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Serial Killer In Florida; Child Molester’s Easy Sentencing - Recap

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Police in Daytona have sent out an alert that what they consider a serial killer is apparently keeping appointments. Three women, killed just weeks apart in the last two months, appear to be victims of the same vicious murderer. While the police are not giving a lot of details, they are warning the public to be more aware than they might usually be. What they are saying is that their profile indicates a male with stresses in his life. Wow. That narrows it down. However, this guy relieves stress by shooting women. All the women have been shot. Currently, the FBI, the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement), the homicide unit of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department and investigators out of Daytona are all working together on achieving a quick end to this case.

The public is livid with the sentence given a convicted child molester by superior court judge John McCann. He fines this predator just $500 and requires an anklet on him, but he’s right back out there, on the streets, enjoying his life even after stealing the childhood of his victims.