Season 4

130 :04x01 - Trial by Fire

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Guest Stars: Forrest Tucker as Chips Murphy | Linda Darnell as Helen Randall | Harry Townes as Don Randall | Malcolm Brodrick as Eddie | Byron Foulger as Frank
Writer: Dick Stenger

131 :04x02 - The Secret of the Red Room

A seriously ill man, visiting a young woman he once befriended, discovers that his health has begun to improve after being placed in a red room in the young woman's home.
Guest Stars: Michael Rennie as Lorenzo | Anna Maria Alberghetti as Kate | Judith Evelyn as Nurse Helm | Una Merkel as Maud | Arthur Franz as Franco | Robert H. Harris as guest star
Story: Mary Loos | Teleplay: Charles Larson

132 :04x03 - Necessary Evil

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Guest Stars: Lon Chaney, Jr. as Old Man Hawley | Margaret O'Brien as Angie Hawley | Dewey Martin as Tom Coulter | Victor Jory as John Coulter
Director: Buzz Kulik

133 :04x04 - Along Came a Spider

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Guest Stars: Ruth Hussey as Alice Moore | Leif Erickson as Richard Moore | Don Dubbins as Chris Baker | Natalie Trundy as Sally Moore | Jeanette Nolan as Mrs. Barker

134 :04x05 - Jacob and the Angels

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Guest Stars: Gig Young as Edgar Holt | Eva Gabor as Elissa Carlton | June Lockhart as Irene Mitchell | Otto Kruger as Judge Mitchell | Hugh Marlowe as Hunter | Keye Luke as Chen

135 :04x06 - Mask for the Devil

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Guest Stars: Nita Talbot as Esther Gardener | Steve Forrest as Tom Gardener | Jan Sterling as Audrey Caldwell | Paul Stewart (1) as Paul Crichton

136 :04x07 - The Largest City in Captivity

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Guest Stars: Franchot Tone as Kurt Baumann/Scott Malone | Viveca Lindfors as Lisa Muller | Lilia Skala as Madame Muller | Otto Waldis as Emile | Kurt Kasznar as Lustig | Hans Conried as unknown
Director: Buzz Kulik
Writer: John Vlahos

137 :04x08 - Tunnel of Fear

Drama about the lives and struggles of men who build underground tunnels.
Guest Stars: Jack Carson (1) as Eugene Skinner | Buddy Ebsen as Gaffney | Leora Dana as Rose Skinner | Darryl Hickman as Joe Skinner | Robert Ellenstein as Dr. Bernstein | James Flavin as Hogan | Sue George as Ann
Director: Paul Nickell

138 :04x09 - Keep Me in Mind

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Guest Stars: James Dunn as Warren | Marisa Pavan as Ginny | Johnny Desmond as Mike Owens

139 :04x10 - Two Tests on Tuesday

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Guest Stars: John Drew Barrymore as Herm Farley | Susan Oliver (1) as Pat Farley | John Baragrey as Dr. Frank Monk | Julie Adams as Coleen

140 :04x11 - A Matter of Life and Death

A man believes he is responsible for a murder and his galpal tries to help him prove his innocence.
Guest Stars: Ralph Meeker as Alex Hill | Betsy Palmer as Connie | Bradford Dillman as Fletcher | Tina Louise as Maxine | Janis Paige as Barbara
Director: Robert Stevens

141 :04x12 - Murder Has a Deadline

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Guest Stars: Eddie Albert as David Adams | Constance Ford as Harriet Adams | Harry Bellaver as Inspector Matthews | Isabell Jewell as Actress

142 :04x13 - The Devil's Brood

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Guest Stars: Angela Lansbury as Judith Bradford | John Ericson as Cameron Lacey | Stephen McNally as Clark Rulman | Torin Thatcher as Fred Beresford | Peter Whitney as Peter Chubo
Writer: Al C. Ward

