Season 3

03x?? - 'Gator Time

The Swamp Shack in Portland is our first stop where we wrestle with Alligator Jambalaya and an equally mean Bread Pudding. Next we cruise into Miami for something big, spicy and full of flavour at The Latin Burger truck. Then in Santa Monica we have a date with The Shrimp Pimp sampling their delicious Po Boy Sandwich and Drunken Shrimp Taco. Last up, we drive to South Carolina for an Italian feast at Strada Cucina.

Source: The COOKING Channel

22 :03x01 - Authentically Austin

Chuck is in Austin and checks out the food on Lamar Boulevard.

23 :03x02 - Phoenix Feasting

The show takes a look inside the food scene of Camelback Road in Arizona.

24 :03x03 - Minneapolis Melting Pot

Chuck makes his way to Manny's Tortas on Lake Avenue in Minneapolis.

25 :03x04 - Houston Goes Global

Chuck samples crispy ribs with sorghum mustard glaze at Underbelly and red snapper with squash and cabbage at Osteria Mazzantini.

26 :03x05 - Hudson Valley Hot Spot

Chuck is in Rhinebeck, New York which has a population of less than 3,000 people but dozens of delicious eateries.

27 :03x06 - Boy Meets Birmingham

Chuck tries an ice cream sandwich at Dreamcakes and enjoys a kale and egg salad tartine in Birmingham.

28 :03x07 - Little Osaka, a Lot of LA

Chuck learns cooking tips from the owner of Mizu 212. Plus he learns how to make authentic sushi at Bar Hayam.

29 :03x08 - Music City Meals

The show pays a visit to Nashville's up-tempo food scene on 8th Avenue.

30 :03x09 - Mountain State Surprise

West Virginia has divine scenery, and the tiny town of Lewisburg, deep in the Allegheny Mountains, has some pretty heavenly cooking, too. Chuck explores it all on the town's main drag, a stretch of U.S. Route 60 that's known as Washington Street. His first stop is at Stella's Tea House where he digs in to Chef Samantha Hall's sticky toffee pudding, filled with ginger, and topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Next, he visits a historic landmark that dates back to 1778. Greenbriar Resort, home to golf, falconry, skeet shooting, nine restaurants, and Chef Bryan Skelding, who prepares a 14oz veal chop with cheddar grits and fresh veggies.

Source: The COOKING Channel

31 :03x10 - Vancouver Cool

Vancouver has grown from a rough-and-tumble sawmill and seaport into one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The epicenter of fashion, sidewalk society, and a lot of really good food is on Robson Street. Chuck's first stop is at Forage, where Chef Chris Whittaker features fresh, local seafood, like BC's chum salmon. He smokes the collar and pairs it with local pickles and edible flowers. Next, Chuck ventures into an izakaya, a Japanese pub with a killer kitchen. At Hapa, chef Tomoki Yamasaki shows Chuck how to prepare spicy pork ishi-yaki, which features rice, minced pork, and veggies in a hot stone bowl with an egg on top.

Source: The COOKING Channel

32 :03x11 - A Canadian Goes Cajun

Acadiana - Louisiana's Cajun country - seems like its own nation. It has a flag, language, customs, and a cultural capital, the city of Lafayette. Here on Pinhook Road, tradition runs deep, but Chuck visits chefs both young and old who are spicing it up with new points of view. At Jolie's Louisiana Bistro, Chef Greg Doucet fries up fried fish heads and teaches Chuck about the difference between Creole and Cajun heritage. Deli by day, restaurant by night, Bread & Circus Provisions is where Chef Manny Augello's mad charcuterie skills lead Chuck to chow down on a bowl of ramen with miso broth, pork rib, and pickled quail egg.

Source: The COOKING Channel

33 :03x12 - No Place Like Pittsburgh

Year after year, Pittsburgh tops the surveys as America's most livable big city. The greatest steel town the world ever knew is characterized by cool old neighborhoods, beautiful views, friendly people, and a food renaissance. Chuck starts his tour of Penn Avenue at Meat & Potatoes where native son Richard DeShantz pays homage to his hometown's culinary roots with updated comfort food like pot roast with horseradish gremolata. Chuck's next stop is at Penn Avenue Fish Company where chef Henry Dewey runs a wholesale fish market and eatery specializing in - what else - seafood! He uses the belly of a yellowfin tuna to make a barbecued tuna sandwich with guacamole and sweet potato chips.

Source: The COOKING Channel

34 :03x13 - Planet Portland

The food culture in Portland, Ore., is famous for being casual, quirky and totally amazing and Chuck checks out the good food on Division Street. Despite the notorious rain, chuck finds sunshine in the Monte Cristo sandwich with an egg on top at Chef Jenn Louis' Sunshine Tavern. At Sen Yai, Chef Andy Ricker specializes in mythbusting Americans' view of Thai food. Next, Chuck stops in at Woodsmen Tavern to sample chef Andrew Gregory's lamb skewers with romesco and pea salad. Chuck's last stop is at Block + Tackle, where chef Robert Lucas makes delicious old-fashioned Oregon seafood dishes like crispy fried cod sandwiches with tartar sauce and brioche buns.

Source: The COOKING Channel