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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Forgotten Front

The squad must decide what to do about a German deserter who could conceivably endanger them.
Guest Stars: Shecky Greene as Braddock | Albert Paulsen as Dorffman | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton |
Uncredited: Tom Skerritt as Private Crenshaw | Jeff Morris as Sgt. McGraw
Director: Robert Altman

2 :01x02 - Rear Echelon Commandos

Saunders must whip three raw replacements into shape for a behind the lines mission.
Guest Stars: Arnold Merritt as Jerome Crown | Stephen Coit as Joe Gainsborough | John Considine as Wayne Temple
Director: Robert Altman
Story: Richard Tregaskis | Teleplay: Gene Levitt

3 :01x03 - Lost Sheep, Lost Shepherd

A tanker saves the squad from an ambush but things soon sour when they enter a French village that's been seemingly abandoned by the Germans.
Special Guest Stars: Jeffrey Hunter as Sgt. Dane |
Guest Stars: Tony Mordente as Morello | Martin Brandt as Priest | Rex Holman as Christy | Hans Difflipp as German Officer | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Joby Baker as Kelly
Director: Burt Kennedy

4 :01x04 - Any Second Now

Lt. Hanley is pinned in the rubble of a church and there's a German bomb that's ticking to go off. Our hero's only hope is a British bomb disposal officer who has lost his nerve.
Special Guest Stars: Donald May as Major Thompson |
Guest Stars: Shecky Greene as Braddock | Alexander Davion as Lt. David Woodman | Elen Willard as Anne Farell | Émile Genest as Emile | Jacques Roux as French Priest | Felix Reinsch as German Briefing Officer | James de Winter as Corporal | Ned Wynn as M.P.
Director: Robert Altman
Writer: Gene Levitt

5 :01x05 - Far from the Brave

After losing a close friend in combat, Saunders must train a green former cook as his replacement.
Guest Stars: Shecky Greene as Braddock | Joe Mantell as Pvt. Delaney | Fletcher Fist as Radio Operator |
Uncredited: Dennis Robertson as Pvt. Albert Baker
Director: Burt Kennedy
Writer: Burt Kennedy

6 :01x06 - Missing in Action

Hanley takes a detail to rescue a downed American flyer who's being sequestered at a French farmhouse.
Special Guest Stars: Howard Duff as Hobey Jabko |
Guest Stars: Barton Heyman as Fergus | Shecky Greene as Braddock | Maria Machado as Denise | Louis Mercier as Gallard | Glenn Cannon as Tafe | Michel Petit as Roger
Director: Byron Paul

7 :01x07 - Escape to Nowhere

Hanley is sent on a mission behind German lines and becomes involved with a German general who's in on a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler.
Guest Stars: Albert Paulsen as General Von Strelitz | Joyce Vanderveen as Maria | Sasha Harden as Colonel Kleist | Roger Til as French Priest | Lester Fletcher as German Interrogator | William Speckman as Bower | Lou Robb as Mueller | Hans Difflipp as German Major
Director: Robert Altman
Writer: Malvin Wald

8 :01x08 - The Celebrity

A star baseball pitcher is transferred into the unit but he soon proves that he's nowhere near as good on the battlefield as he was on the baseball diamond.
Special Guest Stars: Tab Hunter as Del Packer |
Guest Stars: Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Tony Mordente as Sgt. Kurawicz | Virginia Stefan as Nurse | Joby Baker as Kelly
Director: Burt Kennedy
Story: Art Wallace, Tom Seller | Teleplay: Art Wallace

9 :01x09 - Cat and Mouse

Saunders and another sergeant are the only survivors of an ill-fated patrol and must continue the mission despite the fact that they have come to despise each other.
Special Guest Stars: Albert Salmi as Sgt. Jenkins |
Guest Stars: Ted Knight as German Captain | Frank Behrens as Captain Reed | Werner Becker as 1st German Soldier | William Harlow as Radioman | Robert Winston as German Lt. | John Alonzo as Bialos | Hans Difflipp as Colonel Burgen | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton
Director: Robert Altman

10 :01x10 - I Swear by Apollo

The squad takes refuge in a convent occupied by nuns who take little notice of them and the war that is going on.
Guest Stars: John Considine as Wayne Temple | Arnold Merritt as Jerome Crown | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Gunner Hellström as Dr. Belzer | Eugene Borden as Bresson | Maya Van Horn as Mother Superior | Betty Tessman as Nun | John Neris as Frenchman | Philip Abbott as Capt. Correm
Director: Robert Altman
Writer: Gene Levitt

11 :01x11 - A Day in June

Flashbacks recall the squad's experiences on D-Day and the events leading up to the Normandy invasion.
Guest Stars: Shecky Greene as Braddock | Harry Dean Stanton as Beecham | Lisa Montell as Marcelle | Pat Dahl as Hazel | Henry Daniell as Minister | Brad Weston as Lt. Crowley | Frankie Ray as Gardello | Max Dommar as Theo | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton |
Uncredited: Tom Skerritt as Soldier
Director: Boris Sagal

12 :01x12 - The Prisoner

Braddock is taken prisoner by the Germans who mistake him for a Colonel.
Special Guest Stars: Keenan Wynn as Colonel Clyde |
Guest Stars: Shecky Greene as Braddock | Richard Bakalyan as Sgt. Wolfson | Adam Williams as Lt. Col. Nash | Sasha Harden as Capt. Gemmerman | Earl Parker as Stunts | John Alonzo as Bialos |
Uncredited: Rick Traeger as Colonel Metz | Walter Koenig as Sentry | Tom Skerritt as Glinski
Director: Robert Altman

13 :01x13 - Reunion

Saunders tries to help a young Frenchman reunite with his father but the old man happens to be a collaborator.
Guest Stars: Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Émile Genest as Henri Fouquet | Henry Rowland as Colonel Hoffman | Will Kuluva as Emile Villers | Chris Robinson (1) as Paul Villers | Fifi D'Orsay as Madame Fouquet | Angela Clarke (2) as Claire Brouchard
Writer: Art Wallace

14 :01x14 - The Medal

A soldier is put up for a Silver Star for destroying a German tank but the deed was actually the work of his deceased buddy.
Guest Stars: Frank Gorshin as Freddie Wharton | Joseph Campanella as Vincent D'Amato | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Edward Knight as Lt. Kohrs | Tom Troupe as Medic | Clegg Hoyt as Cook | Gordon Bruce as German | Fletcher Fist as Brockmeyer | Dennis Robertson as Pvt. Albert Baker

15 :01x15 - Just for the Record

After escaping from the Germans, Saunders must depend upon the aid of a shady Frenchwoman to make it back to Allied lines.
Guest Stars: Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Micheline Presle as Annette | James Forrest as Foreman / Wounded Prisoner | Edward Colmans as Andre Mallott | Alf Kjellin as Kurt
Writer: William Bast

16 :01x16 - The Volunteer

A 13 year old French boy tries to join the squad.
Guest Stars: Ed Gilbert as Herman | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Ted Knight as Kurt | Kurt Lewin as Karl | Nadine Arlyn as Ilsa | Veronique as Hilda | Serge Prieur as Gilbert
Director: Robert Altman
Writer: Gene Levitt

17 :01x17 - The Squad

A new recruit from the South doesn't fit in with the rest of the squad but ends up proving his worth on a night patrol.
Guest Stars: Shecky Greene as Braddock | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Alex Denaszody as German Corporal | John Bolt as Moseby Lovelace | James T. Callahan as Reischer | Harold Dyrenforth as 1st German Engineer | John Mayo as Lt. Peterson | Mathias Uitz as 2nd German Engineer
Director: Herman Hoffman

18 :01x18 - Next in Command

Saunders distrusts a new corporal who's been transferred into the unit.
Special Guest Stars: Ben Cooper as Corporal John Cross |
Guest Stars: Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | William Harlow as Nick Davis | Fletcher Fist as Brockmeyer | Dennis Robertson as Baker
Director: Burt Kennedy
Writer: Burt Kennedy

19 :01x19 - The Chateau

Doc tries to care for three wounded men in a chateau that gets captured by the Germans.
Special Guest Stars: Dan O'Herlihy as Major Richter |
Guest Stars: Shecky Greene as Braddock | Joan Hackett as Gabrielle | Frank Sutton as Corporal Cording | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | John Milford as Lt. Masters | Ben Wright as Count De Gontran | Don Edmonds as Jackson | Edward Tierney as Friedrich

