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Koopa brings Television to Dome City. They may have thought that Koopa had turned a new leaf...but Koopa has put a Magikoopa in every Television set!

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x10
Airdate: Saturday November 16th, 1991

Writer: George Shea



Koopa needs to think of something new to deprive the Cave People of there dignity and sanity, and he knows exactly how to get to them, Television. When Koopa practically gives away the Television Sets, he puts a Magikoopa in every Television and tells the Cave People to go to the Dome and get Mario and Luigi...

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Episode Notes
This is the last time in the series Mario uses the Cape.

We learn in this episode that when they (Mario and Luigi) were back in Brooklyn, they got a major bill for a Speak-To-Santa hotline worth around: $1,295.31

Last appearances of Kooky and Kootie Pie Koopa in animation (currently), although they didn't have a speaking role in this episode.

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Episode Quotes
Mario: Hey, where's the remote?
Koopa: You'll have to get on the waiting list, it'll be a few thousand years.

Mario: Hmm… Ten coins down? Huh, that’s cheap!
Luigi: But a coin a minute, Mario? That’s gonna end up fast!
(There's a flashback, and Mario and Luigi appear as Mario looks at a piece of paper)
Luigi: Remember that trouble we got into in that speak to Santa hotline back in Brooklyn?
(Mario gasps in surprise)
Mario: Phone bill?! Amount due: $1,295.31?!
(he faints and the flashback ends)

Episode Goofs
When Mario and Luigi hit the Canva's when they are getting beaten by the Tyrano Twins they swap Caps and Overall's for a scene.

At the wrestling scene when the camera faces yoshi and the princess entering the ring, the big green dino is on top of Mario with his knees on the floor, but when the camera angle changes, the big green dino's butt is now instantly on top of Mario's legs.

Cultural References
Mario: I want my Rock TV!
Mario's line refers to MTV's old catchphrase, "I Want My MTV".

Mario: Hey, maybe we'll see you on PBS!
This is a reference to Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood, because it airs(ed) on PBS now.

Bowser: On Rock TV, friends, you can watch all kinds of wonderful shows. Great shows like "Mr. Koopa's Neighborhood"!
As Bowser says this line, he dresses up like Mr. Rogers, the main person on PBS's then-uncancelled show, "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood".

Koopa: With stars like Vanilla Ice Age!
Koopa dresses up as one of the guys from Vanilla Ice as he says this line. Back in 1991, Vanilla Ice had performed the song "Ninja Rap" in the second Ninja Turtles movie.

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