Conan the Adventurer

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 12/Sep/1992 The Night Of Fiery Tears
02 01x02 19/Sep/1992 Blood Brother
03 01x03 26/Sep/1992 Star of Shadizar
04 01x04 03/Oct/1992 Conan the Gladiator
05 01x05 10/Oct/1992 The Heart of Rakkir
06 01x06 17/Oct/1992 Men of Stone
07 01x07 24/Oct/1992 The Terrible Torrinon
08 01x08 31/Oct/1992 Greywolf of Xanthus
09 01x09 07/Nov/1992 Shadow Walkers
10 01x10 14/Nov/1992 The Claw of Heaven
11 01x11 21/Nov/1992 Serpent Riders of Set
12 01x12 28/Nov/1992 Windfang's Eyrie
13 01x13 05/Dec/1992 Seven against Stygia
15 01x15 14/Sep/1993 Curse of Axh'oon
16 01x16 15/Sep/1993 Master Thief of Shadizar
17 01x17 16/Sep/1993 The Vengeance of Jhebbel Sag
18 01x18 17/Sep/1993 The Red Brotherhood
20 01x20 21/Sep/1993 The Crevasse of Winds
21 01x21 22/Sep/1993 Hanuman the Ape God
22 01x22 23/Sep/1993 Isle of the Naiads
24 01x24 27/Sep/1993 The Battle of Wrath-amon
25 01x25 28/Sep/1993 Earthbound
27 01x27 30/Sep/1993 A Needle in a Haystack
28 01x28 01/Oct/1993 Return to Tarantia
29 01x29 04/Oct/1993 The Book of Skelos
30 01x30 05/Oct/1993 Labors of Conan
32 01x32 07/Oct/1993 The Final hours of Conan
33 01x33 08/Oct/1993 An Evil Wind in Kusan
34 01x34 11/Oct/1993 Blood of my Blood
36 01x36 13/Oct/1993 The Queen of Stygia
37 01x37 14/Oct/1993 Nature of the Beast
38 01x38 15/Oct/1993 City of the Burning Skull
39 01x39 18/Oct/1993 Son of Atlantis
40 01x40 19/Oct/1993 Conan rides again
41 01x41 20/Oct/1993 Down to the Dregs
42 01x42 21/Oct/1993 Dregs-amon the Great
43 01x43 22/Oct/1993 The Wolfmother
44 01x44 25/Oct/1993 Conan of the Kosaki
45 01x45 26/Oct/1993 Torrinon Returns
46 01x46 27/Oct/1993 The Frost Giant's Daughter
47 01x47 28/Oct/1993 Cornucopia of Grondar
48 01x48 29/Oct/1993 When Tolls the Bell of Night
49 01x49 01/Nov/1993 The Lost Dagger of Manir
50 01x50 02/Nov/1993 Thorns of Midnight
52 01x52 04/Nov/1993 Bones of Damballa
55 01x55 09/Nov/1993 Sword, Sai, & Shuriken
56 01x56 10/Nov/1993 Full Moon Rising
59 01x59 15/Nov/1993 Escape of Ram-amon
60 01x60 16/Nov/1993 The Star-Metal Monster
61 01x61 17/Nov/1993 Into the abyss
62 01x62 18/Nov/1993 A Serpent Coils the Earth (1)
63 01x63 19/Nov/1993 A Serpent Coils the Earth (2)
64 01x64 22/Nov/1993 A Serpent Coils the Earth (3)