Star of Shadizar - Recap

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The episode begins with Prince Zula and Conan asking one of the Shaman of the tribe to look into the future for Conan’s next quest. The man points out the area of Shadizar in Somora an evil land. Here, Conan and the Prince meet Jasmine , the circus performer. It seems Jasmine’s friends are held hostage by the Somoran authorities. They order that she steal the star of transmutation. Conan is also interested in the star as it might hold a clue to turning his parents back from stone since transmutation is a form of alchemy.

The transmutation is kept in a tower watched by a wizard. However, getting through the tower proves difficult for Conan and Jasmine, They run into a giant spider, a crazy ape, and a beast with many legs. They eventually defeat the beasts who all seem to be illusions.

They meet the wizard of the tower, but he sets them up to die by releasing an acid on them. Conan gives Jasmine a boost to a bar on the tower. Needle distracts the wizard who releases the star of transmutation. The star eventually falls into the acid and the whole tower turns to mud. Meanwhile Zula with the aid of his animal friends rescues Jasmine’s friends and family.

At the end of the episodes, Jasmine hands Zula a special potion that will make his weapons come back to him like a boomerang.

Jasmine mentions to Conan a city called Santhis who has wizards that might help him in his quest. Conan says they will go there next, and they ride to this place..