Greywolf of Xanthus - Recap

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Conan , Zula, and Jasmine journey to the mysterious city of wizards in Xanthus. They encounter trouble when a streak of lightning causes a rockslide on them. Conan is strong enough to dig his way through but Zula and Jasmine are not.

Conan goes to find help and meets Greywolf the wizard. However, Greywolf is hostile and doesn’t want to take Conan to the wizards until he passes his tests. Greywolf uses his magic staff and unleashes winds on Conan. Conan breaks through and takes Greywolf to the ground who drops his staff. Conan tells him these tests are dumb when his friends are in danger. Greywolf now offers his help as Conan has passed his tests and shown himself to be worthy. Greywolf uses his cloak as a magic carpet and they save Jasmine, and Zula just in time.

Greywolf tells Conan that the council of wizards is no more but he’ll try to help him. The star metals tell Conan that there are snakes among them. They find a snake man from Wrath-Amon, then the team is attacked by flying scorpions who shoot acid. The wizards in the area help the team by freezing and destroying the scorpions. The team investigates the area and finds a secret serpents lair. They also find poison gas but Greywolf uses his staff to clear the area. They find missing wizards of Xanthus. They tell them that there is only one serpent man in the area but a sorceress named Mesmira betrayed them. Mesmira attacks the wizards with Jasmine and turns them into animals.

Greywolf and the others capture the animals but Mesmira unleashes mutating , eating plants on Xanthus. The plants start draining all the magic from Xanthus. Greywolf takes the team on his magic cloak close to the plant. They try to destroy the plant but are unsuccessful. Mesmira offers Conan the chance to turn evil and join her but he rejects this offer. He breaks himself free of the plants and hacks them to piece and this causes Mesmira’s magic to weaken. Eventually she retreats. Greywolf tries to turn back the wizards that turned into animals but is unsuccessful.
The last shot has Mesmira saying that she and Conan will meet again