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Murder? - Recap

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A German army officer, pilfering from the Red Cross parcels, is murdered by an unknown assailant, struck down from behind and then shot through the head with his own pistol.

Carter is the first person to find the body, and is able to tell Lieutenant Colonel Preston what he saw. The Kommandant and Ulman are extremely worried that if the news gets out that a guard has been murdered, this will give the Gestapo an excuse to say that the Wermacht are not running Colditz properly and will give them an excuse to take over. The Kommandant is also worried that if the Gestapo find out they may start shooting the prisoners in order to find out who committed the murder. He therefore decides to hush the matter up and declares that the guard committed suicide.

Lieutenant Colonel Preston agrees with the Kommandant, but feels that his men would be safer from the Gestapo if they knew who had killed the guard. He therefore meets with the heads of the Dutch, Polish and French contingents, and each conducts their own investigation into the matter.