20 :01x20 - Off Limits

A soldier discovers that his nurse wife has been unfaithful to him and volunteers for a dangerous mission.
Guest Stars: Arnold Merritt as Jerome Crown | Andre Philippe as Andre | Marie Gomez as Claire | Peggy Ann Garner as Lt. Amelia Marsh | Jeremy Slate as Corporal Archie Marsh | William Windom as Captain Lew Anders | Mark Ryan as Hanson
Director: Robert Altman

21 :01x21 - No Time for Pity

The unit prepares to capture a French town but then discovers that the Germans are holding its children hostage.
Guest Stars: William Phipps as Capt. Whitlow | Paul Busch as Mueller | Denise Alexander (1) as Annette | Michael Davis (2) as Jean | Robert Winston as Hoffman | Guy De Vestel as Marcel | Gunner Hellström as German Officer
Writer: Steven Ritch

22 :01x22 - Night Patrol

The squad encounters a mysterious lieutenant while on a night patrol. It appears as though this fellow is waging some sort of one man war.
Guest Stars: William Harlow as Nick Davis | Skip Homeier as Lt. Billy Joe Cranston |
Uncredited: Eric Braeden as German Soldier | Charles De Vries as German Soldier | Tom Pace as German Soldier
Director: Burt Kennedy
Story: Quentin Sparr | Teleplay: Frank Jessy

23 :01x23 - Survival

Because of an artillery barrage, the squad is able to escape from German captivity but Saunders gets separated from them and must make his way through enemy lines by himself.
Guest Stars: Michael Murphy (1) as First Tanker | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | John Seigfried as Kurt | Donald Ein as Sergeant | Matty Jordan as 2nd Tanker
Director: Robert Altman

24 :01x24 - No Hallelujahs for Glory

The squad must deal with an ambitious female reporter who knows next to nothing about the military or combat.
Special Guest Stars: Elizabeth Allen (1) as Eleanora Hunt |
Guest Stars: Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Jim Goodwin as Mike | Maurice Marsac as Jacques | Garry Walberg as Thin Correspondent | Charles McDaniel as Bearded Correspondent | George Petrie as Captain Smith | Angela Clarke (2) as Madame Michelin

25 :01x25 - The Quiet Warrior

During a break in the action, Hanley is ordered to London where he's sent on an espionage mission behind the lines.
Guest Stars: J.D. Cannon as Ted Slocum | Michele Montau as Lily | Brendan Dillon as Briefing Agent Williams | Lomax Study as Andre | Charles Giorgi as Georges | Leno Francen as Marie Barole | Rolfe Sedan as Dr. Barole | Walter Janowitz as Cafe Owner | Albert Szabo as Soldier |
Uncredited: Eric Braeden as Drunken German Soldier | Barbara Babcock as Woman at Savoy Bar
Director: Justus Addiss

26 :01x26 - Battle of the Roses

Saunders becomes involved with a strange French girl and her domineering nurse.
Guest Stars: Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | William Harlow as Dorsey | Earl Parker as 1st German Who is Shot | Penny Santon as Celeste Fourant | Antoinette Bower as Jeanine
Director: Sutton Roley

27 :01x27 - Hill 256

KIrby, the squad asshole, faces a court martial for cowardice under fire. Saunders and Caje try to prove his innocence.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Culp as Sgt. John Metcalf |
Guest Stars: Walter Friedel as German Prisoner | Liam Sullivan as Major Hendricks | Alan Caillou as British Lieutenant | Clegg Hoyt as Technical Sergeant | John Shay as Major Canfield | Curt Conway as Capt. Dugan | Richard Peel as British Sergeant | George Keymas as Major Daggett | Conlan Carter as M. P. | Bill Zuckert as Presiding Officer at Court Martial
Director: James Komack

28 :01x28 - The Sniper

The squad enters a French village abandoned by the Germans expecting to get some rest and relaxation but then a German sniper, with the aid of his French skank galpal, begins picking them off.
Guest Stars: Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | William Harlow as Nick Davis | Fletcher Fist as Brockmeyer | Eric Braeden as Hans Gruber | Jordan Grant as Marks | John Newton as Fisher | Michel Petit as 1st Boy | Phillipe Chappele as 2nd Boy | Maya Van Horn as Woman | Athan Karras as Carot | Walter Kohler as Man | Guy De Vestel as Villager | Alex Durand as Bistro Man | Arlette Clark as Old Woman | Gail Kobe as Francoise
Director: Ted Post

29 :01x29 - One More for the Road

The squad discovers an orphaned baby and tries to find a home for it all the while completing their mission.
Guest Stars: Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Don Edmonds as Stroback | Monroe twins as The Baby | Fletcher Fist as Brockmeyer

30 :01x30 - The Walking Wounded

A wounded Saunders must deal with an Army surgeon who's lost his nerve.
Special Guest Stars: Gary Merrill as Capt. Will August |
Guest Stars: Berkeley Harris as Pvt John Lee | Stephen Joyce as Jones | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Geraldine Brooks as Lt. Ann Hunter | George Davis (3) as Old Frenchman | David Manley as Tanker
Director: Burt Kennedy
Writer: Burt Kennedy

31 :01x31 - High Named Today

A soldier who's reputed to be a one man army transfers into the unit and soon begins causing trouble.
Special Guest Stars: Dean Stockwell as Rob Lawson |
Guest Stars: Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Lew Brown as Pratt | John Apone as Soldier #1 | Steve Gaynor as Wounded Soldier | Burt Berger as Corporal

32 :01x32 - No Trumpets, No Drums

Caje comes unglued after he accidentally kills an innocent civilian.
Guest Stars: Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Billy Beck as Dubois | Nicky Blair as Johnson | Andrea Darvi as Micheline | Jean Del Val as Marceau | Ted Roter as Frenchman
Director: Richard Donner

Season 2

33 :02x01 - Bridge at Chalons

Saunders and a hard-nosed demolitions expert undertake a mission behind enemy lines where the two men immediately begin to clash.
Special Guest Stars: Lee Marvin as Sgt. Turk |
Guest Stars: Lee Krieger as Cpl. McQuillan | Rudy Hansen as German Leader | Kurt Landen as German Soldier | Donald Ein as German Corporal | Pete Helman as German Soldier | Rance Howard as Wilkerson
Director: Ted Post

34 :02x02 - Bridgehead

Saunders must take a German held bridge despite fierce opposition from the enemy and some of his own men.
Special Guest Stars: Nick Adams (1) as Pvt. Mick Hellar |
Guest Stars: Noam Pitlik as Pvt. Gene Scott | Paul Busch as German Sergeant | Joey Walsh as Pvt. Jack Johnson | Richard Jury as Pvt. Wayne Shrope | Fred Harris II as Cole

35 :02x03 - Masquerade

Two Germans attempt to infiltrate Allied lines by posing as American soldiers. Only Saunders and his suspicions can save the day.
Special Guest Stars: James Coburn as Corporal Arnold Kanger |
Guest Stars: Norman Alden as PFC Cooper | Rick Traeger as German Colonel | George Keymas as Capt. Simms | K.L. Smith as 1st G.I | Jacque Shelton as 2nd G.I. | Bruce Watson as Sentry | Alex Burke as 1st man | Dan Stafford as Lt. David Comstock |
Uncredited: Rocky Marciano as Solider Greeting Red Cross Truck
Director: John Peyser

36 :02x04 - The Long Way Home (1)

Members of the squad are captured and imprisoned in a compound run by a sadistic SS Captain.
Special Guest Stars: Richard Basehart as Capt. Steiner |
Guest Stars: Simon Oakland as Sgt. Tom Akers | Woodrow Parfrey as Pvt. Gates | Arthur Batanides as Nader | James Sikking as Lyles | Arnold Merritt as Pfc. Cole | Sasha Harden as Lt. Brummel | Glenn Cannon as Rankin | Mike McDonald as Wilson | Walter Linden as German Compound Guard - Day | Norbert Meisel as German Compound Guard - Night | Rudy Dolan as 2nd German Compound Guard - Day
Director: Ted Post

37 :02x05 - The Long Way Home (2)

Saunders searches for an escape route from a prison compound run by a sadistic SS Captain.
Special Guest Stars: Richard Basehart as Capt. Steiner |
Guest Stars: Simon Oakland as Sgt. Tom Akers | Woodrow Parfrey as Pvt. Gates | Arthur Batanides as Nader | James Sikking as Lyles | Arnold Merritt as Pfc. Cole | Glenn Cannon as Rankin | Sasha Harden as Lt. Brummel | Mike McDonald as Wilson | Walter Linden as German Compound Guard - Day | Norbert Meisel as German Compound Guard - Night | Rudy Dolan as 2nd German Guard - Day
Director: Ted Post

