the department, being rejected first by Meres, then by Lonely and Liz, and he is suspended from all duties and fired from the position of Hunter by Bishop.

Deciding that he might as well take a holiday he asks for his passport but when this is denied him he gets in touch with Lonely, who has contacts who might be able to provide him with another. Callan finds himself involved in a forged passport affair in the course of which a young University student, Paul West, is murdered. British Intelligence is also involved in this matter.

Ultimately, a new Hunter arrives on the scene and things return to normal, with Callan back in the field with Meres.

(Pictured at right is Edward Woodward as Callan with Anthony Valentine as Meres and William Squire as Hunter).
Guest Stars: William Squire (2) as Hunter No. 4 | Brian Murphy as Reeves | Tony Selby as Lucas | Peter Eyre (1) as Paul West | Paul Williamson (2) as Stafford | James Walker (1) as Mealing | Wendy Hamilton as Stella | Donald Webster as Dorman | David Whitman as Black
Director: Voytek

38 :04x07 - Charlie Says It's Goodbye

James Palliser is a very rich man who wants to go and join his homosexual lover in Poland. Hunter tells Callan that it is not on, and that he is to stop this happening at all costs.

Komorowski commissions a young hitman by the name of Trent to look after Palliser. Secretly Komorowski wishes to defect, and this is why he has employed a relatively inexperienced youngster to look after such an important man and not a KGB officer.

Callan meets and falls in love with Susan Morris whose husband had committed suicide after coming under investigation by one of the security services. When Trent follows Callan to Susan's shop one day, Callan is for once unarmed, but kills Trent with a harpoon gun, to Susan's utter horror.
Guest Stars: Beth Harris as Susan Morris | Richard Morant as Trent | Dennis Price as James Palliser | William Squire (2) as Hunter No. 4 | John G. Heller as Komorowski | Alison Hughes as Shop Assistant
Director: Peter Duguid

39 :04x08 - I Never Wanted the Job

One evening while Lonely is moonlighting with the Department's taxi he picks up a fare and is horrified when one of the passengers, a well known gangster, is gunned down after being dropped off at his destination. Lonely becomes a hunted man, wanted by both the police and the underworld as the only witness to the incident.

In fear he turns to Callan who is furious that Lonely has used the taxi, or MCF (mobile communications facility), for commercial gain. However, it is Callan who must get Lonely off the hook and with the help of Meres the gangsters involved in the killing get a lot more than they had bargained for.
Guest Stars: John Levene as Harold | Paul Angelis as Steve | Frank Coda as Detective Sergeant | William Marlowe as Abbott | Valentino Musetti as Dollar | Ron Pember as Albert | Cleo Sylvestre as Tina | Frank Jarvis as Detective Constable | Robert Grange as Fred | Michael Deacon as Sunshine | Peter Hutchins as Driver
Writer: John Kershaw

40 :04x09 - The Carrier

Professor Peter Rose is an idealist, dreaming of a world where all scientists share their secrets regardless of Government. He proposes to sell British secrets to Russia via a man whom he met in Amsterdam. Professor Rose thinks that he is a harmless book-seller, but in fact he is a cold-blooded KGB executioner called Colonel Tamarish.

Callan and Lonely break into Professor Rose's cottage to photograph some of his documents, and everything goes well until Lonely pilfers a shiny silver ornament. Professor Rose notices it is missing and calls in the police. Embarrassingly for Callan, he and Lonely are arrested and Hunter must pull a few strings to have them released.

Colonel Tamaresh arrives in the UK and very quickly realises that the Police are following him. He lures two inexperienced young Officers into Epping Forest and murders both of them, before joining Professor Rose at his cottage.

Callan is sent to kill Tamaresh with as little fuss as possible. He carries out his job leaving a very shaken Professor Rose who will spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder.

Guest Stars: Peter Copley as Professor Peter Rose | Ralph Nossek as Colonel Tamaresh | Michael Turner as Detective Inspector Vanstone | Windsor Davies as Chief Superintendent Brown | Roy Herrick as Allan | Jean Rogers as Mary | Jeffrey Segal as Sir Charles Braden | Terry Wright as Police Constable Ballantine | Brian Vaughan (2) as Immigration Officer | Jay Neill as Police Radio Officer | Marc Boyle (1) as Chauffeur
Director: Jonathan Alwyn

41 :04x10 - The Contract

Callan, Meres and Lonely are using the taxi to observe the comings and goings of a man called Harcourt, a professional killer who has been hired to kill a Field Marshall.

Meres follows Harcourt but gets caught. Callan rescues him just in time, and it is then decided that Callan will impersonate Harcourt and find out as much as possible about the plan to kill the Field Marshall.

