Sakura Avalon used to be a normal girl, until she opened a mysterious book in her father's study. Then she accidentally unleased 51 cards of varying powers and a little talking animal tells her that it is her duty to recapture them. With her best friend providing cute outfits, Sakura embarks on a journey to capture these powered cards. Soon she gains a rival to help capture them.

After capturing the cards, Sakura soon had to prove her right to own them by facing Yue. She earned that right, but she has to put the cards under her seal, or else their powers will die out.

Opening song:

[Wind, Rain, Shadow, Wood, Sword, Thunder, Power, Sleep
Cardcaptors of the Clow,
Expect the unexpected now!]
The secrets of the Clow,
Were all a mystery,
But when this mighty book was opened,
The powers was set free,

A mystic adventure
A quest for all times.
Each card possesses the power of it's own
We got to find them to bring the power home...

[Wind, Rain, Shadow, Wood, Sword, Thunder, Power, Sleep
Cardcaptors of the Clow
Expect the unexpected now!]
A mystic adventure
A quest for all times
Cardcaptors, Cardcaptors!

NOTE: this guide reflects the US dub. Understandably it was dubbed differently in other countries, but this is for U.S. reference.

Episode Info

Final: 2x22 -- Revelations (2) (Dec/14/2001)

Sakura nad her friends confront Eli as to why he caused all the trouble for Sakura.
Carly McKillipCarly McKillip
voiced Sakura Avalon
Maggie Blue OMaggie Blue O'Hara
voiced Madison Taylor
Rhys HuberRhys Huber
voiced Li Showron
Samuel VincentSamuel Vincent
voiced Julian Star/Yue
Tony SampsonTony Sampson
voiced Tori Avalon


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2x18: The Vanishing Act recap: The high school class is making a film, which has a scene that is similar to Tori's confrontations to Julian. Ruby invites Sakura to join in. Julian is getting weaker each day, and at times is almost see thru. While filming at Eli's class, Julian passes out and falls off a balcony. Luckily Sakura uses the Windy to save him. Tori locks himself in the room where Julian is resting and confronts him once and for all.
Yue tells Tori how he and Julian are in grave danger of vanishing entirely and Tori offers him his own powers. Yue tells Tori that he'll tell Julian about himself.
Later after the premeir of the movie, a strange acurance happens in a fun house room created by the seniors. Sakura uses the Illusion and Maze cards together and discovers that Eli is the cause of all this, but Eli wipes that from her mind after she passes out... read more.

2x12: Double Trouble recap: After coming home from cchecking on a distrubance at the park, keroberos and yue discoverthat they are unable to return to their borrowed forms. Sakura lets them stay in her room while she figures this out. Kerobero's shouts of frustration nearly gets them cought by Tori but Sakura was able to get him to leave.
As its Sakura's turn to do the chores, she decides to get Keroberos to help, but not Yue. That eventualy gets on keroberos's nerves and he tries to throw a bag of flour at him, but Sakura stops him and the flour ends up all over Keroberos. Nw Sakura has to figure out how to wash him when he sugests to use the Bubble card like Clow Reed did. When Sakura returns to the kitchen she discovers that Yue cleaned up the mess made by Keroberos.
Sakura then goes to the fridge to see a package that was delivered earlyer, it was a crab. It gives her the idea to use the Sheild card to block what ever magic is affecting the two of them and it works.
That night Kero makes a comment that only Clow Reed had the power to block their transformation, but he's gone from this world...right?.. read more.

2x11: Trouble at the Park (aka A Whole Flock of Trouble) recap: Sakura finds it strange on how she found Clow's seal with in the giant teddy she fought the other night, and after a breif visit from Yue, she senses a distrubance at the park. The Penguin King slide has been moved, leaving a large hole in its place. When Sakura tries to discover why, she gets burried under a large amount of stuffed sheep. She decides to use the Erase card to save herself, then the Power card to cover the hole... read more.

2x6: The Final Judgement (3) recap: Sakura is reluctant in fighting Yue, as he is also Julian. She mainly avoids his ice crystal and arrow attacks. She soon gets the idea to use Wood, a very gentle spirit. THat turns out to be a mistake as aparently Yue has control over that element. Using his arrows, he turns the card against Sakura and tells her that she failed and she wil live in a world that the Clow magic never existed in.
After spending a day in a world with no magic, Sakura feels extremely down. Soon she hears voices and the tone of a familiar bell and wakes up standing next to Ms Makenzie. She explains that Clow Reed's bell was left to her to give the master a second chanse should they fail the Final Judgement. Sakura transforms her staff and all the cards go to her. She uses the Windy card at yue and he is surprised to be over taken, as he can control that one as well. Sakura explains to him that she doesnt want to be his master, just friends... read more.

2x5: The Last Card (2) recap: Sakura uses the Sleep card to put everyone alseep, and everyone but Li, Kero and Ms Makenzie collapse. Sakura tries to find a way to stop Earthy, but it roves to be very dificult ans Earthy is the most powerful of the 4 elemental spirits. But eventualy she uses wood to subdue the spirit and captures the card. When she lands she finds a strange lion wearing armor where Kero was, and it turns out that this is Kero's true form, only being revealed once the Fire and Earth elements are ruinited.
Soon, once everyone reuintes at the temple, Julian transforms himself and calls himself Yue and calls Li and Sakura out to prove themselvs worthy. He beats Li effortlessly. Now its Sakura's turn...... read more.

Staff Writer: Dave Doré
Script Coordinator: Hiroshi Ishii, Jiro Kaneko, Ageha Ookawa
Art Department: George Peter Gatsis

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Anime | Adventure | Children | Fantasy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: WB ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: June 17, 2000
Ended: December 14, 2001
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