Charles in Charge

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
101 05x01 30/Dec/1989 Summer Together, Fall Apart
102 05x02 06/Jan/1990 Get Thee to a Nuttery
103 05x03 13/Jan/1990 Three Dates and a Walnut
105 05x05 27/Jan/1990 There's a Girl in My Ficus
106 05x06 03/Feb/1990 Judge Not Lest Ye Beheaded
108 05x08 17/Feb/1990 Paper Covers Rock
109 05x09 24/Feb/1990 Child Hoods
110 05x10 03/Mar/1990 Advice and Contempt
111 05x11 28/Apr/1990 Daffy Doc
112 05x12 05/May/1990 Buddy Flips a Disc
114 05x14 19/May/1990 Don't Rock the Vote
115 05x15 26/May/1990 Let's Quake a Deal
116 05x16 02/Jun/1990 Up Your IQ
117 05x17 09/Jun/1990 All That Chaz
118 05x18 25/Aug/1990 Frankie and Mommy
119 05x19 01/Sep/1990 Lost Resort
120 05x20 08/Sep/1990 Dead Puck Society
121 05x21 15/Sep/1990 La Cage Aux Fools
122 05x22 22/Sep/1990 Teacher's Pest
123 05x23 20/Oct/1990 Almost Family
124 05x24 27/Oct/1990 Seeing Is Believing
125 05x25 03/Nov/1990 Fair Exchange
126 05x26 10/Nov/1990 Charles Be DeMille

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