Callan sucessfully makes contact with the contractors, a girl called Kristina and a young hired assassin called Lafarge.

Guest Stars: Jane Lapotaire as Kristina | Robert Urquhart as Major Harcourt | Michael Pennington as Lafarge | Hugh Morton as Stephan | Bernadette Milnes as Vera

42 :04x11 - The Richmond File: Call Me Enemy

Soviet Agent Richmond has defected to the United Kingdom, and a debriefing session is set up at a large house just outside London. The debriefing is conducted by Callan, and it is secretly filmed by Hunter and agent Jarrow.

Richmond insists that he is not a traitor in the sense that he has not gone over to the British - he just wants to get out of the business and wants sanctuary. He offers the same sanctuary to Callan by suggesting that he should do the same by going to the Soviet Union. He says that in the spy business the people who kill you are always your friends.

Richmond makes a bit of trouble by suggesting that Meres is a corrupt double agent, and in the end Meres turns up at the house.
Guest Stars: William Squire (2) as Hunter No. 4 | T.P. McKenna as Richmond | Geoffrey Chater as Bishop | Paul Williamson (2) as Stafford | Brian Croucher as Jarrow | Charles Rea as Engineer | Peter Beton as Radio Announcer
Director: Bill Bain

43 :04x12 - The Richmond File: Do You Recognise the Woman?

Richmond is still on the loose. SIS have information that the KGB are interested in one of their agents, a woman called Flo who is presently serving 14 years in Wormwood Scrubs.

Callan removes Flo to a safe house, but she escapes and finds Richmond. Callan and Toby Meres track her down, but when they arrive they find that events have taken a tragic turn.
Guest Stars: Sarah Lawson as Flo | Cheryl Hall as Gladys | Bella Emberg as Warder
Director: Peter Duguid

44 :04x13 - The Richmond File: A Man Like Me

The KGB Agent Richmond is on the run. He manages to find a safe house with a sleeper, and stays there for some days. Callan and Meres track him down to this address, but find that he has already fled.

Eventually Callan and Richmond have a confrontation in a warehouse, and Lonely gets involved.
Guest Stars: T.P. McKenna as Richmond | Peter Sallis as Peter

Callan Feature Film (106 mins)

This film is a remake of the very first episode of 'Callan' - entitled 'A Magnum for Schneider' -

Callan is contacted by Hunter, for whom he had once worked in British Intelligence as a hired killer until he lost his nerve. His first job is to eliminate a gunrunner by the name of Schneider, who has been smuggling Magnum pistols and other armaments for terrorists.

Callan decides that it would be poetic justice to use a Magnum pistol to murder Schneider, and requests Lonely to get one for him.

He suspects, but is not absolutely sure whether he can trust Hunter not to betray him after he has carried out the killing.
Guest Stars: Edward Woodward as David Callan | Russell Hunter as Lonely | Eric Porter as Hunter | Catherine Schell as Jenny | Peter Egan as Toby Meres | Kenneth Griffith as Waterman | Veronica Lang as Hunter's Secretary, Liz. | Clifford Rose as Dr. Snell | David Prowse as Arthur | Don Henderson (2) as George | Nadim Sawalha as Padilla | David Graham as Wireless Operator | Yuri Borienko as Security Porter | Peter Symonds as Smart Security Man | Raymond Bowers as Shabby Security Man | Joe Dunlop as Policeman | Carl Möhner as Schneider | Michael da Costa as The Greek | Mollie Maureen as Old Lady in Street |
Uncredited: Jack Silk as Police Frogman | Tom Laughlin (3) as unknown
Director: Don Sharp

Wet Job (90 mins)

Callan has retired from the Department, runs his own military memorabilia shop called 'The Old Brigade' and is living with a woman called Margaret. Lonely has also moved on. He has a successful plumbing business and is engaged to be married.

But you are never retired when you work for The Department, and when Callan hears from the new Hunter that his services are required he discovers that a man named Hagggerty is writing a tell-all book which names Callan as a professional killer. Hunter tells Callan that it is a non-Departmental matter, and that it is between Callan and Haggarty. Callan enlists Lonely's aid, gets his magnum pistol out of storage at the bank and prepares to kill once again.

Guest Stars: George Sewell as Haggerty | Angela Browne as Margaret | Helen Bourne as Lucy | Hugh Walters as Hunter Number Five | Anthony Smee as Thorne | Milos Kirek as Dobrowsky | Philip Bird as Jebb | Donald Hoath as Radlett | Jeremy Gittings as Robin Miller | Josie Kidd as Mrs. Radlett | Phillip Manikum as Tim | Felicity Harrison as Liz No. 2 | Mark Draper as Young Man
Director: Shaun O'Riordan
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Premiere: July 08, 1967
Ended: May 24, 1972
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