143 :04x14 - Hurricane Diane

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Guest Stars: Brian Keith as Sam Pryce | Jeffrey Hunter as Phil Aubry | Vanessa Brown as Marian | Beulah Bondi as Countess | Noah Beery, Jr. as Reverend Hall | Jan Merlin as Roy Turner
Writer: Sam Gruskin

144 :04x15 - To Walk the Night

On Christmas Eve, a police detective pursues a prowler who has murdered several women.
Guest Stars: Richard Boone as Ed Brooks | Walter Matthau as Charlie Mapes | Mary Anderson (1) as Julie Brooks | Judith Evelyn as Evelyn | George Tobias as Sgt. Levy
Director: Buzz Kulik

145 :04x16 - Shadow of a Memory

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Guest Stars: Ann Todd as Jane Palmer | Alex Nicol as Michael Patterson | Harry Townes as Harry Collier | Marguerite Chapman as Kitty

146 :04x17 - Scream in Silence

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Guest Stars: Anne Francis as Mary Bellison | Skip Homeier as Dr. Landry | Betty Field as Calle | William Talman as Detective | Sidney Blackmer as Frank Bellison

147 :04x18 - Thieves of Tokyo

An undercover man in Tokyo finds himself falling for a pretty Japanese dancer while on the trail of a black market ring. Needless to say, this doesn't sit well with his American galpal.
Guest Stars: Dewey Martin as Steve Hammond | Everett Sloane as Joseph Nezumi | Karen Sharpe Kramer as Jan Cooper | Michi Kobi as Aiko Nezumi

148 :04x19 - Sound of the Moon

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Guest Stars: Vera Miles as Jan Michaels | Hoagy Carmichael as Jazzman | Royal Dano as Doctor | Ray Danton as Co-Pilot

149 :04x20 - Burst of Fire

The theft of an antique cross involves three brothers: a priest, the thief, and the police detective assigned to the case.
Guest Stars: Dennis Weaver as Steve Maclyn | Sally Forrest as Nina | Richard Garland as Jamie Maclyn | Joe Mantell as Father Maclyn

150 :04x21 - Four Hours in White

When twin brothers are injured in a motorcycle accident a surgeon must perform a dangerous operation to save their lives.
Guest Stars: Steve McQueen as Henry Reeves/Anthony Reeves | Dan Duryea as Dr. Dennis Sullivan | Ann Rutherford as Ann | Eduard Franz as Dr. Skinner | Gloria Talbott as Susan Anders | Rusty Lane as Policeman | Don Keefer as Orderly

151 :04x22 - The Secret Love of Johnny Spain

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Guest Stars: James Best as Shag | Terry Moore as Julie | Gene Raymond as Grady Lederer | Audrey Totter as Anna Lederer | Conrad Nagel as Diamon | Johnny Desmond as Johnny Spain

152 :04x23 - Albert Anastasia, His Life and Death

Dramatization about the life of Albert Anastasia who was dubbed "the Lord High Executioner of the Underworld."
Guest Stars: Don Ameche as Sam Waterman | Eli Wallach as Albert Anastasia | Ted de Corsia as Big Joe | Doe Avedon as Alice Peters

153 :04x24 - The Thief With the Big Blue Eyes

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Guest Stars: Lew Ayres as Bob Kilgore | Betty Furness as Ann Kilgore | Michel Ray as Urchin

154 :04x25 - So Deadly My Love

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Guest Stars: Ralph Meeker as Griff Griffith | Kim Hunter as Lynn Griffith | Scott McKay as Tim Hampden | Shepperd Strudwick as Father
Director: Buzz Kulik

155 :04x26 - The Great World and Timothy Colt

An ambitious young attorney finds his legal ethics tested as he rises in his firm.
Guest Stars: Don Taylor (1) as Timothy Colt | Cloris Leachman as Anne Colt | Margaret Hayes as Eileen Shelton | Milburn Stone as Dale | Edward Andrews as George Emlen
Writer: Mel Goldberg