38 :02x06 - The Wounded Don't Cry

Saunders and a German hospital orderly undertake a mission to bring back desperately needed plasma to wounded Americans and Germans.
Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as Neumann | Karlheinz Böhm as Carl Bauer | Oscar Beregi as Major Schiller | Robert Winston as S.S. Lieutenant #1 | Felix Reinsch as S.S. Lieutenant #2 | Peter Hellman as Lance Corporal | Alex Denaszody as Old German | Bob Champion as S.S. Lance Corporal
Director: James Komack
Writer: James Landis

39 :02x07 - Doughboy

Saunders and Kirby encounter a deranged former American soldier from World War I who believes they are enemy Germans.
Special Guest Stars: Eddie Albert as Phil |
Guest Stars: Alida Valli as Marie | William Harlow as Nick Davis | Paul Busch as German Sgt. | Mike McDonald as Ed | Eric Braeden as German Vehicle Commander
Director: Tom Gries

40 :02x08 - Glow Against the Sky

The squad, including a gravely wounded Private Nelson, is trapped in the cellar of a destroyed house and Saunders decides to surrender the wounded man to the Germans for medical attention.
Guest Stars: Lee Patterson as Captain Howard | Chris Howard (1) as German Drunk #2 | Paul Busch as German Soldier | Warren Spahn as German Soldier | Kurt Kreuger as Capt. Neubauer | Addison Myers as German Medic | Kurt Landen as German Sentry | Carl Carlsson as German Sergeant | Bobby Hyatt as U.S. Medic | Brian Avery (2) as German Soldier | William Sargent as Huffman
Director: Sutton Roley

41 :02x09 - The Little Jewel

A French orpan attaches himself to the squad but his information ends up getting Caje captured by the Germans.
Guest Stars: Mindas Masuilis as German Machine Gunner #1 | Michel Petit as Bijou | Paul Busch as German Sergeant | Heinz Sadler as German Machine Gunner #3 | Dieter Jacoby as German Machine Gunner #2 | Edward Tierney as Scarface Sergeant
Director: John Peyser

42 :02x10 - A Distant Drum

A wounded Hanley is cared for by a reluctant Frenchwoman and her daughter.
Guest Stars: Denise Darcel as Annette | Earl Parker as Stunts | Holly McIntire as Louise | William Harlow as Corporal McGill | Sasha Harden as Keppler | Charles De Vries as Buehler | Edward Knight as German Sergeant | Ray Baxter (1) as German Soldier
Director: John Peyser

43 :02x11 - Anatomy of a Patrol

Saunders' patrol races a German patrol to reach a downed American plane that is carrying sensitive military information.
Guest Stars: William Smith (1) as Richter | Kort Falkenberg as Meitner | James Caan as Sgt. Beckman | William Sargent as Blocker | Jeff Davis (2) as Johnson | Juergen Seifert as Bernsdorf | Mark De Vries as Holweg | William Wellman, Jr. as Woody | Bobby Hyatt as Gray

44 :02x12 - Ambush

The squad liberates a French town but soon afterwards a doctor suspected of being a collaborator is murdered and his daughter directs her bitterness towards the Americans.
Guest Stars: Michael Pataki as G.I. Radio Man | Charles Macaulay as Capt. Baumer | Kort Falkenberg as Hans | Marisa Pavan as Marie Marchand | William Speckman as 1st German Soldier | Guy De Vestel as Uncle Henri | Maurice St. Clair as Andre | Steven Landers as German #1 | Edgar Ritscher as German #2 | Billy Beck as French Priest | Francis Ravel as Man | Gabrielle Rossillon as French Girl | Mignonne Gret as Girl
Director: Sutton Roley

45 :02x13 - Barrage

On a mission against German artliiery, Saunders finds himself trapped in a cave with a German deserter.
Guest Stars: Alf Kjellin as Hans | Ed Deemer as German Soldier #4 | Peter Hellman as German Soldier #3 | Frank Killmond as Clark | John Rayner as American Sergeant | Horst Evers as German Soldier #1 | Tom Pace as German Soldier #2 | Dieter Jacoby as Machine Gunner #1 | Mathias Uitz as Machine Gunner #2 | John Crawford as Gunnar
Director: Sutton Roley

46 :02x14 - Thunder from the Hill

On a mission behind enemy lines, the squad's French guide blackmails them into undertaking an attack on a an enemy position for his benefit.
Guest Stars: Peter Whitney as Massine | John Neris as Jean | Ben Wright as Boulange | George Sawaya as Pierre | Jacques Sorel as Andre | Robert Carricart as Diebold
Director: John Peyser

47 :02x15 - The Party

During a break in the action, Caje, Kirby, and Nelson try to make romantic time with three French hotties.
Guest Stars: Earl Parker as Stunts | Andrea Darvi as Jeannine | Nicholas Georgiade as Londos | Terry Becker as Clayborne | Monique Lemaire as Roxanne | Danielle Aubrey as Renee | Charles Kuenstle as Driver | Robert Sorrells as Reeves | George W. Davis as Old Man | Danielle de Metz as Angelique
Director: John Peyser

48 :02x16 - Gideon's Army

The squad rescues a concentration camp full of Polish laborers and must recruit them into battle when the Germans attack.
Guest Stars: Richard Jaeckel as Sgt.Heinrich Buxman | Earl Parker as Stunts | Lou Robb as German Lieutenant | Milton Selzer as Colonel Glinski | Albert Szabo as Karacz | Reggie Nalder as Man With One Eye | Ray Baxter (1) as Cougher | Marc Cavell as Jan | Peter Hellman as German Sergeant | Dean Heyde as German Soldier
Director: John Peyser

49 :02x17 - The Pillbox

Hanley and a wounded soldier are trapped inside a pillbox with three German prisoners.
Guest Stars: Earl Parker as Stunts | Warren Oates as Stark | Albert Paulsen as Carl Dorfmann | Joe Turkel as Klimmer | Heney Horman as Meisner
Director: Vic Morrow
Story: Ken Pettus | Teleplay: Don Tait

50 :02x18 - The General and the Sergeant

After the squad liberates a French town, it becomes involved with a former French general who's now considered a laughing stock.
Guest Stars: John Dehner as General Armand Bouchard | Denise Alexander (1) as Jacqueline Bouchard | Christian Pasques as First Young Man | Lucien Lanvin as Second Young Man | Maria Schroeder as Young Girl #1 | Gabrielle Rossillon as Young Girl #2 | Renaud Villedieu as Boy | Mathias Uitz as German Soldier #1

51 :02x19 - Eyes of the Hunter

Saunders doesn't trust a soldier who says he can lead the squad to the location of a hidden German artillery unit.
Guest Stars: Hans Difflipp as German Lieutenant | Joseph Sirola as Casper | Joe Di Reda as Sgt. Calder | Ed Nelson as Jesse Burgess | William Smith (1) as German Sgt | Erik Holland as German Corporal

52 :02x20 - The Hostages

Doc is the only hope for Caje and Saunders who are being held prisoner by two Germans who've remained behind in a town recently captured by the Americans.
Special Guest Stars: Peter Mark Richman as Capt. Aptmeyer |
Guest Stars: Eric Braeden as Ecktmann | Ken Berry as Motor Sgt. | Dick Patterson as Barnarbo | Tom Peters as Commo Man | Lew Gallo as Motorcycle MP | Joseph V. Perry as 1st Sgt.
Director: Ted Post

53 :02x21 - Mail Call

Saunders gets a letter from home that says his brother is MIA in the Pacific Theater and must deal with a malingering new squad member.
Special Guest Stars: James Best as Trenton |
Guest Stars: William Harlow as 1st American Jeep Driver | Ray Fulmer as Holmes | Fred Harris II as Smitty | Ed Deemer as German | Michael Masters as NCO

54 :02x22 - Counter-Punch

Trapped behind enemy lines, Saunders, Caje, and a group of misfits try to hijack a train full of Germans in order to get back to Allied lines.
Guest Stars: Anthony Holland as Cutner | Eugene Borden as Raje | James Davidson (1) as Bowers | George Savalas as Cooper | Malachi Throne as Moorwood | Steve Gravers as Martinez
Director: John Peyser

