Season 1

1 :01x01 - Journey to a Hanging

Crown reluctantly lets a hot-tempered and unpredictable cowboy nicknamed "the Screamer" join his posse in pursuit of outlaw Ace Coffin and his gang.
Guest Stars: John Saxon as The Screamer | Nacho Galindo as Bartender | Walt La Rue as Pike Landusky | Thomas A. Sweet as Max Stuhldreyer | Bill Hart as Kid Slaughter | Ed McCready as Drummer | Jason Johnson as Storekeeper | George Keymas as David Penny | William Bramley (1) as Whiskey Jack | Shug Fisher as Smitty | Henry Silva as Ace Coffin | Michael Strong (1) as Latch | Rex Holman as Van Winger | Gregg Palmer as Rocky | Robert Sorrells as Bill Vincent | Roy Barcroft as Salesman | Margarita Cordova as Saloon Girl | Richard Hudkins as Red Bates | Richard Farnsworth as Dusty Rhodes

2 :01x02 - The Legend of Jud Starr

Right before he's scheduled to hang, outlaw Jud Starr's gang busts him out of jail. Crown vows to track Starr down and trails him to a place known as the Cherokee Outlet.
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Captain Bragg | Darren McGavin as Jud Starr | Ken Del Conte as Bart Green | Jack Braddock as Sheriff | Beau Bridges as Billy Joe Shaw | Roy Jenson as Bob Agnew | Barbara Luna as Roseanne Todd | Ken Renard as Henry Youngblood | Kelly Thordsen as Moose O'Hara | Roy Barcroft as Lawman | Lew Brown as Deputy #1 | Scott Hale as Sam | Percy Helton as Ezra Jones | Tom McDonough (1) as Deputy #2 | Regis Parton as Deputy #3 | Ford Rainey as Marshal Tillman | Warren Vanders as Ham Kaylor | Al Wyatt as Cal Dunaway

3 :01x03 - Broken Wing

The son of a wealthy cattle baron goes on a drunken spree in Cimarron City when he shoots a preacher and burns down a livery stable but when the preacher recovers from his wound he refuses to press charges against the young man.
Guest Stars: Karl Swenson as Dr. Kihlgren | Al Wyatt as Case | Joel Fluellen as Porter | Steve Forrest as Wiley Harper | Larry Gates as Kilgallen | Pat Hingle as Mike McQueen | Arch Johnson as Parson Endicott | Tim O'Kelly as Jing McQueen | Warren Vanders as Thatch | Royal Dano as Matthew Mark Lukenjohn | Harry Harvey as Railroad Agent
Director: Sam Wanamaker

4 :01x04 - The Battleground

The government sends Marshal Jim Crown into the region of the Oklahoma territory known as the Cimarron Strip in order to quell a growing dispute between settlers and cattlemen.
Guest Stars: David Cross (2) as First Farmer | R.G. Armstrong as William Payne | Andrew Duggan as Major Ben Covington | Warren Oates as Mobeetie | Telly Savalas as Bear | Robert J. Wilke as Hardy Miller | L.Q. Jones as Barnes | John Milford as Wooley | Bob Folkerson as Second Settler | Carol Henry as Second Man | Zack Banks as First Settler | Arthur Bernard as Conductor | Joe Ferrante as First Man | Ross Dollarhyde as Second Farmer | Link Wyler as Orderly | Natividad Vacio as Clego | Seymour Cassel as Spock | Buff Brady as Wallant | John Hudkins as Chalk | Richard Farnsworth as Benefiel | Hal Needham as Yewcic
Director: Don Medford

5 :01x05 - The Hunted

When two brothers, wanted for a killing, turn themselves into Marshal Crown, they become the targets of bounty hunters because of the $15,000 price on their heads.
Guest Stars: James Gregory as Buckman | Vic Tayback as Joe Mulady | Richard Angarola as Padre | Arthur Batanides as Woods | David Carradine as Gene Gauge | Dennis Cross as Aaron | Bill Fletcher as Harline | Joel Fluellen as Bartender | Steve Ihnat as Felix Gauge | Ton Palmer as Booth | Charles Wagenheim as Prospector
Director: Alvin Ganzer

6 :01x06 - The Battle of Bloody Stones

A Wild West show hits Cimarron City and their main attraction features a re-enactment of the Battle of Bloody Stones. This re-enactment and the way they are portrayed angers the Native Americans in the area.
Guest Stars: Michael J. Pollard as Bert | Karl Swenson as Dr. Kihlgren | Elisha Cook as Spud | Gene Evans as Wildcat Gallagher | Roy Glenn as Foreman | James Hampton as Sam | Richard Lapp as Little Crow | Tom Nardini as John Wolf | Hank Patterson as Old Will | Richard X. Slattery as Max | Robert Viharo as Tom Viharo | Henry Wilcoxon as Ghost Wolf | George Cisar as Storekeeper