156 :04x27 - On the Take

A police lieutenant is assigned to ferret out corruption in the District of Columbia police department.
Guest Stars: Paul Douglas as Lt. Todd Thoman | Nehemiah Persoff as Lt. Cal Nourse | Marian Seldes as Betty | Steve Brodie as Bert Hendricks | Katharine Bard as Rose
Writer: Ellis Marcus

157 :04x28 - The Volcano Seat

An RAF flight lieutenant tries to gain the confidence of his American crew members while on an in-air refueling mission.
Guest Stars: Michael Wilding as MacKenzie Barton | Albert Salmi as Lt. Irwin Nichols | Patricia Cutts as Sharon Barton
Director: David Swift (2)

158 :04x29 - Shooting for the Moon

An aeronautical engineer and his staff are given a seemingly impossible deadline to determine whether or not a newly developed nose cone will work.
Guest Stars: John Forsythe as Frank Colby | Dick York as Gordon Bates | Bethel Leslie as Jessica Colby | Alexander Scourby as Eric Betzdorff | Robert Armstrong as Barney Farrell

159 :04x30 - The Deadly Tattoo

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Guest Stars: Peter Graves (1) as Steve Baxter | Anne Francis as Teddy Baxter | Henry Silva as Slayer | Anna May Wong as Mayli
Director: Paul Nickell
Story: Evan Hunter | Teleplay: Oliver Crawford

160 :04x31 - The Big Success

A successful businessman realizes too late that his mistakes have caused seemingly irrepairable harm to the rest of his family.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Harris (1) as Fritz Weiser | Scott Brady as Matt Beldon | Marilyn Erskine as Eve Rathvon | Ed Begley as Harry Rathvon | Richard Garland as Gil Rathvon
Story: Ian Gordon

161 :04x32 - The Disappearance of Daphne

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Guest Stars: Mona Freeman as Cynthia Crane | Ray Danton as Eric Bartholomew | Elaine Stritch as Kristie Crane | Irene Papas as Maxine York | Eduardo Ciannelli as Papa Raoul
Writer: Robert Blees

162 :04x33 - Time of the Hanging

When a cattleman's younger brother is sentenced to hang for the murder of a homesteader, he takes the sheriff and his wife hostage to exchange for his brother.
Guest Stars: Lee Marvin as Mannon Tate | William Shatner as Ben Tate | Marsha Hunt as Julie Brennan | Harry Townes as Sheriff Will Brennan | John Litel as Judge
Director: Buzz Kulik

163 :04x34 - The Push-Button Giant

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Guest Stars: Barry Nelson as Dick Milton | Martha Hyer as Vi Johnson | Everett Sloane as Max Brewster | Bob Sweeney as Johnny Gregg | Barbara Nichols as Gale Benson
Director: Paul Nickell

164 :04x35 - Spider Web

On a buying trip near the Mexican border, a wealthy cattleman is mistaken for a peasant by a pretty young damsel who gives him five dollars to pick up a package for her. Amused by the incident, he agrees to perform the errand.
Guest Stars: Fernando Lamas as Jose Aragon | Rita Moreno as Francesca | Shai K. Ophir as Spider | Dina Merrill as Iris Farrar | Herbert Anderson as Devlin
Director: Buzz Kulik

165 :04x36 - House of Doubt

A woman begins to fear for her own life when she takes a job caring for the child of a man whose wife just died under mysterious circumstances.
Guest Stars: Vera Miles as Janet Reese | Stephen McNally as Steve Corbett | Patricia Medina as Liz Burdock | Gene Reynolds as Hank | Elizabeth Patterson as Mrs. Garr

166 :04x37 - Cabin B-13

A woman's husband disappears on their honeymoon cuuise along with the fortune he received as a wedding gift from her. When the damsel reports his disappearance to the captain she's informed that there's no record of either her or her husband as passengers.
Guest Stars: Kim Hunter as Ann Brewster | Barry Sullivan as Dr. Edwards | Alex Nicol as Robert Brewster | Hurd Hatfield as Morini | Sebastian Cabot as Captain Wilkins
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 07, 1954
Ended: June 26, 1958
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