Dragon's Breath - Recap

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Conan meets an old friend named Master Yee. Yee sends Conan a message that he might know a way to turn his parents back from stone. He says Conan and him have to go to the Mountains of Night. At the top of mountain’s peak he says they’ll find Dragon’s rock where a powerful dragon named the Kari dragon might help them. More specifically, this dragon might have the answers to help turn Conan’s parents to human form. Climbing the mountain and arriving at the peak , however, they encounter a giant named Ocon who won’t let them pass. Conan tries to attack the giant but fails. Ocon sends Conan and Yee falling of the mountain. Yee pulls out a rope and the two manage to hang on to the side of the mountain. Yee stops Conan from attacking Ocon again and tells him they will use a different approach.

Yee and Conan do a magic illusion on Ocon by using a form of magic dust to disappear. Ocon falls for it and Conan and Yee use the same climbing rope to send Ocon over the mountain. They now come to the dragon’s gate. Conan can’t open the doors so Yee tells him to not use his strength. With the tip of finger, Conan opens up the gate.

Inside, they find a fiery pit, then they see a trap the walls are falling on them. Conan and Yee think they are doomed but as soon as the walls start to crush them, it disappears, the whole thing was an illusion. A mysterious voice talks to Conan and Yee and tells them if they dare to come farther. Suddenly, Conan and Yee finds themselves on top of a fiery ledge. A magic mist comes out which serves as a bridge. The mist starts disappearing and Yee apparently falls to his death. Conan eventually meets the dragon Kari, but the dragon doesn’t want to offer any answers. Suddenly, Wrath-Amon comes out on his flying rider, and says he’s pleased with this. He then offers to recruit the dragon into his side. The dragon rejects his offers and Wrath-Amon attacks the dragon. Conan makes the save and defeats Wrath-Amon by using a shield to deflect his energy blasts.

The dragon thanks Conan and tells him that he passed the final test that Yee was mentioning. Conan realizes that all of these tests were made to make him a smarter and more compassionate warrior. Sadly ,though, the dragon tells Conan that he can’t tell the answers he seeks because Conan must find those answers on his own. The dragon says it’s Conan’s destiny and Conan leaves.