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Season 2

35 :02x01 - A Safe Combination

Lt. Grant investigates when a supposedly burglarproof safe is broken into and robbed.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Corrigan as Shoreham | Jorja Curtright as Cynthia

36 :02x02 - Why Should the Beautiful Die?

A member of a wealthy family receives an extortion note.
Guest Stars: Onslow Stevens as Cable | Russell Johnson as Stocker | Sally Fraser as Emily | Peggy Converse as Jane

37 :02x03 - Sixteen Vertical

A crossword puzzle contains a valuable clue to the solution of a murder.
Guest Stars: William Bishop (1) as Martin | Doris Packer as Florence

38 :02x04 - Midnight Supper

A businessman finds himself the victim of a blackmail plot involving a woman with whom he ate dinner.
Guest Stars: Howard Wendell as Bidell | Laura Elliott as Mary | Ross Elliott as Horster

39 :02x05 - The Gift Shop

The setting shifts from New York to the hinterlands of Mexico as Lt. Grant pursues the smugglers who murdered the estranged husband of a gift shop owner.
Guest Stars: Mary Field as Reba | Dona Drake as Francesca

40 :02x06 - Her Sister's Keeper

The police probe a strange cult at the request of the sister of one of its members.
Guest Stars: Lawrence Dobkin as Sahili | Rachel Ames as June | Andrea King as Cecilia | William Chandler as Wes

41 :02x07 - The Horn That Blew Too Long

The continued blowing of a car horn awakens most of a neighborhood. Then it's discovered that a young woman's dead body leaning against the horn is the cause of the noise.
Guest Stars: Russ Conway as Clemson

42 :02x08 - Too Many Grooms

A seemingly frivolous woman gets herself involved in a murder.
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Hardy | Thomas Browne Henry as Myles | Mabel Albertson as Lucy

43 :02x09 - A Dead Heat

A jockey finds himself in a love triangle with the wife of his boss. Things get even more complicated when she turns up murdered.
Guest Stars: Richard Karlan as Mike | Doug Keyes as Smith | Harry Hickox as Bennett | Stanley Clements as Willy

44 :02x10 - Drop Coin Here

A man carrying a large sum of cash and valuable jewels purchases a life insurance policy at the airport seemingly minutes before he's scheduled to board an airplane. Hours later the man's dead body is discovered in an alleyway near a hotel.
Guest Stars: Andrea King as Helen Valentine | Ruth Lee as Mrs. Patman | Harry Harvey as L. K. Nash | Paul Frees as Griffin | Tom Greenway as Albert C. Valentine | Tim Graham (1) as Maypole | Joseph Corey as Ronnie | Joey Forman as John Cromwell | Marc Hamilton as Detective
Director: John English

45 :02x11 - The Lady in the Beautiful Frame

A phony newspaper sent to a couple reminds them of an event they would rather forget.
Guest Stars: John Doucette as Baxter | Olan Soule as Man | Marie Windsor as Mary | Louis Jean Heydt as George

46 :02x12 - Police, Watch My House

Responding to a call, police find a reportedly empty house that's filled with people.
Guest Stars: Tom Greenway as Walter | Peggy Knudsen as Denise | Donald Curtis as Davis | Paul Cavanagh (1) as Garrison

47 :02x13 - Thirteen O'Clock

A college student mysteriously disappears shortly after a clock on campus mysteriously chimes thirteen times.
Guest Stars: Thomas Browne Henry as Dean | Christian Drake as Addis

48 :02x14 - Baby in the Basket

A baby found in the basement of a house located in a resort town holds the key to a murder committed there.
Guest Stars: Harvey Stephens as Kruger | Mike Connors as Massey

49 :02x15 - In Sickness and in Stealth

A down on his luck man finds a wallet filled with money. Needless to say, this discovery also brings him a load of trouble.
Guest Stars: Sidney Armus as Frank | Joan Camden as Betty | Ann Savage as Natalie

50 :02x16 - A Girl's Best Friend

Lt. Grant investigates when a scheming blonde woman turns up murdered.
Guest Stars: Carolyn Jones (1) as Alene | Onslow Stevens as Baldwin

