Live Performance Show Week 6 - Recap

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Judges Sir Martin Short, Measha Brueggergosman and Stephan Moccio are back for another round of performances. Tonight Jack Ettlinger, Broken Dance, Laheeb Quddusi, Francelle & Matt, Aygul Memet, and Marianne Demers are going to perform for the public votes. Dina Pugliese comes out and says that this is the last night of the Semi-Final and there are only 2 more spots left. Measha says that the pressure is on and people voting at home need to think of who could actually win.

First up is Jack Ettlinger. He says that he was made fun of for being a singer, but he didn’t care. He says that he has something to prove tonight and wants to show them that he has a great voice. He comes out and sings. Afterward, Martin says that is spectacular at his age. He says that the level of talent is amazing. He says that he doesn’t know that he would be in the final. Stephan says that he agrees with Martin and says that he needs to make sure that he chooses the right key. He says that the key that he was in, it was a little flat. Measha says that Jack was stuck with the key and it wasn’t the best. She says that he will be going somewhere though.

Next up is Broken Dance. They say that Bollywood dance takes over their spirit. They say that the story is important to the dance and they have a great idea for a dance. They come out and dance. Afterward, Measha says that it is both impossible to watch the dance and not be happy. She says that it was great and really loved it. Martin says that they are joyful and it was great. Stephan says that he has to agree with Measha and Martin and says that they are impossible to hate because they made him pay attention to Bollywood dancing.

Next is Laheeb Quddusi. He says that he gets his best humor from the bathroom. He is going to do enough impressions in the 90 seconds. He comes out and does Kermit the Frog, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christopher Walken, Stewie Griffin, Joker, Batman, Quagmire, President Obama, and Eddie Murphy. Afterward, Martin says that he did a great job and hopes that people support him. Stephan says that it was brilliantly choreographed. Measha says that it is good to see that he took them from person to person and says that it was spot on.

Francelle & Matt are next. They say that they are a couple and they have a dream to be happy and sing. They come out singing “9 to 5”. Afterward, Stephan says that it was a great performance and says that this needs to be in the Finals. Measha says that they connect all the sentences and they couldn’t take their eyes off her and says that it was breathtaking. Martin says that he was glad that she didn’t yodel and says that they came out and it was great.

Aygul Memet is next up. She says that she escaped the circus to make a better life for herself. She says that she is going to be doing a candle act. She says that she will help her family if she wins and wants to show her talent. She comes out and does what she does best. Afterward, she gets a standing ovation from the judges. Measha says that there is a bar set and says that she is her favorite in this and says that she prays that people vote for her. Martin says that he is staggered and says that it was unbelievable. Stephan says that he really hopes that she will be able to bring her family to Canada and says that it was phenomenal and it was a great story.

Last for the evening is Marianne Demers. She says that she has been singing for 8 years and tonight she is going to sing a song by Queen and says that she is going to prove that she can rock it out. She comes out and sings “The Show Must Go On”. Afterward, she gets a standing ovation from Martin and Stephan. Martin says that at 15-years-old, she has an amazing voice. He says that she did a great job. Stephan says that she opened her mouth and it sounded so natural. He says that she has a world class pop voice. Measha says that she has a beautifully powerful voice and says that she will get more comfortable later and says that it was great. That is it for the performances. Next are the results!