7 :01x07 - Whitey

A young outlaw escapes from Crown's custody and takes Dulcey hostage.
Guest Stars: James Almanzar as Rosario | John Anderson as Arn Tinker | Russ Bender as Mort | Fred Coby as Ramey | Peter Kastner as Whitey | Michael T. Mikler as Beau Tinker | Paul Sorenson as Freight Agent | Glen Vernon as Carpenter | Robert Williams (1) as Sheriff Macklin | Meg Wyllie as Miss Becker | Robert J. Folkerson as Posse Member | Bobby Clark (1) as Messenger | Zack Banks as Gus | Jack Braddock as Bartender

8 :01x08 - The Roarer

A soon to be retired cavalry sergeant finds himself an anachronism in the rapidly changing West.
Guest Stars: Rayford Barnes as First Trooper | Richard Boone as Sgt. Bill Disher | Robert Duvall as Joe Wyman | Ed Flanders as Arliss Blynn | Med Flory as Newton | Ed McCready as Second Trooper | Morgan Woodward as Walter Forcey | Jack Braddock as Bartender | Mike Howden as Third Cavalryman | John McKee (1) as Second Cavalryman | Erwin Neal as First Cavalryman | Ollie O'Toole as Congressman Burnett | Stuart Anderson as Trooper Eldredge | Peter Brooks as Spencer

9 :01x09 - The Search

Crown tries to keep a killer's outlaw family from rescuing him before he goes to trial.
Guest Stars: Joseph Cotten as Nathan Tio | Martha Scott as Mrs. Kihlgren | Amzie Strickland as Mrs. Andrews | Bud George as Dickie Vardeman | Jonathan Goldsmith (1) as Kerwin Vardeman | Charles Seel as Ruckles | Harry Lauter as Wisler | James Gavin as Herald | Jerry Summers as Lou Vardeman | L.Q. Jones as Lummy | Richard O'Brien (2) as Ben Lorton | Zalman King as Strawdy Vardeman | Arthur Hanson as Andrews

10 :01x10 - Till the End of Night

Acting Deputy Marshal McGregor trails a fugitive gunman to Texas where he ends up sentenced to hang for murder. His only hope of escape lies with a female prisoner.
Guest Stars: Clifton James as Sheriff Jack Hawkes | Suzanne Pleshette as Sara Lou Burke | Eddie Quillan as Guard | Morgan Jones (1) as Deputy | Harry Dean Stanton as Luther Happ | Victor French as Rafe Coleman | James Beck (2) as Jake | James Nusser as Judge Padgett | Forrest Burns as Wagon Driver | Karen Arthur as Ruby | D'Urville Martin as Messenger | Mary Gregory as Farm Damsel | Jack Braddock as Bartender | Charles P. Thompson as Bullwhacker
Director: Alvin Ganzer

11 :01x11 - The Beast That Walks Like a Man

After a wagon train is destroyed, Crown enters a valley that's reputedly haunted by a malevolent beast.
Guest Stars: Lola Albright as Stacy Houston | Paul Carr as Morgan Houston | Simon Oakland as Joshua Broom | Leslie Nielsen as Rowan Houston | Royal Dano as Walking Man | Kerry MacLane as Davey Houston | Karl Swenson as Dr. Kihlgren | Woody Chambliss as Oliver Wheelwright | Athena Lorde as Charity Wheelwright | Christopher Held as Cox Houston | Gail Kobe as Johanna Houston | Jim Cook as Storekeeper | Fletcher Bryant as Jacob Shields | Larry Larsen as Bart Houston
Director: Charles Rondeau

12 :01x12 - Nobody

Two thieves trick a slow-witted cowboy named Mobeetie into trying to kill Marshal Crown while he's hauling a wagon load of dynamite out of town.
Guest Stars: Hal Smith as Harvey | Karl Swenson as Dr. Kihlgren | Bill Zuckert as Josiah Cooke | Al Wyatt as Archie Foss | Jack Perkins as Tucker | Tommy Lee (2) as Chinese Servant | Robert Karnes as Bart Hazlett | Clyde Howdy as Cooper | Joe Haworth as Seth | Tony Epper as Dave Kerny | Davis Roberts as Hanson | Jerry Brown (2) as Hutchins | Warren Oates as Mobeetie | William Watson (2) as Burke Stegman | Ken Swofford as Christie | Anne Barton as Sarah | Vince Barnett as Willy | Ted Gehring as Sutter | Richard Bakalyan as Colly Sims | Johnny Jensen as Rusty
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: Ellis Marcus

13 :01x13 - The Last Wolf

A band of hunters, no longer able to find enough wild game to earn a living, begin taking out their frustrations on cattlemen and homesteaders alike.
Guest Stars: Read Morgan as Jess Daley | Denver Pyle as Charley Austin | Albert Salmi as Sam Gallatin | Robert J. Wilke as Hardy Miller | Morgan Woodward as Bill Henderson | Stanley Clements as The Kiowa Kid | Lane Bradford as Brom | John Pickard (2) as Carl Kersey
Writer: Preston Wood