55 :02x23 - A Silent Cry

Saunders and a pacifist sergeant are assigned to deliver radios behind the lines to the French underground.
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Sergeant Perkins | Robert Crawford, Jr. as Jacques | Jacques Roux as Fontaine | Lili Valenty as Renee LeClair | Titus Moede as Marks | Guy De Vestel as Andre LeClair | Ed Deemer as German Lt. | Ed Gilbert as German Captain

56 :02x24 - The Hunter

Saunders and Kirby become the prey of a fanatical German captain who was once an avid big game hunter.
Guest Stars: Edward Tierney as Brunner | Alfred Ryder as Captain Eric Heisman
Director: Sutton Roley

57 :02x25 - What Are the Bugles Blowin' For? (1)

Saunders takes orders to a British unit ordering them to retreat in face of heavy fire but their commanding officer refuses to do so.
Guest Stars: Ronald Howard as Captain Johns
Director: John Peyser

58 :02x26 - What Are the Bugles Blowin' For? (2)

A stubborn British captain orders Saunders and his men to help him stand and fight against the Germans rather than comply with an order to retreat.
Guest Stars: Richard Chambers (1) as William | Norbert Meisel as German Corporal | Erik Holland as German Lieutentant | Eric Micklewood as Deeds | Richard Peel as Bolt | John Alderson as Sgt. Rawlings | William Beckley as Corporal Joyce | Philippe Chapelle as Robaire | Ronald Howard as Captain Johns
Director: John Peyser

59 :02x27 - Weep No More

Hanley tries to help a mentally disturbed French woman but it might end up getting everyone killed.
Guest Stars: Anjanette Comer as Annette | Ted Knight as German Sergeant | Rick Traeger as German Captain | Rudy Dolan as 2nd German Soldier | Charles De Vries as German Soldier | Kurt Lewin as German Corporal | John Shay as Doctor
Director: Ted Post

60 :02x28 - The Short Day of Private Putnam

A replacement soldier is discovered to be only 15 years old but he'll have to age quickly when the squad is attacked by the Germans.
Guest Stars: Beau Bridges as Pvt. Orville Putnam | Lilyan Chauvin as Fauvette | Robert Sampson (1) as Harvey

61 :02x29 - Rescue

Hanley is captured by two Germans posing as Americans who want information about troop movements.
Guest Stars: Edward Binns as Colonel Johnson | Guy Stockwell as Jerry Bacon | Paul Busch as German Lieutenant | Ed Deemer as German Sgt. | Tom Pace as Rear Sentry | Hans Heyde as Front Sentry | Ed Gilbert as German Private | Stephen Lander as 1st Soldier | David Brandon as German Soldier
Director: Ted Post

62 :02x30 - Command

When Hanley is wounded, the squad gets a new lieutenant who immediately clashes with Saunders while on a mission.
Guest Stars: Joseph Campanella as Lt. Douglas | William Arvin as Adams | Dennis Robertson as Bronson | Louis Mercier as Jean Bayard | Charles Giorgi as Anton | Danny Klega as German Lt.

63 :02x31 - Infant of Prague

Under enemy fire, the squad encounters a group of nuns and attempts to escort them to safety but it might be easier said than done.
Guest Stars: Pamela Branch as Mlle. Mornay | Jeanne Rainer as Mlle. Solere | Leigh Chapman (1) as Mlle. Bochard | Harold Dyrenforth as Panzer Captain | Jeanette Nolan as Sister Therese
Director: John Peyser

64 :02x32 - The Glory Among Men

The squad is faced with a dilemma when a thoroughly unlikable new member is pinned down by German machine gun fire. Should they attempt a rescue or leave him to his fate?
Guest Stars: Eddie Ryder as Mason | Bernard Kates as Hacker | Peter Helm as Laslo | Fletcher Fist as Barnett | Jerry Douglas as Kohler | Hank Brandt as Heinecke | Paul Busch as Bauer | Richard Tretter as G. I.
Director: Vic Morrow
Writer: Tom Seller

Season 3

65 :03x01 - Mountain Man

Saunders employs a French deserter to get him and his men across the mountains and back to their unit.
Special Guest Stars: Theodore Bikel as Francois Perrault |
Guest Stars: Henry Brandon as German Lt. | Bob Beattie as German Skier
Director: Sutton Roley

66 :03x02 - Vendetta

Hanley and his men are saved from being wiped out by a group of Greek soldiers whose colonel orders them to join him in his personal vendetta against the Germans.
Special Guest Stars: Telly Savalas as Colonel Kapsalis |
Guest Stars: Pete Duel as Szigeti | John Aniston as Second Greek | Athan Karras as Hot Dog | Danny Klega as German Lt. | Peter Bravos as Third Greek
Director: John Peyser

67 :03x03 - Point of View

Saunders faces a court martial when another NCO accuses him of negligence which left two men dead.
Special Guest Stars: Paul Burke (1) as Sgt. O'Neill |
Guest Stars: Anthony Jochim as French Farmer | Horst Ebersberg as German Corporal | Richard Schuyler as Medic | Seymour Cassel as Doctor | Gerald Trump as Howie Parker | H.M. Wynant as Lt. Collins

68 :03x04 - The Duel

Saunders and a truck driver do battle against a German Tiger tank.
Special Guest Stars: Bobby Rydell as Mickey Shay |
Guest Stars: Tom Pace as 1st German Infantryman | George Rogatkin as 2nd German Infantryman | Tram Tyson as German Driver | Hans Difflipp as German Commander
Director: John Peyser

69 :03x05 - Silver Service

Sent to the rear to recover from wounds, Caje and Kirby encounter the goldbrick of all goldbricks in the form of Harry White. Kirby then flees with White and two French civilians when Germans breakthrough at the Battle of the Bulge.
Special Guest Stars: Mickey Rooney as Harry White |
Guest Stars: Ramon Novarro as Charles Giroux | Claudine Longet as Claudette | Norman Alden as Pvt. Buford | Joe Di Reda as Malloy
Director: Sutton Roley

70 :03x06 - The Hard Way Back

During a barrage, Saunders gets trapped underneath a beam and the only soldier capable of saving him runs away.
Special Guest Stars: Sal Mineo as Larry Kogan |
Guest Stars: Erik Holland as 1st German Soldier | Grant Lockwood as 2nd German Soldier | Ed Gilbert as German Captain | Martin Brandt as Old Frenchman | Robert Howard (2) as German Lieutenant | Eric Forst as German Officer

71 :03x07 - Operation Fly Trap

At a French farmhouse, Suanders sets a trap to catch a German colonel but a detachment of Germans might spring that trap.
Special Guest Stars: Gary Lockwood as Sgt. Meider |
Guest Stars: Leonard Bell as Major Orcutt | Bob Garrett as German Sgt. | Lee Millar (1) as German Radio Operator | Jim Goodwin as Dispatch Rider | Mike Krempels as Half Track Passenger | Lou Robb as German #1 | Herb Andress as German Captain
Director: John Peyser
Writer: Don Tait

72 :03x08 - The Little Carousel

A 13 year old girl who wants to be a nurse, becomes attached to Saunders and the squad.
Guest Stars: Warren Vanders as Henderson | Donald Journeaux as Antoine | Paul Daniel as Old Man Patient | Sylviane Margollé as Claudine
Writer: Gene Levitt

73 :03x09 - Fly Away Home

Saunders and the squad get sent on a mission with a sergeant who appears to care more about his carrier pigeons than humans.
Special Guest Stars: Neville Brand as Sgt. Keeley |
Guest Stars: Stephen Joyce as Polaski | Rudy Dolan as German Sgt. #1 | Bob Champion as German Pvt. | Ed Deemer as German Sgt. #2 | Ron Stokes as Maxwell

74 :03x10 - The Impostor

Hanley escorts two specialist sergeants behind the lines on an intelligence mission then discovers that one of them might be an impostor. Then a third sergeant, claiming to be an escaped POW, joins the group. Which one is the German?
Special Guest Stars: Skip Homeier as Sgt. Morgan | Warren Stevens as Sgt. Walter |
Guest Stars: Ed Kemmer as Lt. Tracey | Alan Baxter as Captain Roberts | James Dobson as Tom Henderson | Dylan Walsh as Soldier #1 | Ralph Thomas as Soldier #2
Director: Sutton Roley

