The Once and Future Conan - Recap

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Greywolf tells Conan to meet him in the garden of Wrath-Amon. However, an ambush happens with Wrath appears with his snake serpents. The battle is being lost by Conan and suddenly he is pulled into a special portal. He sees an older Grewyolf who informs him that he is in the future, a future ruled by Wrath-Amon. It seems that Conan died in the garden and his friends were either killed or turned into snakes. Greywolf tells Conan of a potion he can make to change the events of the past but he mast have Seth’s poison from his fangs to complete it. Conan meets Snagg and Zula who are still alive. They form a plan to attend Seth and Wrath-Amon holiday celebrating Conan’s death.

Conan goes in disguise in a robe. Snagg causes a distraction and is then sacrificed. Seth falls asleep and Conan takes his poison. He meets Jasmine who is turned into a snake woman. Wrath-Amon sees Conan and is astonished that he is alive. He then wakes Seth to kill him but Jasmine turns into a large snake and she fights with Seth. This buys enough time for Conan to escape. He gives the poison to Greywolf who complete the potion and sends Conan back into the past. In present , back at the garden of Wath-Amon, Conan informs Wrath-Amon that his poison doesn’t work and Wrath-Amon eventually retreats. Conan tells his friends that he's glad to find them young and alive. They don't know what Conan means but celebrate the victory.