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Season 3

65 :03x01 - Mountain Man

Saunders employs a French deserter to get him and his men across the mountains and back to their unit.
Special Guest Stars: Theodore Bikel as Francois Perrault |
Guest Stars: Henry Brandon as German Lt. | Bob Beattie as German Skier
Director: Sutton Roley

66 :03x02 - Vendetta

Hanley and his men are saved from being wiped out by a group of Greek soldiers whose colonel orders them to join him in his personal vendetta against the Germans.
Special Guest Stars: Telly Savalas as Colonel Kapsalis |
Guest Stars: Pete Duel as Szigeti | John Aniston as Second Greek | Athan Karras as Hot Dog | Danny Klega as German Lt. | Peter Bravos as Third Greek
Director: John Peyser

67 :03x03 - Point of View

Saunders faces a court martial when another NCO accuses him of negligence which left two men dead.
Special Guest Stars: Paul Burke (1) as Sgt. O'Neill |
Guest Stars: Anthony Jochim as French Farmer | Horst Ebersberg as German Corporal | Richard Schuyler as Medic | Seymour Cassel as Doctor | Gerald Trump as Howie Parker | H.M. Wynant as Lt. Collins

68 :03x04 - The Duel

Saunders and a truck driver do battle against a German Tiger tank.
Special Guest Stars: Bobby Rydell as Mickey Shay |
Guest Stars: Tom Pace as 1st German Infantryman | George Rogatkin as 2nd German Infantryman | Tram Tyson as German Driver | Hans Difflipp as German Commander
Director: John Peyser

69 :03x05 - Silver Service

Sent to the rear to recover from wounds, Caje and Kirby encounter the goldbrick of all goldbricks in the form of Harry White. Kirby then flees with White and two French civilians when Germans breakthrough at the Battle of the Bulge.
Special Guest Stars: Mickey Rooney as Harry White |
Guest Stars: Ramon Novarro as Charles Giroux | Claudine Longet as Claudette | Norman Alden as Pvt. Buford | Joe Di Reda as Malloy
Director: Sutton Roley

70 :03x06 - The Hard Way Back

During a barrage, Saunders gets trapped underneath a beam and the only soldier capable of saving him runs away.
Special Guest Stars: Sal Mineo as Larry Kogan |
Guest Stars: Erik Holland as 1st German Soldier | Grant Lockwood as 2nd German Soldier | Ed Gilbert as German Captain | Martin Brandt as Old Frenchman | Robert Howard (2) as German Lieutenant | Eric Forst as German Officer

71 :03x07 - Operation Fly Trap

At a French farmhouse, Suanders sets a trap to catch a German colonel but a detachment of Germans might spring that trap.
Special Guest Stars: Gary Lockwood as Sgt. Meider |
Guest Stars: Leonard Bell as Major Orcutt | Bob Garrett as German Sgt. | Lee Millar (1) as German Radio Operator | Jim Goodwin as Dispatch Rider | Mike Krempels as Half Track Passenger | Lou Robb as German #1 | Herb Andress as German Captain
Director: John Peyser
Writer: Don Tait

72 :03x08 - The Little Carousel

A 13 year old girl who wants to be a nurse, becomes attached to Saunders and the squad.
Guest Stars: Warren Vanders as Henderson | Donald Journeaux as Antoine | Paul Daniel as Old Man Patient | Sylviane Margollé as Claudine
Writer: Gene Levitt

73 :03x09 - Fly Away Home

Saunders and the squad get sent on a mission with a sergeant who appears to care more about his carrier pigeons than humans.
Special Guest Stars: Neville Brand as Sgt. Keeley |
Guest Stars: Stephen Joyce as Polaski | Rudy Dolan as German Sgt. #1 | Bob Champion as German Pvt. | Ed Deemer as German Sgt. #2 | Ron Stokes as Maxwell

74 :03x10 - The Impostor

Hanley escorts two specialist sergeants behind the lines on an intelligence mission then discovers that one of them might be an impostor. Then a third sergeant, claiming to be an escaped POW, joins the group. Which one is the German?
Special Guest Stars: Skip Homeier as Sgt. Morgan | Warren Stevens as Sgt. Walter |
Guest Stars: Ed Kemmer as Lt. Tracey | Alan Baxter as Captain Roberts | James Dobson as Tom Henderson | Dylan Walsh as Soldier #1 | Ralph Thomas as Soldier #2
Director: Sutton Roley

