Series 2

16 :02x01 - Arrival of a Hero

It is three weeks after the escape and there has been a shake up at Colditz.

A new second in command has arrived. He is Major Horst Mohn of the SS, and he is out to make as much trouble as possible. He takes a dislike to Simon Carter mainly because he is jealous of Carter's loving relationship with his wife Cathy.
Guest Stars: Anthony Valentine as Major Horst Mohn | Peter Hager as General Schartzel | James Hayes (1) as Lieutenant Paddy Moore | Hugh Martin (1) as Censor
Director: Terence Dudley
Writer: N.J. Crisp

17 :02x02 - Ghosts

Simon Carter is the new Escape Officer. He gets the idea of concealing men in Colditz as 'ghosts' in order to confuse the Germans about exactly how many men are in the castle at the one time.

The first hiding place is under the pulpit in the Chapel at Colditz and the first two volunteers to be 'ghosts' are Dick Player and George Brent. Unfortunately the French are building a tunnel under the Chapel which is discovered by the Germans. The Chapel is sealed up, and Player and Brent are trapped.
Guest Stars: Oliver Gilbert as German Sergeant | James Hayes (1) as Lieutenantt Paddy Moore | Jeremy Higgins as Lieutenant Vaugrard | Michael Lees as Doctor | Donald MacDonald (2) as Padre | Brian Hawksley as Colonel Leclerq
Director: Ken Hannam
Writer: John Brason

18 :02x03 - Odd Man In

Carter sets up a system whereby he can communicate with his wife Cathy using coded messages.

A new prisoner arrives in Colditz. He is extremely violent, and the men believe that he may be a German spy. Carter advises the men to leave this man alone.
Guest Stars: Joanna David as Cathy Carter | Edward Underdown as Colonel Mansell | David Allister as George | Lawrence Davidson as Captain Coty | Meadows White as Sergeant Cooper | Ian McCulloch as Larry Page | Michael Elwyn as Palmer | Peter Winter as Jimmy Walker | Philip Marchant as Harry | Betsan Jones as A.T.S. Corporal | Desmond Jones as German Lieutenant | Tim Morand (1) as French Officer
Director: Ken Hannam
Writer: Arden Winch

19 :02x04 - The Guests

Three British Commandos have been captured in Germany. Unfortunately for them, Hitler has given orders that all Commandos are to be shot.

Lieutenant Colonel Preston does his best to save the men. He requests that they be brought to Colditz Castle from Colditz Gaol, and an effort is made to make it look as though the Commandos have escaped from the Castle.
Guest Stars: William Rushton as Major Trumpington | Richard Heffer as Captain Tim Downing | Hans Meyer as Hauptmann Ulman | Patrick Durkin as Sergeant Arbuckle | John Rapley as Hauptsturmfuehrer Braun | David Trevena as German Police Sergeant | John Dunn-Hill as French Orderly | Phil Speary as Corporal Godbolt | Denis De Marne as Captain Vaisey
Director: Ken Hannam

20 :02x05 - Frogs in the Well

Player and Walsh devise a means of escape using a room at the back of the theatre in Colditz. Unfortunately a couple of French prisoners have a similar idea and the escape plan is temporarily suspended.

Major Mohn engages in a game of chess with Captain Simon Carter, and reveals that he is aware of the prisoner substitution scheme whereby two officers hid on a rotational basis within the confines of Colditz thus confusing the nature of the exact number of British prisoners held there.
Guest Stars: Lawrence Davidson as Captain Coty | Timothy Morand (1) as Captain Marquand | Ian Ainsley as German Guard | Peter Dekker as Dutch Officer | Anthony Herrick as Lieutenant Zoref | George Jarosz as Polish Officer | Sebastian Graham Jones as Captain Walsh | Adam Kurakin as Lieutenant Doonan | Len Lowe (1) as Corporal Hopkins | John Scammell as German Guard | Andrzej Scibor as Polish Officer | Steve Ubels as Dutch Officer | David Whitworth as Lieutenant Wer | Biff Byfield Quartet as Band | Chris Williams (2) as Captain Braithwaite
Director: Viktors Ritelis
Writer: Thom Keyes

21 :02x06 - Ace in the Hole

Squadron Leader Shaw is a war hero, and when he is captured and brought to Colditz he becomes the most highly decorated man in the Castle.

However, despite Simon's urgings he does not seem to be interested in any form of escape, preferring instead to lead a solitary life reading and teaching English literature with the Camp's other schoolmaster, Captain James Porteous.