75 :03x11 - A Gift of Hope

Saunders' hero, thought killed at the Battle of St. Lo, shows up alive and well and accused of desertion under fire.
Special Guest Stars: Rip Torn as Avery |
Guest Stars: Malcolm Brodrick as Jimmy | Joe Allen Price as Larkin | Robert Yuro as Vitelli | Anthony Eisley as Lt. Gates

76 :03x12 - A Rare Vintage

Caje disguises himself as a French peasant to rescue Hanley who is being held captive by the Germans in a winery.
Guest Stars: Corey Allen as Pvt. Garrett | Lyle Bettger as Capt. Brauer | Marcel Hillaire as Jean Sebelleau | Lawrence Montaigne as Sgt. Koch | Buck Holland as Lane Sentry
Director: Sutton Roley

77 :03x13 - The Long Walk

Saunders and three others are cut off from their units and encounter a wounded G.I. who is actually a German infiltrator.
Special Guest Stars: Roddy McDowall as Murfree/Klepner |
Guest Stars: Maurice Marsac as Armand | Peter Brocco as Lambert | Chris Howard (1) as German | William Bryant as Sgt. Larkin
Writer: Peter Barry

78 :03x14 - The Town That Went Away

Hanley and the squad are ordered to evacuate a French town but its mayor and his three smokin' hot daughters thwart their every attempt.
Guest Stars: Jay Novello as Paul Lejeune | Billy Beck as Rafe | Danielle Beause Jour as Yvette | Danielle Aubry as Marie | Susan Silo as Annice | Jean-Michel Michenaud as French Boy
Director: Sutton Roley

79 :03x15 - Birthday Cake

Littlejohn receives a birthday cake from his mother along with explicit orders not to open it until the following day. The cake then proceeds to cause complications with the squad.
Guest Stars: Phillip Pine as Pvt. Steve Cantrell | Jean Del Val as French Farmer | Beau van den Ecker as G.I. Driver
Director: John Peyser
Writer: Ed Adamson

80 :03x16 - The Enemy

Hanley forces a German demolitions expert to help him disarm mines and booby traps that the Germans set up in an abandoned French town.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Duvall as Karl |
Guest Stars: Anna Lee as Sister Lescaut | Michael Corhan as Louis Roche | Kurt Landen as German #1 | Gerd Rein as German #2
Director: John Peyser

81 :03x17 - The Cassock

A German officer poses as a priest in order to blow up a bridge that the American army will use as its main entrance into a French village.
Special Guest Stars: James Whitmore as Captain Hertzbrun |
Guest Stars: Mart Hulswit as Private Ryan | Glenn Stensel as Weaver | Ross Sturlin as Stevens

82 :03x18 - Losers Cry Deal

A loud mouthed soldier from another unit causes tension between the squad and his unit.
Special Guest Stars: Mike Kellin as Jackson |
Guest Stars: William Harlow as Johnson | Tom Skerritt as Hicks | George Murdock as Marcus | Fletcher Fist as Johnson | Paul Hampton as Kelly | Paul Todd as Costello | John Bedford as Burton | Dee Pollock as Thomas
Director: Vic Morrow

83 :03x19 - More Than a Soldier

Saunders is trapped inside a mine with a young soldier and a wounded German.
Special Guest Stars: Tommy Sands as Carey |
Guest Stars: Ron Soble as German Sergeant

84 :03x20 - Brother, Brother

The newest replacement is the younger brother of Kirby's old high school chum and he expects special treatment as such.
Special Guest Stars: Frankie Avalon as Eddie Cane |
Guest Stars: Charles Bastin as German Officer | Hans Heyde as German Soldier
Director: Sutton Roley

85 :03x21 - The Steeple

Saunders, Kirby, and Caje attempt to rescue a paratrooper whose parachute has gotten hung on a church steeple. There's also another problem: the paratrooper is carrying high-powered explosives on his person.
Guest Stars: Robert Cornthwaite as Captain Priller | Jean Del Val as Father Bomar | Stephen Lander as Hans | Horst Ebersberg as Sgt. Dekker | Pat Michenaud as Boy | David Sheiner as Captain Ridell
Director: John Peyser
Writer: Don Tait

86 :03x22 - The Convict

A German bombardment frees a group of French convicts one of whom pretends to be a member of the Resistance in order to reunite with his son.
Special Guest Stars: Gilbert Roland as Boulanger |
Guest Stars: Robert Carricart as Lambrelle | Clive Clerk as Pierre | Peter Camlin as French Engineer | Benito Prezia as Andre | Sheldon Jacobs as German Major | Chris Anders as German

87 :03x23 - Dateline

Saunders takes a squad of men to rescue a captured war correspondent but the journalist prefers the security of a prison camp.
Special Guest Stars: Dan Duryea as Robert Barton |
Guest Stars: Douglas Henderson as Capt. Reardon | Henry Beckman as Major Mueller | Kurt Landen as Guard | Ray Baxter (1) as German #1 | Roger Gentry as German #2 | Peter Hellman as German Guard
Director: Sutton Roley

88 :03x24 - A Walk With an Eagle

Hanley takes three soldiers into enemy territory in order to rescue a downed pilot who then shows little gratitude for their efforts.
Guest Stars: Lee Philips as Major Robert Caldwell | Bill Cort as Private Harmon | Pat Colby as Private Palmer
Director: John Peyser
Writer: Rod Peterson

89 :03x25 - The Long Wait

Saunders and a truck carrying wounded men are pinned down by machine gun fire. Then they must wait for a tank to come to their rescue.
Special Guest Stars: Terry Carter (1) as Archie Masters |
Guest Stars: Fletcher Fist as Carson | William Wellman, Jr. as Sgt. Brice | Edward Tierney as Klaus | William Splawn as Coates | David Adams (2) as Peter
Director: John Peyser

90 :03x26 - The Tree of Moray

Hanley must save a French traitor with valuable information from a lynch mob of his own countrymen.
Guest Stars: Robert Loggia as Etienne | Émile Genest as Duval | Peter Renaday as Louis | Charles Giorgi as Maquis | Norbert Siegfried as German M.P. | Tom Pace as German Lt. | Mike Krempels as German Sgt. | Robert Ellenstein as Rene

91 :03x27 - Cry in the Ruins

The Germans and Americans stop their battle in an effort to help a desperate Frenchwoman search for her missing baby.
Guest Stars: Lisa Pera as Madame Dubois | Gerd Rein as Heismann | Frank Obershall as Bruck | Larry Gelbman as Gunnar | Glenn Cannon as Pvt. Cane | John Crawford as Capt. Werner | Henry Hermann-Cattani as Kranz | Ben Ari as Le Page | Bob Kanter (1) as Pvt. Hunstell | William Smithers as Lt. Markes
Director: Vic Morrow

92 :03x28 - The Hell Machine

After their jeep gets knocked out of commission, Saunders and two others attempt to navigate an abandoned German tank through enemy territory and back to their own lines.
Guest Stars: Frank Gorshin as Pvt. Gavin | Lou Robb as Lt. Bruner | James Arthur as German Colonel | Gene Benton as Tank Commander | Dick Raymond as German Infantryman | Heinz Sadler as Sgt. Peter | Chris Anders as Lt. Krause | Than Wyenn as Captain Beggs
Director: John Peyser

93 :03x29 - Billy the Kid

A general's son leads the outfit on a mission behind enemy lines to knock out a big gun that is slaughtering Allied troops.
Special Guest Stars: Andrew Prine as Lt. William Benton |
Guest Stars: Michael Masters as Burns | Ron Mills as German Leader | Ed Deemer as German #1 | James de Closs as American Sentry | John Milford as Sgt. Stone

94 :03x30 - Heritage

A demolitions expert balks at destroying statues he finds in a cave.
Special Guest Stars: Charles Bronson as Velasquez |
Guest Stars: Kort Falkenberg as German Sergeant | Michael Stroka as Scope Man | Gunter Weishoff as 1st German Soldier | Alf George as 2nd German Soldier
Director: John Peyser

95 :03x31 - Odyssey

After waking up in a German uniform, Saunders fakes shellshock in order to make it back to Allied lines.
Guest Stars: Robert Donner as First American GI | Bert Freed as Sgt. Weber | Teno Pollick as Pfc. Loring | Peter Coe as Orderly | Sasha Harden as S.S. Lieutenant | Maurice Marsac as French Peasant | Ivan Triesault as Doctor | Werner Pochath as German Teenager Soldier

96 :03x32 - Beneath the Ashes

A company member vows revenge on Hanley after being informed late about the death of his wife.
Special Guest Stars: Chad Everett as Steve Kovac |
Guest Stars: Noam Pitlik as Mac | Bob Champion as German Capt. | Robert Glenn as Lt. Coates | Greg Mullavy as German Sgt. | Heber Jentzsch as German Lt. | John Gilgreen as Ambulance Driver
Director: John Peyser

Season 4

97 :04x01 - Main Event

A boxer and his manager are the squad's newest replacements.
Guest Stars: Vic Werber as Ferguson | Hans Difflipp as German Sergeant | Todd Lasswell as Driver | Ben Cooper as Willy Kleve | Jack Carter as Murphy
Director: Tom Gries
Writer: William Fay

98 :04x02 - The First Day

The squad receives four new replacements. Which ones will survive their first day in combat?
Guest Stars: Dee Pollock as McBride | Buck Taylor as Tobin | Kevin Coughlin as Loomis | Robert Biheller as Tate | John Nealson as Anderson | Rick Weber as German
Director: Georg Fenady

99 :04x03 - S.I.W.