14 :01x14 - The Deputy

Bo Woodward plots revenge on the members of his former gang who left him for dead after a payroll robbery. His plan begins when he convinces Marshal Crown, who's unaware of Woodward's past, to give him a job as a deputy.
Guest Stars: Marj Dusay as Zena | J.D. Cannon as Bo Woodward | Lyle Bettger as Tate | Larry Pennell as Rapp | Gregg Palmer as Buford | Tom Brown (1) as Sheriff Phillips | Burt Mustin as Ruckles | William Tannen as Sergeant
Director: Alvin Ganzer
Writer: Hal Sitowitz

15 :01x15 - The Judgement

Crown appoints an unemployed cowboy as deputy marshal of a nearby town. The new deputy is then put to the test by some of his former cronies.
Guest Stars: David Bailey (1) as Arthur | Solomon Sturges as Sandy | Kipp Whitman as Jerry | Don Keefer as Bolt | James Stacy as Joe Bravo | Burr deBenning as Emmett Lloyd | Leonard Stone as Judge Gilroy | G.D. Spradlin as Kermit | Charles Dierkop as Smitty | I. Stanford Jolley as Bellow
Director: Robert Butler

16 :01x16 - Fool's Gold

When thieves rob the Cimarron City bank of an Army payroll in the amount of $56,000, a horse trader gets in the way of their escape.
Guest Stars: Robert Lansing as Darcy | Slim Pickens as Malachi Grimes | Karl Swenson as Dr. Kihlgren | Robert Random as The Kid | William Bramley (1) as Fargo James | Harry Harvey as Railroad Agent | Fred Coby as Prison Guard | Joshua Bryant as Lieutenant

17 :01x17 - Heller

Marshal Crown is nursed back to health by a young orphan girl after being wounded by an outlaw gang.
Guest Stars: Jason Wingreen as Mr. Glass | Tuesday Weld as Heller | Morgan Woodward as Logan Purcell | Robert Phillips (1) as Matt Sherman | Bobby Clark (1) as Ab Colburn | Randy Lane as Randy

18 :01x18 - Knife in the Darkness

After two women are brutally stabbed to death, Marshal Crown is faced with the very real possibility that notorious British serial killer Jack the Ripper is now plying his trade in Cimarron City.
Guest Stars: David Canary as Tal St. James | George Murdock as Bladgey | Karl Swenson as Dr. Kihlgren | Jennifer Billingsley as Josie | Philip Carey as Kallman | Jeanne Cooper as Pony James | Tom Skerritt as Enoch Shelton | Ron Soble as Shadow Feller | Grace Lee Whitney as guest star
Director: Charles Rondeau

19 :01x19 - Sound of a Drum

Two Army sergeants clash which leads to a court-martial for one of them.
Guest Stars: Steve Forrest as Sgt. Clayton Tyce | Gerald S. O'Loughlin as Sgt. Major Chambers | John Milford as Corporal Watkins | Rayford Barnes as Bains | Harry Carey, Jr. as Riley | Lloyd Gough as Captain Bragg
Director: Gerald Mayer
Writer: Sy Salkowitz

20 :01x20 - Big Jessie

On the trail of an outlaw, Marshal Crown is ambushed and has his badge taken from him. He's later mistaken for the outlaw and has to fight off a bounty hunter and a lynch mob.
Guest Stars: Mariette Hartley as Jessica Cabot | Donnelly Rhodes as Bill Baylor | Eddie Hodges as Bud Baylor | Richard O'Brien (2) as Chandler | Timothy Carey as Lobo | Burt Mustin as Peters | Jack Elam as Moon

21 :01x21 - The Blue Moon Train

A wily ex-con, out to free a trainload of his old prison buddies, tricks Marshal Crown into stopping the train in a ghost town.
Guest Stars: Broderick Crawford as Joe Lehigh | Kevin Hagen as Dum Dum | Don 'Red' Barry as Elza Kedge | Robert Foulk as Ragan | Norman Leavitt as Hobo
Director: Gerald Mayer

22 :01x22 - Without Honor

Crown and an Army major set out to apprehend the major's son who deserted his Army unit and joined an outlaw gang.
Guest Stars: Andrew Duggan as Major Ben Covington | Jon Voight as Bill Mason | Chester Morris as George Deeker | Don Pedro Colley as Cully | James Davidson (1) as Jack Smith | Paul Mantee as Bardeen
Director: Robert Butler

23 :01x23 - The Greeners

A wealthy cattleman commits a murder and the testimony of fearful sodbusters is needed to convict him.
Guest Stars: Olan Soule as Hendricks | Mark Lenard as Jared Arlyn | Peter Jason as David Arlyn | Shug Fisher as Pinky | Dub Taylor as Owley | Robert Sorrells as Whit | Tom Brown (1) as Charlie Ives | Harry Lauter as Youngston | Gregg Palmer as Webber | David Brian as Turner
Writer: Hal Sitowitz
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Premiere: September 07, 1967
Ended: September 19, 1968
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