The infamous German prisoner of war camp Oflag IVC, better known as Colditz, was supposed to be escape proof and was used by the Germans to imprison renegade British, French, Polish and Dutch prisoners during the Second World War. 'British' in this context includes prisoners from Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand,Canada and Africa as all of these countries made up the British Empire.

Based on the memoirs of Colditz Castle escapee Major Pat Reid, who also acted as Technical Adviser to the show, Colditz was a psychologically tense and dramatic series which portrayed the many attempted escapes from the castle, and also examined the relationships between the Germans and their prisoners. The show was ahead of its time in that it did not present the Germans as being simply bad. Rather, the Kommandant of Colditz was sympathetically portrayed as being a gentleman with a lot in common with his opposite number, Lieutenant Colonel Preston, head of the British contingent of POW's. There was no overt jingoism in the story. Instead it attempted to show both the German and allied sides of the story, with special emphasis on the pressures which the German Wermacht were under from the Gestapo, who had ambitions to run Colditz themselves.

The castle itself takes on a claustrophobic character of its own, with its many passageways, tunnels, barred windows and locked doors. Only with the arrival of the second series of Colditz and the advent of the sadistic S.S. Major Mohn was the evil of the Gestapo introduced into the story.

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Final: 2x13 -- Liberation (Apr/01/1974)

The war slowly comes to an end, with the allied prisoners and the Germans gradually forming a united front against threats from the advancing Russian army and the SS. The castle is bombed by allied forces who are not aware of its true nature, and all the inhabitants gather together in the cellars with this threat drawing them closer together.

Ultimately the Americans free Colditz, and the Kommandant surrenders to them. He and Colonel Preston realise that nobody has won anything out of the war.
Anthony ValentineAnthony Valentine
As Major Horst Mohn
Bernard HeptonBernard Hepton
As The Kommandant
Christopher NeameChristopher Neame
As Lieutenant Richard Player
David McCallumDavid McCallum
As Flight Lieutenant Simon Carter
Edward HardwickeEdward Hardwicke
As Captain Pat Grant
Hans MeyerHans Meyer
As Hauptmann Franz Ulman
Jack HedleyJack Hedley
As Lieutenant Colonel John Preston
Paul ChapmanPaul Chapman
As Captain George Brent
Richard HefferRichard Heffer
As Captain Tim Downing
Robert WagnerRobert Wagner
As Flight Lieutenant Major Philip Carrington


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2x9: Senior American Officer recap: Three very senior American officers are captured and brought to Colditz. All have been working for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), and one of them is Major Carrington who had earlier made a successful escape from Colditz... read more.

2x7: French Leave recap: It is Easter, 1943 and the war is going badly for the Germans in North Africa, with Rommel recalled from there by Hitler. The British and the French hear this news via a radio which the French have assembled and hidden in their quarters... read more.

2x4: The Guests recap: Three British Commandos have been captured by the Gestapo, and brought secretly to the gaol in Colditz town, which comes under the jurisdiction of Colditz Castle... read more.

2x3: Odd Man In recap: Captain Coty from the French contingent approaches Simon Carter and tells him that a system of safe houses and contacts is in place all the way across occupied Europe to assist the allies in their escapes. The only problem is that they don't have the relevant names and addresses in Colditz. Captain Coty asks Simon whether he has any contacts in England who might be able to help, as all the addresses of the safe houses are kept by British Intelligence. Simon can only think of his wife Cathy... read more.

2x2: Ghosts recap: It is the middle of winter in Colditz and the men have been regaling one another with ghost stories. One in particular, about a priest's hole, captures the imagination of Simon Carter, the new Escape Officer, and he gets the idea of hiding 'ghosts' in hiding places around the Castle. These ghosts would be men who would vanish from Colditz for periods of weeks, worrying the Germans who would think that they had escaped. The real escapes would take place weeks later, after the hue and cry had died down, thus giving the men valuable time in which to really escape from Colditz... read more.
Recurring Guests

Lawrence Davidson as Captain Coty (4 eps)
Dan O'Herlihy as Lieutenant Colonel Max Dodd (4 eps)
Geoffrey Palmer as Camp Doctor (3 eps)
Donald MacDonald (2) as Padre (3 eps)
Desmond Jones as German Lieutenant (3 eps)
John Herrington as Starsarzt (3 eps)
Jeremy Higgins as Lieutenant Vaugrard (3 eps)
James Hayes (1) as Lieutenant Paddy Moore (2 eps)
Michael Harding (1) as Dutch Officer (2 eps)
Anthony Jacobs as General Rawicz (2 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Military/War
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: BBC one ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Premiere: October 19, 1972
Ended: April 01, 1974
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