Saunders wonders whether or not a new squad member's wound is self-inflicted.
Special Guest Stars: John Cassavetes as Kalb |
Guest Stars: William Stevens as Fleming | Paul Sheriff as Sawyer | Mike Krempels as German
Director: John Peyser

100 :04x04 - The Linesman

Once again, Saunders clashes with another sergeant on a behind the lines mission to set up a telephone line.
Special Guest Stars: Jack Lord (1) as Barney McKlosky |
Guest Stars: Peter Duryea as Pvt. O'Connor | Heinz Brinkmann as German Lieutenant | Horst Ebersberg as German Sergeant | Gerd Rein as German | Tom J. Stears as Pvt. Locke | Peter Hellman as German Soldier | Chris Anders as German Sergeant
Director: Tom Gries
Story: Gene Levitt | Teleplay: Edward J. Lakso

101 :04x05 - The Farmer

A squad member, who was a farmer in civilian life, can't seem to realize that he's not behind the plow anymore.
Special Guest Stars: Dennis Weaver as Noah |
Guest Stars: Felix Locher as Old French Farmer | Belle Mitchell as Old French Woman | Dina Harmsen as French Girl | Anthony Aiello as G.I.
Director: John Peyser
Writer: Andy White

102 :04x06 - Evasion

Hanley and a British officer escape from a German POW camp and attempt to make their way back to Allied lines.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Bochner as Major Thorne | Monique Lemaire as Julie | John Lodge as Major Ramsey | Anthony Rogers as Lt. Maples | John Levingston as Capt. Todd | Phil Bonnell as Frost | Herb Andress as German Lieutenant | Willy Kaufman as German Ticket Agent | Peter Marks as Max | Ralph Josephs as Hans | Normand Houle as French Waiter | Socrates Alafouzos as Albanian Soldier | Karl Sadler as German Lieutenant
Director: John Peyser

103 :04x07 - Hear No Evil

Saunders has to make his way back to Allied lines without hearing after a grenade explosion leaves him deaf.
Guest Stars: Richard Tretter as Johnson | Gene Otis Shayne as Medic | Gary Lasdun as German Squad Leader | Edgar Winston as German Soldier | Roger Gentry as German Soldier | Chris Anders as German Motorcyclist | Tom Pace as German Motorcyclist | Ernst Winters as German in Jeep | Bruce Hayes as German in Jeep | William Harlow as G.I. | Peter Haskell as German Hostage
Director: Sutton Roley

104 :04x08 - Crossfire

Saunders accuses a soldier with a distinguished battle record of disobeying orders and causing the deaths of two others.
Guest Stars: Rand Brooks as G.I. Lieutenant | Burt Douglas as Pvt. Clark | Ron Foster as Pvt. Marshall | Don Gordon as Pvt. Stevens | Walter Gregg as Pvt. Coates | Robert F. Hoy as G.I. on Radio | Paul Busch as German Captain | Robert Turnbull as G.I. Corporal | Bob Champion as German Sergeant

105 :04x09 - 9 Place Vendee

A French youth and his dog impede Hanley's mission behind German lines.
Guest Stars: Pat Michenaud as Jacques | William Leslie as Captain Clinton | Holly Bane as Pvt. Walsh | Michael Stroka as German Drunk #1 | Chris Howard (1) as German Drunk #2 | Max Kleven as German Lt. | Paul Busch as German Soldier | Dick Raymond as German Soldier | Philip Difermian as German Sgt. #1 | Mark Russi as German Sgt. #2 | Alf George as German at Chow Wagon | Jeff Norman as German in Truck | Lee Patterson as Captain Howard | Christopher Dark as German Agent

106 :04x10 - The Old Men

The squad finds themselves saddled with three older replacement soldiers who may or may not be able to pull their weight.
Guest Stars: Simon Oakland as Pvt. Clawson | William Phipps as Pvt. Barnhill | Arnold Merritt as Pvt. Fisher | Paul Busch as German Corporal | Norbert Siegfried as German #1 | William Harlow as GI Jeep Driver | Tom Drake as Pvt. Todd
Director: Georg Fenady

107 :04x11 - Soldier of Fortune

Saunders and two other squad members are trapped inside a German wine cellar.
Guest Stars: Burt Brinckerhoff as Pvt. Andy Marsh | Ed Deemer as German Lt. | Race Gentry as Karl | Buck Holland as Rudi | Ernst Winters as German Soldier | Nickolaus Kopp as German | William Campbell as Pvt. Ed Wallace | Wesley Lau as Meyer
Director: Sutton Roley

108 :04x12 - The Casket

Saunders confiscates a vehicle owned by a Frenchwoman to get a wounded Kirby to medical aid but the woman isn't happy and attempts to slow him down. It seems as though she was going to use the vehicle to help bury her own recently deceased son.
Special Guest Stars: Nina Foch as Madame Carmaux |
Guest Stars: Raymond Cavaleri as Michel | Hank Brandt as German NCO

109 :04x13 - Luck with Rainbows

A British major takes Hanley and Kirby with him on a mission to destroy German V-2 rockets.
Guest Stars: Roy Dean as Wilson | Peter Hellman as German Truck Driver | Dirk Hansen as German Convoy Officer | Stephen Ferry as Paulson | Paul Busch as German Fuel Tanker | David Adams (2) as German #1 | Kurt Landen as German #2 | Bill Glover as Sgt. Leighton | Michael Evans as Major Cole-Hughes

110 :04x14 - Breakout

The squad is ordered to destroy a valley full of construction equipmant to keep it out of German hands.
Special Guest Stars: Fernando Lamas as Vertrain |
Guest Stars: Peter Hellman as Sgt. Hunte | Mark Tobin as Hans | Ross Sturlin as Rankin
Director: John Peyser

111 :04x15 - Finest Hour

Hanley and Caje are hidden by a French countess in her chateau that's being used as a headquarters by the occupying Germans.
Special Guest Stars: Luise Rainer as Countess Lorraine De Roy |
Guest Stars: James Dobson as Lt. Schaefer | John Mylong as General Kroehler | Lou Robb as Capt. Roswald | Karl Sadler as German #1 | Norbert Meisel as German #2 | Larry Gelbman as Sentry | Kurt Kreuger as Major Werner | Maurice Marsac as Claude | Ramon Novarro as Count Georges De Roy
Director: Sutton Roley
Writer: Don Tait

112 :04x16 - The Raider

After Hanley is captured by a notorious S.S. captain, Saunders tries to learn his location so that he and the squad can attempt a rescue.
Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as PFC Baum | Ray McGrath as Tim | Don Knight as German Sgt. | George Sawaya as GI #1 | Jerry Carter as Wounded German | Martin E. Brooks as Corporal MacGowan | Edgar Winston as German #1 | William Mahoney (1) as German #2 | Gil Peterson as German #4 | Roger Gentry as German #5 | Wally K. Berns as German #6 | George Backman as Captain Reichart
Director: John Peyser

113 :04x17 - The Mockingbird

A German spy poses as a downed American aviator in order to kill an American intelligence officer being escorted by Hanley and the squad.
Guest Stars: Jacques Roux as Gautier | George Brenlin as Pvt. Banning | Nelson Welch as Abbot | Hans Difflipp as Col. Richter | Felix Locher as Brother Jasper | Ben Ari as Monk | Jean Del Val as Brother Edmundo | Kurt Landen as Sgt. Mueller | Mark Russi as German Soldier | George Michaelides as Marcel | Jeremy Slate as Lt. Asher | John Agar as Captain Thorpe
Director: John Peyser

