Odd Man In - Recap

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Captain Coty from the French contingent approaches Simon Carter and tells him that a system of safe houses and contacts is in place all the way across occupied Europe to assist the allies in their escapes. The only problem is that they don't have the relevant names and addresses in Colditz. Captain Coty asks Simon whether he has any contacts in England who might be able to help, as all the addresses of the safe houses are kept by British Intelligence. Simon can only think of his wife Cathy.

He arranges with the Colditz code expert to send a coded message to Cathy. When she receives this she is very suspicious and takes it to MI5 in Whitehall, where they decipher it. After a while, Simon and Cathy are able to send coded messages to one another and in this way are able to pass on important bits of information.

In the meantime a new prisoner has arrived in Colditz. He is a very ruthless man named Larry Page. The other prisoners are extremely suspicious of him, especially after he attempts to gouge out the eyes of one of his fellow inmates.

It turns out that he is a British spy, sent by Britain on a mission to France to set up Resistance Groups in France. He is badly wanted by the Gestapo, and there is a price on his head in Geneva. He is a sadistic killer who wants to remain in Colditz as he feels safe there. Simon tells the other men to simply leave him alone.