Codename: Kids Next Door

Codename: Kids Next Door

Codename: Kids Next Door was created by Tom Warburton, who designed the characters, as well as the characters for Pepper Ann. This series is the spin-off of the extremely-short-lived Kenny and the Chimp. The series was supposed to feature a kid named Kenny, who had a chimp as a pet. The Kids Next Door were virtually the kids who lived next door, and got Kenny and his chimp in trouble. The series survived only one episode before it was cancelled, but Cartoon Network liked the Kids Next Door, and spun-off that series to make Codename: Kids Next Door.

Hundreds of butt-kicking kids called the Kids Next Door are on a mission to save the world from evil. In this world, adults are the enemies and kids are geniuses inventing amazing 2x4 technology. Each Kids Next Door operative has a number.

One particular section of the army, Sector V has 5 of the best operatives ever. There is,
Numbah 1- Nigel Uno, The team leader who carries a distinguishable, upper class British accent
Numbah 2- Hoagie Gilligan, the funny and wise technology officer
Numbah 3- Kuki Sanban, the sweet little medical officer girl who loves cuddly toys,
Numbah 4- Wallabe "Wally" Beatles, who is aggressive though a little slow and never says die
Numbah 5- Abigal "Abby" Lincoln, the sneaky, cool, second-in-command girl operative who knows how to do solo missions better than anyone else.

Join the gang in hilarious missions, battling adults in every way they can to restore kid order to the universe. Codename: Kids Next Door is shown on Cartoon Network every day of the week.

Episode Info

Final: S06-Special -- The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door (Oct/19/2007)

When Billy uses Grim's Scythe to cut his way out of some pants, it triggers a series of events that lead to Mandy gaining complete control of a certain secret organization known as The KND
Benjamin DiskinBenjamin Diskin
voiced Numbah 1, Numbah 2
Lauren TomLauren Tom
voiced Numbah 3
Dee Bradley BakerDee Bradley Baker
voiced Numbah 4
Cree SummerCree Summer
voiced Numbuh 5


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Recurring Guests

Dee Bradley Baker as Big Badolecence , MR.Fibb (33 eps)
Tom Kenny as Kenny , Mr. Wink (19 eps)
Jeff Bennett as Mr. Fizz, & Soda Patrol Member (16 eps)
Daran Norris as Dad , Count Spankulot , Sgt. Sensible (16 eps)
Grey Griffin as Laura Limpin (15 eps)
Jennifer Hale as Computer , Mom , Major Mrs. manners (12 eps)
Cree Summer as Heli Teacher (12 eps)
Tara Strong as Willard (9 eps)
Frank Welker as Professor Triple Extra Large, Chimpy (9 eps)
Candi Milo as Salmonella Fitzgerald (9 eps)

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