Gopher Bash - Recap

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Luigi wants to teach the Cave People how to Farm, and when he tries, with Yoshi, he lets his appetite get the best of him, but it worked nevertheless. Koopa and Cheatsy are watching Luigi try to teach the Cave People and come up with an evil Scheme, to leave the Cave People with nothing, so that when they have nothing to eat, they have to come to Koopa.

After coming into close battle with many Pirahna Plants. Yoshi saves them by eating all the Pirahna Plants. But then picks up Cheatsy Koopa on the way. Cheatsy tells them that they will never see there crops again, the only way there going to eat, is by visiting Koopa Mart.

Luigi says (after Cheatsy runs away) that the Cave People have no food stored for the Winter, and that they have to go after them, and so they do. They eventually get the food back from Cheatsy (after a more than unusual Sing-and-Dance routine), and the day is saved.