However, given time to reflect, Shaw comes to know himself and to realise that he revels in his hero status and craves the admiration of his fellow man. He eventually proposes the most original and audacious plan of escape ever put forward by any prisoner.
Guest Stars: David Allister as Captain George Holland | Desmond Jones as German Lieutenant | Philip Marchant as Harry | Jim Norton (2) as Captain James Porteous | Jeremy Kemp as Squadron Leader Shaw
Director: Terence Dudley

22 :02x07 - French Leave

It is Easter, 1943 and the local pastor from the town of Colditz asks the Kommandant if some of the prisoners will sing in the Protestant Church in Colditz town for the Easter celebrations. The British give their word that they will not attempt to escape, but a Frenchman attaches himself to the Group and later makes a successful escape bid.
Guest Stars: Willy Bowman (1) as German Sergeant | Lawrence Davidson as Captain Coty | Jeremy Higgins as Lieutenant Vaugrard | Michael Lewis (2) as Captain Jones | Donald MacDonald (2) as Padre | Frederick Schiller as Pastor | Henri Szeps as Captain Henri Lefevre | Guido Adorni as Captain Duprez | Sarah Craze as Gerda | Walter Hertner as SS Man | Gideon Kolb as SS Man | Boyd MacKenzie as Lieutenant Maurice Tuliere | Sean Roantree as Lieutenant Michael Brown | Gerard Paquis as Captain Andre Vaillant
Director: Peter Cregeen
Writer: Ken Hughes

23 :02x08 - The Gambler

Collins is a new prisoner at Colditz, and is a card sharp and cheat. He causes a great deal of conflict within Colditz and one man even loses his life because of him.

Major Mohn temporarily loses control of the prisoners. It is left to the Kommandant and Lieutenant Colonel Preston to restore order.
Guest Stars: Ray Barrett as Flight Lieutenant Jack Curtis | Willy Bowman (1) as German Sergeant | Leonard Fenton as Ernst Kruger | Oliver Gilbert as German Guard | Brian McDermott as Lieutenant Fairclough | Roy Herrick as Lieutenant Dyer | Rod Taylor as Collins
Director: Viktors Ritelis
Writer: N.J. Crisp

24 :02x09 - Senior American Officer

Three very senior American officers are captured and brought to Colditz. One of them is Major Carrington who had earlier made a successful escape from the castle.
Guest Stars: Gabor Vernon as Hungarian Colonel | Keith Ashley as Shorthand Expert | Timothy Blackstone as German Orderly | Garrick Hagon as Lieutenant Jim Phipps | Robert MacLeod (1) as Gestapo Officer | Bernard Mistovski as Hungarian Major | George Pravda as General Ustasy | Hugh Sullivan as Gestapo Officer | Robert Wagner as Phil Carrington | Dan O'Herlihy as Lieutenant Colonel Max Dodd
Director: Philip Dudley
Writer: Ivan Moffat

25 :02x10 - Very Important Person

It is the spring of 1945 and the war is drawing to its conclusion. Hitler has ordered that all politically expedient prisoners, known as 'the prominente', are to be taken to a separate camp.

The Allies, along with the Kommandant and other German Officers at Colditz try to resist this order, but the SS over-run the castle and threaten to take hostages.

Carrington is arrested and faces a court-martial.
Guest Stars: Jon Croft as SS Officer | David King (1) as Berger | Donald MacDonald (2) as Padre | Jim Norton (2) as Capt. James Porteous | John Pennington as Haupsturmfuhrer Schankel | Edward Brooks as German NCO | Dan O'Herlihy as Lieutenant Colonel Max Dodd
Director: Peter Cregeen
Writer: Ivan Moffat

26 :02x11 - Chameleon

Major Horst Mohn is panicking as he sees that Germany is losing the war. After several attempts at ingratiating himself with the British prisoners he takes matters into his own hands.
Guest Stars: Kevin Brennan as Drunk | Heather Canning as Anna | Gertan Klauber as German Radio Announcer | Jurgen Andersen as Hans | Edward Brooks as Sergeant Winter | Carl Howard as German Guard | John Snagge as British Radio Announcer | Dan O'Herlihy as Lieutenant Colonel Max Dodd
Director: Philip Dudley

27 :02x12 - Death Sentence

Carrington has been sentenced to death. All is confusion at Colditz as communications have broken down. The Kommandant's wife moves into the castle where she is safe from the advancing Russian troops. Shaw's plans with the glider which he has been building for the past ten months have to be shelved for the time being, as the Kommandant warns Colonel Preston that any attempts at escape by the prisoners will give the SS an excuse to relieve him of his position as Kommandant at Colditz Castle. The Kommandant also receives some dreadful news.

He informs Colonel Preston that Colditz is to be evacuated.
Guest Stars: Terry Cowling as German Officer | Nancie Jackson as Lisa | Bob Sessions as American Officer | Dan O'Herlihy as Lieutenant Colonel Max Dodd
Director: Peter Cregeen
Writer: N.J. Crisp

28 :02x13 - Liberation

The war slowly comes to an end, with the allied prisoners and the Germans gradually forming a united front against threats from the advancing Russian army and the SS. The castle is bombed by allied forces who are not aware of its true nature, and all the inhabitants gather together in the cellars with this threat drawing them closer together.

Ultimately the Americans free Colditz, and the Kommandant surrenders to them. He and Colonel Preston realise that nobody has won anything out of the war.
Guest Stars: Sean Arnold as Volkssturm | Ed Bishop as Lieutenant Colonel Harritty | Peter Godfrey as French Officer | Mark Russell (1) as G.I | Peter Bale as German NCO | John Higgins as G.I | John Livesey (1) as American Lieutenant | Andrew Lodge as German Guard | Santiago Varela as French Officer
Director: Viktors Ritelis
Writer: Ivan Moffat
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Military/War
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: BBC one ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Premiere: October 19, 1972
Ended: April 01, 1974
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