51 :02x17 - Desert Ice

Lt. Grant tracks a prison escapee from New York to California's Mojave Desert.
Guest Stars: Ross Elliott as Mitch | Andy Clyde as Pop | Sandra Stone as Evie

52 :02x18 - Bad Night in Lover's Lane

In order to catch a Lover's Lane bandit, Lt. Grant mans a stakeout post there.
Guest Stars: Virginia Gibson as Marta | Chick Chandler as Martin | Sam Gilman as Thorsen | Joanne Jordan as Nancy

53 :02x19 - The Perfect Disguise

The murderer of a cigarette girl apparently used a nearly perfect disguise.
Guest Stars: Hayden Rorke as Galloway | Richard Garland as Conroy | Tol Avery as McAdams | Phil Tully as Hickey | Angie Dickinson as Cigarette Girl

54 :02x20 - The Hypnotic Wife

A murder has apparently been committed by a woman in a deep hypnotic trance.
Guest Stars: Vivi Janiss as Sheila | Joe Allen, Jr. (1) as Denwood | Walter Reed as Sam | Pierre Watkin as Davis | Lucille Knox as Floss

55 :02x21 - Trouble in Toyland

Cornered by the police, a gang of robbers takes a little girl hostage.
Guest Stars: Chuck Connors as Sam | Veda Ann Borg as Hazel | James Flavin as Steiner | Jonathan Hale as Kane | Cheryl Callaway as Trudy

56 :02x22 - Hearts and Flowers

Lt. Grant heads up the investigation into the murder of a confidence man.
Guest Stars: Fess Parker as Tony | Eve Miller as Katherine | Hayden Rorke as Bender

57 :02x23 - The Derelict

Lt. Grant searches for a missing derelict in the skid row area of the city.
Guest Stars: Richard Hale as Snider | Wally Brown (1) as Brother | John Alderson as Hill

58 :02x24 - Baby Needs Shoes

Lt. Grant investigates the murder of a gambler who made one wager too many.
Guest Stars: Philip Ober as King | Virginia Ann Lee as Baby | Janet Shaw as Helen

59 :02x25 - Goodbye Old Paint

Lt. Grant receives a frantic phone call from a famous artist that someone wants to kill him. Upon arrival at the man's home the detective finds that someone has accomplished the task.
Guest Stars: Wilton Graff as Hiram Starbuck | Gladys Holland as Lenore Consuelo | Lawrence Ryle as Victor DeRosa | Vera Miles as Carol Martin | Robert Bray as Sgt. Larry Carter
Director: John English

60 :02x26 - Come Back, Little Witness

A couple flees to Nevada without repaying a debt to a crime syndicate. Lt. Grant tries to track them down before the Mob does.
Guest Stars: Whit Bissell as Joe | Dorothy Green as Tandy | Roy Barcroft as Nelson

61 :02x27 - The Highest Bidder

Lt. Grant investigates when stolen fur coats are sold at an auction house.
Guest Stars: Rand Brooks as guest star | Earle Hodgins as Auctioneer | Tol Avery as Sam Dill | Paul Dubov as Harry Phipps | Lyn Thomas as Miss Miller | Lewis Bedell as guest star

62 :02x28 - Man Down, Woman Screaming

A woman flees the scene of a murder committed by her angel eyed boyfriend and takes refuge in the apartment of a man who bears a strong resemblance to Bart Maverick. The man soon finds himself being held hostage by "Angel Eyes" and brother Bret won't be coming to his rescue.
Guest Stars: Beverly Garland as Jeanne | Jack Kelly as Tom Arthur | Lee Van Cleef as Hardman | Frank Ferguson as Hickey | Tom Daly as guest star

63 :02x29 - Found in a Pawnshop

The only clue in the disappearance of an ex-serviceman's wife is a charm bracelet found in a pawnshop.
Guest Stars: Robert McQueeney as Pierce | J. Pat O'Malley as Abel | Joanne Davis (1) as Doctor's Wife

64 :02x30 - The Beautiful Miss X

Lt. Grant tries to discover the true identity of a hot chick who's suffering from amnesia and gets himself up to his eyelids in mistaken identity and attempted murder.
Guest Stars: Lynn Bari as Cynthia | Walter Reed as Hewitt | Paul Langton as Phillip | Marguerite Chapman as Rose
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: 1953
Ended: 1955
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