75 :03x11 - A Gift of Hope

Saunders' hero, thought killed at the Battle of St. Lo, shows up alive and well and accused of desertion under fire.
Special Guest Stars: Rip Torn as Avery |
Guest Stars: Malcolm Brodrick as Jimmy | Joe Allen Price as Larkin | Robert Yuro as Vitelli | Anthony Eisley as Lt. Gates

76 :03x12 - A Rare Vintage

Caje disguises himself as a French peasant to rescue Hanley who is being held captive by the Germans in a winery.
Guest Stars: Corey Allen as Pvt. Garrett | Lyle Bettger as Capt. Brauer | Marcel Hillaire as Jean Sebelleau | Lawrence Montaigne as Sgt. Koch | Buck Holland as Lane Sentry
Director: Sutton Roley

77 :03x13 - The Long Walk

Saunders and three others are cut off from their units and encounter a wounded G.I. who is actually a German infiltrator.
Special Guest Stars: Roddy McDowall as Murfree/Klepner |
Guest Stars: Maurice Marsac as Armand | Peter Brocco as Lambert | Chris Howard (1) as German | William Bryant as Sgt. Larkin
Writer: Peter Barry

78 :03x14 - The Town That Went Away

Hanley and the squad are ordered to evacuate a French town but its mayor and his three smokin' hot daughters thwart their every attempt.
Guest Stars: Jay Novello as Paul Lejeune | Billy Beck as Rafe | Danielle Beause Jour as Yvette | Danielle Aubry as Marie | Susan Silo as Annice | Jean-Michel Michenaud as French Boy
Director: Sutton Roley

79 :03x15 - Birthday Cake

Littlejohn receives a birthday cake from his mother along with explicit orders not to open it until the following day. The cake then proceeds to cause complications with the squad.
Guest Stars: Phillip Pine as Pvt. Steve Cantrell | Jean Del Val as French Farmer | Beau van den Ecker as G.I. Driver
Director: John Peyser
Writer: Ed Adamson

80 :03x16 - The Enemy

Hanley forces a German demolitions expert to help him disarm mines and booby traps that the Germans set up in an abandoned French town.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Duvall as Karl |
Guest Stars: Anna Lee as Sister Lescaut | Michael Corhan as Louis Roche | Kurt Landen as German #1 | Gerd Rein as German #2
Director: John Peyser

81 :03x17 - The Cassock

A German officer poses as a priest in order to blow up a bridge that the American army will use as its main entrance into a French village.
Special Guest Stars: James Whitmore as Captain Hertzbrun |
Guest Stars: Mart Hulswit as Private Ryan | Glenn Stensel as Weaver | Ross Sturlin as Stevens

82 :03x18 - Losers Cry Deal

A loud mouthed soldier from another unit causes tension between the squad and his unit.
Special Guest Stars: Mike Kellin as Jackson |
Guest Stars: William Harlow as Johnson | Tom Skerritt as Hicks | George Murdock as Marcus | Fletcher Fist as Johnson | Paul Hampton as Kelly | Paul Todd as Costello | John Bedford as Burton | Dee Pollock as Thomas
Director: Vic Morrow

83 :03x19 - More Than a Soldier

Saunders is trapped inside a mine with a young soldier and a wounded German.
Special Guest Stars: Tommy Sands as Carey |
Guest Stars: Ron Soble as German Sergeant

84 :03x20 - Brother, Brother

The newest replacement is the younger brother of Kirby's old high school chum and he expects special treatment as such.
Special Guest Stars: Frankie Avalon as Eddie Cane |
Guest Stars: Charles Bastin as German Officer | Hans Heyde as German Soldier
Director: Sutton Roley

85 :03x21 - The Steeple

Saunders, Kirby, and Caje attempt to rescue a paratrooper whose parachute has gotten hung on a church steeple. There's also another problem: the paratrooper is carrying high-powered explosives on his person.
Guest Stars: Robert Cornthwaite as Captain Priller | Jean Del Val as Father Bomar | Stephen Lander as Hans | Horst Ebersberg as Sgt. Dekker | Pat Michenaud as Boy | David Sheiner as Captain Ridell
Director: John Peyser
Writer: Don Tait

86 :03x22 - The Convict

A German bombardment frees a group of French convicts one of whom pretends to be a member of the Resistance in order to reunite with his son.
Special Guest Stars: Gilbert Roland as Boulanger |
Guest Stars: Robert Carricart as Lambrelle | Clive Clerk as Pierre | Peter Camlin as French Engineer | Benito Prezia as Andre | Sheldon Jacobs as German Major | Chris Anders as German

