Conan (1997)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
02 01x02 22/Sep/1997 The Heart of the Elephant (2)
03 01x03 06/Oct/1997 Lair of the Beastmen
04 01x04 13/Oct/1997 The Siege of Ahl Sohn-Bar
06 01x06 27/Oct/1997 The Ruby Fruit Forest
07 01x07 07/Nov/1997 The Three Virgins
08 01x08 14/Nov/1997 Ransom
09 01x09 21/Nov/1997 The Curse of Afka
10 01x10 28/Nov/1997 Impostor
11 01x11 07/Dec/1997 Amazon Woman
12 01x12 25/Jan/1998 Homecoming
13 01x13 01/Feb/1998 The Taming
14 01x14 08/Feb/1998 Red Sonja
15 01x15 15/Feb/1998 Shadows of Death
16 01x16 22/Feb/1998 The Child
17 01x17 01/Mar/1998 The Crystal Arrow
18 01x18 26/Apr/1998 The Labyrinth
19 01x19 03/May/1998 The Cavern
20 01x20 10/May/1998 Antidote
21 01x21 17/May/1998 Lethal Wizards
22 01x22 24/May/1998 Heir Apparent