114 :04x18 - The Good Samaritan

On a patrol, Saunders gets pinned underneath a heavy object but his companion refuses to abandon him to get important information to Lt. Hanley.
Guest Stars: Tom Simcox as Marsini | Hank Brandt as German NCO | Paul Busch as German Radio Man

115 :04x19 - Retribution

KIrby swears vengeance against an SS colonel who beat his childhood friend to death during an interrogation.
Guest Stars: King Moody as Andre | Rachel Rosenthal as Micheline | Frank Koomen as Capt. Klaus | Ulf Balk-Moller as German Sergeant | Paul Huston as G.I. #1 | William Harlow as G.I. #2 | Albert Paulsen as Col. Bruener

116 :04x20 - Counterplay

An impostor leads the squad through a fake raid on a German radar station in order that the Germans can get their hands on some important members of the French resistance.
Special Guest Stars: Peter Mark Richman as Impostor Marchand |
Guest Stars: Robert Crawford, Jr. as Pierre DuBois | H.M. Wynant as Sgt. Rawlings | Robert Ellenstein as DuBois | Louis Mercier as Paul DuBois | Gary Lasdun as Real Marchand | Paul Busch as German Officer | Gerd Rein as German #2 | Chris Anders as German #3

117 :04x21 - Nothing to Lose

Hanley receives word that a new squad member is wanted on a murder charge back in the states.
Special Guest Stars: Sal Mineo as Vinnick |
Guest Stars: Tom Skerritt as Burke
Director: Georg Fenady

118 :04x22 - Ask Me No Questions

A German lieutenant posing as an American G.I. gets key information from a captured Saunders who escapes and tries to set things right once he discovers the deception.
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Mastin | Ed Peck as Pvt. Coker | Carl Reindel as Pvt. Murray | Craig Curtis as Pvt. Beecher | Curt Lowens as Capt. Haus | Charles Maxwell as Corp. Giles | Vic Dana as Pvt. James | Henry Evans as Corp. Rogers | Ted Jordan as Pvt. Brand | Barry Ford as First German Sentry | John Siegfried as 2nd German Sentry | Mark Tobin as 1st German Soldier | Ivan Henry Fairbanks as 2nd German Soldier

119 :04x23 - The Ringer

A straggler joins the squad and begins behaving erratically and endangering the lives of the men.
Guest Stars: Peter Colton as Johnson | Tom Pace as German #1 | Mike Krempels as German #2 | Mart Hulswit as Arthur Adams
Director: Michael Caffey

120 :04x24 - The Flying Machine

Shot down behind enemy lines in an old observation plane, Hanley must make repairs and fly the airship back to Allied lines himself.
Special Guest Stars: Keenan Wynn as Brannigan |
Guest Stars: Peter Brocco as Claude | Peter Coe as Capt. Zweiger | Ross Elliott as Lt. Colonel | Bard Stevens as Kruger | Norbert Meisel as Lt. Croftsen | Dick Raymond as 1st German | Horst Ebersberg as Brucke | Larry Gelbman as 1st German Soldier

121 :04x25 - Hills are for Heroes (1)

The platoon receives orders to take a hill that is defended with deadly efficiency by two German bunkers.
Guest Stars: Joey Walsh as Einstein | Paul Carr as Kleinschmidt | Anthony D. Call as Morgan
Director: Vic Morrow
Writer: Gene L. Coon

122 :04x26 - Hills are for Heroes (2)

After suffering heavy casualties, the platoon once again is ordered to make another attempt to take a hill being held by the Germans.
Guest Stars: Paul Carr as Kleinschmidt | Joey Walsh as Einstein | Anthony D. Call as Morgan | Michael Forest as Company Commander
Director: Vic Morrow
Writer: Gene L. Coon

123 :04x27 - Gitty

A young female learns that Saunders has just killed her father, a German straggler.
Guest Stars: Andrea Darvi as Gitty | Richard Bakalyan as Sgt. Piper | Tom Nolan as Pvt. Hamilton | John Himes as Captain Mason | Paul Busch as Gitty's Father | William Harlow as Captain's Aide
Director: Georg Fenady

124 :04x28 - One at a Time

A German sergeant whose squad was wiped out by King Company begins stalking them and picking them off one by one.
Guest Stars: Jan Merlin as Erich | Larry Kert as Fry | Ronnie Welsh as Peal | Rod Lauren as Guerney | Jerry Ayres as Sims | Hagen Smith as Daniels

125 :04x29 - A Sudden Terror

Hanley tries to save one of his men who is trapped in quicksand.
Special Guest Stars: Brandon de Wilde as Wilder |
Guest Stars: Hank Brandt as Martin | David Moss as Fire Director | Earl Parker as Cooper | Mark Russi as Radioman | Paul Busch as German Officer | Jan Malmsjö as Bruener
Director: Michael Caffey

126 :04x30 - Run, Sheep, Run

A new squad member is terrified that a German prisoner who speaks English might reveal his moment of cowardice.
Special Guest Stars: Dwayne Hickman as Corey |
Guest Stars: Walter Maslow as Booker | Chris Howard (1) as German Corporal | Frank Marth as Lt. Vogler

127 :04x31 - The Leader

Kirby, K Company's biggest goldbrick and asshole, is left in charge of the squad during a German advance.
Guest Stars: Michael Vandever as Scott | Steven Marlo as Austin | Tim Felix as Stice | Andre Philippe as Grover | Richard Chambers (1) as Lloyd | Richard Tretter as Wills | Michael Barrier as Dean | Beau van den Ecker as German | William Bryant as Maynard
Director: Georg Fenady

Season 5

128 :05x01 - The Gun

The squad must drag a cannon over some rough terrain in order to knock out a German bunker.
Guest Stars: Wayne Rogers (1) as Reiser | Tim Felix as Weed | Warren Stevens as Sgt. Hagen |
Uncredited: Beau van den Ecker as Wickham
Director: Michael Caffey

129 :05x02 - The Losers

Saunders is forced to take four soldiers awaiting court martial on a mission against the Germans.
Special Guest Stars: Bill Bixby as Kline |
Guest Stars: John Considine as Lennon | Harry Landers as Ash | Billy Gray as Candell | Ed Deemer as American Lieutenant | Mark Russi as German Officer
Director: Michael Caffey

130 :05x03 - Ollie Joe

An eager beaver new member of the squad is hiding some deadly secrets from his military and personal past.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Walker, Jr. as Ollie Joe |
Guest Stars: Warren Vanders as Lt. Earnshaw | Tom Pace as Otto | Claude Akins as Pelton | William Bryant as McCall

131 :05x04 - The Brothers

A fanatical French partisan cannot accept the fact that his younger brother is not cut out for war.
Special Guest Stars: Fernando Lamas as Leon Paulon |
Guest Stars: Sal Mineo as Marcel Paulon | Ted Knight as Lt. Herlmoch | Kurt Landen as 1st German Sergeant | Paul Busch as 2nd German Sergeant
Writer: Irve Tunick

132 :05x05 - The Chapel at Able-Five

A German chaplain uses a blinded Saunders to help him get a wounded German captain to safety.
Special Guest Stars: Fritz Weaver as Major Chaplain Ernest Miller |
Guest Stars: John Hudson (1) as Capt. Jampel | George Sawaya as German Sergeant | Louie Elias as Pvt. David Cochran | David Armstrong (1) as American Corporal | Jan Malmsjö as Captain Krauss
Director: Michael Caffey

133 :05x06 - A Child's Game

The squad attempts to capture a farmhouse that is being defended by teenaged German soldiers.
Guest Stars: Peter Haskell as Carl Muller | Henry Brandon as Hans | John Maurer as Kurt | John Walker (4) as Heinrich | Jim Henaghan as Gunther | David Loring as Karl | Eric Vaughn as Wilhelm | Mark De Vries as Ernst | Dennis Oliveri as Dieter
Story: Sidney Ellis | Teleplay: Gilbert Ralston

134 :05x07 - The Letter

Saunders makes the mistake of coddling a replacement soldier who reminds him of his younger brother.
Guest Stars: Barry Russo as Johnson | John Nealson as Pvt. Fisher | Mark Bailey (1) as German Soldier | Peter Hellman as German Soldier | Michael Masters as Mail Caller | Mark Tobin as German Lieutenant | Mike Krempels as 2nd German | Howard Gray as G.I. | Randy Boone as Pvt. Jim Hummell
Director: Georg Fenady

