Mama Luigi - Recap

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When Yoshi has to go to bed, he tells Luigi to tell him the story about when "Luigi find Yoshi, and Yoshi rescue The Princess". When Mario, Luigi and Peach got to Dinosaur World, Koopa Footballers take the Princess, Mario was attacked by a Magikoopa, and Luigi found himself, face to face, with a Fire Sumo.

After many Adventures, they (Luigi and Yoshi in the Yoshi Egg) land on an Island. Mario says that Koopa took Princess Peach to the Koopa Neon Castle, and they go to the Castle to rescue Princess, when there looking for a power up, Yoshi runs away and Luigi and Mario have an adventure finding him.

While looking for Yoshi, they run into King Koopa who gets enemies to take care of the Mario Bros, but Yoshi eats the enemies. Eventually Yoshi gets the key to the Princess by stealing it out of King Koopa's hand. And the episode ends of with Yoshi falling asleep.