Isle of the Naiads - Recap

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Conan and his friend barter a ship to the Isle of the Naiads. They are being watched by one of Wrath-Amon’s spies who tells Wrath what’s happening. He sends Wingfan to look on the situation and try to steal Conan’s star metal sword.

Conan, Needle and his friend arrive but see that the rock people are very hostile to them especially one named Isaac. They accidently step over the lake of weakness which zaps their strength. When Wingfan attacks, they assume Wingfan and Conan are working together. Conan tells them otherwise, so he and Needle have to work to gain their trust. Wrath-Amon makes an appearance and demands the rock people turn over the Star Metal weapons. When they tell them it’s been destroyed, he knows they’re lying and starts destroying the land.

Similarly, to other creatures like the Ewoks, the rock people start an attack on Wingfan and Wrath-Amon.
Wingfan gets Conan and tries to fly him high enough to drop him to his death. Needle interferes and Conan
only gets drops a small hiegh. Conan manages to walk over the waters of strength and gains his energy back. Eventually everyone thwarts Wrath-Amon and Wingfan who retreat.