135 :05x08 - Headcount

Saunders attempts to herd a group of German prisoners back to Allied lines even though his men are outnumbered by them.
Guest Stars: Jan Merlin as Lt. Geiben | Ray Stricklyn as Pvt. Earl Konieg | Ron Soble as Corporal Wiltz | William Schallert as Major Fisher | Tom Pace as Kurt Shiller | Richard Kindelon as Driver | Gerd Rein as German Prisoner | Paul Busch as German Prisoner | Michael Masters as German Prisoner | Buddy Pantsari as German Prisoner | Jeff Pomerantz as German Prisoner

136 :05x09 - Decision

A soldier who was once a doctor doesn't want to kill.
Special Guest Stars: James Franciscus as Pfc. Charles Harris |
Guest Stars: Maurice Marsac as Elderly Frenchman | Louie Elias as Adams | Buddy Pantsari as G.I. | Wes Bishop as Wounded Soldier | William Bryant as McCall
Director: Georg Fenady

137 :05x10 - The Outsider

It seems as though nobody in the outfit can get along with the newest replacement.
Guest Stars: Steven Marlo as Blaker | Biff Elliot as Doctor | Dick Miller as Young Soldier | Jason Evers as Pvt. Jim Culley | Stasa Damascus as French Girl | Paul Busch as German Sgt. | Buddy Pantsari as German Patrol Leader | William Bryant as McCall

138 :05x11 - Conflict

Caje and Littlejohn begins squabbling with each other and it threatens the platoon as a whole when they are on a patrol.
Guest Stars: William Bryant as McCall | Karl Sadler as Machine Gunner | Tom Pace as German Corporal | William Harlow as G.I. Sergeant | Horst Ebersberg as 2nd Sentry | Gerd Rein as 1st Sentry | Buddy Pantsari as G.I. Medic
Director: Georg Fenady

139 :05x12 - Gulliver

Littlejohn finds himself taken hostage by a group of French children.
Guest Stars: Stefan Arngrim as Henri | Vicki Malkin as Christina | Jeremie Paul Andre as Marcel | Don-Antoine Fabrice as John | William Bramley (1) as Desk Sgt. | Sasha Harden as German Lt. | Paul Busch as Sgt. Kolcheck | Horst Ebersberg as German Sentry | Joe Stead as Johnson | Angelo De Meo as Jeep Driver | Oliver C. Stine Jr. as Corporal | Beau van den Ecker as G.I.
Director: Vic Morrow

140 :05x13 - The Bankroll

Kirby cleans up in a poker game but then has trouble collecting his money from another G.I.
Special Guest Stars: James Stacy as Farley |
Guest Stars: Norbert Meisel as German Sergeant | Mike Farrell as Doctor | Steven Marlo as Carson | Michael Masters as Poker Player | Louie Elias as Lou | Oliver C. Stine Jr. as Whitey | David Armstrong (1) as Poker Player | William Bryant as McCall
Director: Georg Fenady

141 :05x14 - Cry for Help

Doc becomes friends with a captured German medic.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Duvall as Peter Halsman |
Guest Stars: Faith Domergue as Madame Fouchet | Jacques Roux as Anton Fouchet | Gene Kirkwood as Danny | David McFarland as Henri Fouchet | Chris Howard (1) as German Officer | Horst Ebersberg as 1st German | Lou Robb as 2nd German

142 :05x15 - The Furlough

On a furlough in London, Saunders becomes involved with a woman who runs an orphanage.
Special Guest Stars: Carol Lawrence as Ann Tinsley |
Guest Stars: John Williams (1) as Edmund Tinsley | Paul Picerni as Vincent | Jon Walmsley as Andrew | Tony Fraser as Phillip | Christine Baranski as Paulette | Cindy Eilbacher as Cynthia | Maria Lennard as Dolly | Jacquelyn Hyde as Maggie | Merri Wood-Taylor as Mrs. Davis

143 :05x16 - Entombed

Hanley finds himself trapped inside a cave with a group of Germans and French.
Special Guest Stars: Margaret O'Brien as Marianne Fraisnet |
Guest Stars: Skip Homeier as Lt. Karl Mauer | Michael Constantine as Jacques Patron | King Moody as Toulon | Mark De Vries as Pvt. Wexler | Mischa Hausserman as Johann Schiller | Barry Ford as German Captain | Beau van den Ecker as Emile | Tom Holland as Pfc. Tommy Bishop

144 :05x17 - Gadjo

Saunders takes an SS Major prisoner but then a group of gypsies appear on the scene seeking revenge against the prisoner and demand that he be handed over to them.
Special Guest Stars: Ricardo Montalban as Barbu |
Guest Stars: David Sheiner as SS Major Krieghoffen | Pat Renella as Razna | Anthony Benson as Andras | Hank Brandt as Sgt. Denfler | Beau van den Ecker as Gypsy | Larry Grant as Gypsy | Eugene Iglesias as Kako | William Bryant as McCall
Director: Michael Caffey

145 :05x18 - Anniversary

Hanley must deal with a deranged French resistance fighter who's killing Germans and Allied personnel alike.
Special Guest Stars: Telly Savalas as Jon |
Guest Stars: John van Dreelen as Lt. Kramer | Anne Wakefield as Anne | Émile Genest as Robierre | Rich Jeffries (1) as Pvt. Heller | Michele Montau as Dressmaker | Chris Howard (1) as German Medic | Chris Anders as Karl | Sofia Marie as Marie
Director: Michael Caffey

146 :05x19 - Encounter

A war correspondent encounters his estranged father, an engineering officer who's been assigned to a mission with the squad.
Special Guest Stars: James MacArthur as Jack Cole |
Guest Stars: Heinz Sadler as German Soldier | James Daly as Capt. Cole | Buddy Pantsari as Squad G.I. | Paul Busch as Ger. Officer | Richard Eyer as Pvt. Kean

147 :05x20 - The Gantlet

Saunders encounters all kinds of adventures after escaping from a POW train taking him to Germany.
Guest Stars: Tom Skerritt as Sgt. Decker | Bill Glover as Sgt. Crandall | Tom Pace as Pvt. Jackson | Peter Church as British Prisoner | Terence Mitchell as British Soldier | Horst Ebersberg as German with Dog | Kurt Landen as German Doctor
Director: Michael Caffey

148 :05x21 - The Masquers

Separated from his unit, squad asshole Kirby finds himself trying to prove he's not a German infiltrator but his accusers could be infiltrators themselves.
Special Guest Stars: Nick Adams (1) as Corporal Marty Roberts |
Guest Stars: Roger Perry as Carl Driskoll | Gavin MacLeod as Corporal Tommy Behan | Maurice Marsac as Paul | Earl Parker as Squad Leader | Paul Busch as German Sergeant | John Nealson as 1st G.I. | Don Knight as British Soldier | Skip Battyn as G.I. Soldier
Director: Georg Fenady

149 :05x22 - A Little Jazz

Saunders rescues a USO jazz troupe from enemy fire but their gratitude is underwhelming.
Special Guest Stars: Dan Duryea as Bernie |
Guest Stars: Noah Beery, Jr. as Hank | Dennis Hopper as Zack | Joe Maross as Will | Robert Easton as Woody | Hank Brandt as German Lt. Knubel | Michael Masters as German Sgt. | Paul Busch as German Cpl. #2 | Walter Goodrich as German Cpl. #1
Director: Michael Caffey

150 :05x23 - Nightmare on the Red Ball Run

Kirby and Littlejohn volunteer as replacement drivers for the Red Ball Express.
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Sgt. Rose | William Campbell as Corporal Sloan | Beau van den Ecker as Markum | Michael Masters as Medic | Paul Busch as German Tank Commander | John Carter as Major
Director: Michael Caffey

151 :05x24 - Jonah

A new replacement believes that he is a jinx and slowly others begin believing it as well.
Guest Stars: Tom Simcox as Dolan | Peter Haskell as Richards | Peter Duryea as Simmons | James Dobson as Greely
Director: Georg Fenady

152 :05x25 - The Partisan

In order to rescue Caje from German captivity, Saunders must depend on an American deserter and a blind French damsel.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Duvall as Michel |
Guest Stars: Claudine Longet as Babette | Paul Busch as German Officer | Hank Brandt as German Soldier
Director: Michael Caffey
Writer: Ed Waters
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Military/War
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 02, 1962
Ended: August 29, 1967
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