87 :03x23 - Dateline

Saunders takes a squad of men to rescue a captured war correspondent but the journalist prefers the security of a prison camp.
Special Guest Stars: Dan Duryea as Robert Barton |
Guest Stars: Douglas Henderson as Capt. Reardon | Henry Beckman as Major Mueller | Kurt Landen as Guard | Ray Baxter (1) as German #1 | Roger Gentry as German #2 | Peter Hellman as German Guard
Director: Sutton Roley

88 :03x24 - A Walk With an Eagle

Hanley takes three soldiers into enemy territory in order to rescue a downed pilot who then shows little gratitude for their efforts.
Guest Stars: Lee Philips as Major Robert Caldwell | Bill Cort as Private Harmon | Pat Colby as Private Palmer
Director: John Peyser
Writer: Rod Peterson

89 :03x25 - The Long Wait

Saunders and a truck carrying wounded men are pinned down by machine gun fire. Then they must wait for a tank to come to their rescue.
Special Guest Stars: Terry Carter (1) as Archie Masters |
Guest Stars: Fletcher Fist as Carson | William Wellman, Jr. as Sgt. Brice | Edward Tierney as Klaus | William Splawn as Coates | David Adams (2) as Peter
Director: John Peyser

90 :03x26 - The Tree of Moray

Hanley must save a French traitor with valuable information from a lynch mob of his own countrymen.
Guest Stars: Robert Loggia as Etienne | Émile Genest as Duval | Peter Renaday as Louis | Charles Giorgi as Maquis | Norbert Siegfried as German M.P. | Tom Pace as German Lt. | Mike Krempels as German Sgt. | Robert Ellenstein as Rene

91 :03x27 - Cry in the Ruins

The Germans and Americans stop their battle in an effort to help a desperate Frenchwoman search for her missing baby.
Guest Stars: Lisa Pera as Madame Dubois | Gerd Rein as Heismann | Frank Obershall as Bruck | Larry Gelbman as Gunnar | Glenn Cannon as Pvt. Cane | John Crawford as Capt. Werner | Henry Hermann-Cattani as Kranz | Ben Ari as Le Page | Bob Kanter (1) as Pvt. Hunstell | William Smithers as Lt. Markes
Director: Vic Morrow

92 :03x28 - The Hell Machine

After their jeep gets knocked out of commission, Saunders and two others attempt to navigate an abandoned German tank through enemy territory and back to their own lines.
Guest Stars: Frank Gorshin as Pvt. Gavin | Lou Robb as Lt. Bruner | James Arthur as German Colonel | Gene Benton as Tank Commander | Dick Raymond as German Infantryman | Heinz Sadler as Sgt. Peter | Chris Anders as Lt. Krause | Than Wyenn as Captain Beggs
Director: John Peyser

93 :03x29 - Billy the Kid

A general's son leads the outfit on a mission behind enemy lines to knock out a big gun that is slaughtering Allied troops.
Special Guest Stars: Andrew Prine as Lt. William Benton |
Guest Stars: Michael Masters as Burns | Ron Mills as German Leader | Ed Deemer as German #1 | James de Closs as American Sentry | John Milford as Sgt. Stone

94 :03x30 - Heritage

A demolitions expert balks at destroying statues he finds in a cave.
Special Guest Stars: Charles Bronson as Velasquez |
Guest Stars: Kort Falkenberg as German Sergeant | Michael Stroka as Scope Man | Gunter Weishoff as 1st German Soldier | Alf George as 2nd German Soldier
Director: John Peyser

95 :03x31 - Odyssey

After waking up in a German uniform, Saunders fakes shellshock in order to make it back to Allied lines.
Guest Stars: Robert Donner as First American GI | Bert Freed as Sgt. Weber | Teno Pollick as Pfc. Loring | Peter Coe as Orderly | Sasha Harden as S.S. Lieutenant | Maurice Marsac as French Peasant | Ivan Triesault as Doctor | Werner Pochath as German Teenager Soldier

96 :03x32 - Beneath the Ashes

A company member vows revenge on Hanley after being informed late about the death of his wife.
Special Guest Stars: Chad Everett as Steve Kovac |
Guest Stars: Noam Pitlik as Mac | Bob Champion as German Capt. | Robert Glenn as Lt. Coates | Greg Mullavy as German Sgt. | Heber Jentzsch as German Lt. | John Gilgreen as Ambulance Driver
Director: John Peyser
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Military/War
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 02, 1962
Ended: August 29, 1967
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