Conan the Adventurer

Conan the Adventurer

Conan battles the Snake serpert Wrath-Amon and his evil minions Wingfan and Drakes. Conan also seeks to break the spell that turned his parents to stone.

Episode Info

Final: 1x64 -- A Serpent Coils the Earth (3) (Nov/22/1993)

Long John BaldryLong John Baldry
voiced Wrath-Amon
Michael Donovan (1)Michael Donovan (1)
voiced Conan
Janyse JaudJanyse Jaud
voiced Jasmine
Gary ChalkGary Chalk
voiced Snagg
Kathleen BarrKathleen Barr
voiced Mesmira

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1x54: The Once and Future Conan recap: Greywolf tells Conan to meet him in the garden of Wrath-Amon. However, an ambush happens with Wrath appears with his snake serpents. The battle is being lost by Conan and suddenly he is pulled into a special portal. He sees an older Grewyolf who informs him that he is in the future, a future ruled by Wrath-Amon. It seems that Conan died in the garden and his friends were either killed or turned into snakes. Greywolf tells Conan of a potion he can make to change the events of the past but he mast have Seth’s poison from his fangs to complete it. Conan meets Snagg and Zula who are still alive. They form a plan to attend Seth and Wrath-Amon holiday celebrating Conan’s death... read more.

1x35: Dragon's Breath recap: Conan meets an old friend named Master Yee. Yee sends Conan a message that he might know a way to turn his parents back from stone. He says Conan and him have to go to the Mountains of Night. At the top of mountain’s peak he says they’ll find Dragon’s rock where a powerful dragon named the Kari dragon might help them. More specifically, this dragon might have the answers to help turn Conan’s parents to human form. Climbing the mountain and arriving at the peak , however, they encounter a giant named Ocon who won’t let them pass. Conan tries to attack the giant but fails. Ocon sends Conan and Yee falling of the mountain. Yee pulls out a rope and the two manage to hang on to the side of the mountain. Yee stops Conan from attacking Ocon again and tells him they will use a different approach... read more.

1x22: Isle of the Naiads recap: Conan and his friend barter a ship to the Isle of the Naiads. They are being watched by one of Wrath-Amon’s spies who tells Wrath what’s happening. He sends Wingfan to look on the situation and try to steal Conan’s star metal sword... read more.

1x8: Greywolf of Xanthus recap: Conan , Zula, and Jasmine journey to the mysterious city of wizards in Xanthus. They encounter trouble when a streak of lightning causes a rockslide on them. Conan is strong enough to dig his way through but Zula and Jasmine are not... read more.

1x3: Star of Shadizar recap: The episode begins with Prince Zula and Conan asking one of the Shaman of the tribe to look into the future for Conan’s next quest. The man points out the area of Shadizar in Somora an evil land. Here, Conan and the Prince meet Jasmine , the circus performer. It seems Jasmine’s friends are held hostage by the Somoran authorities. They order that she steal the star of transmutation. Conan is also interested in the star as it might hold a clue to turning his parents back from stone since transmutation is a form of alchemy... read more.